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Importance of Electronics engineering 

            Electronics  engineering  is  an  electrical  engineering  discipline  in  which  non  linear  and  active  electronic  active  components  are  used  for  electronic  circuits,  devices  and   other  systems.  Electronics is a sub field of electrical engineering.  Electrical engineering is a basic branch of engineering.  There are only three basic branches of engineering.

  • Civil Engineering.
  •  Mechanical Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.

             Electronics  has  wide  scope  and  opportunities,  because   it  is  an  sub field  of  basic  branch   i.e.  Electrical.  The  most  important  and  influential  organizations  for  electronics  engineers  is  the  Institute  of  Electrical  and  Electronics  Engineers  (IEEE).  This  is  the  most  standard  organization  for   Electronics  engineers  which  provides  very  authentic,  updated,  useful,  information  to  us.  In  our  day  to  day  life  the  most  important  things  is  communication,  without  communication  we  can't  do  whatever  we  want.  And  as  we  see  the  base  of  communication  system  is  Electronics.  For  communication  we  use  mobile,  telephone,  radio,  in  all  these  equipment's  we  require  electronics  engineer.  So  the  it  is  very  important  branch  of  engineering.  After  doing  four  year  course  of  Electronics  engineering  there  are  plenty  of  opportunity  are  available.

  • Core field i.e.  Only hardware.
  • Software field.

              There  is the biggest  advantage  of  Electronics  Engineering  that  we  can  work  in  core  field.  The  core  field  give  you  job  security,  high  paid  salary  job,  opportunity  in  all  over  the  world.  If  our  designing  and  testing  part  is  good,  we  can  work  in  core  field.  If  our  logic  part  is  good  we  can  work  in  software.

              If   we  want  to  work  in  software  we  have  to  learn  programming  language  like  java  dot net.  But  the  very  good  and  interesting  thing  is that  all  these  programming  language  has  base  of  C,  C++   language.  And  these  two  languages  are  covered  in  four  year  Electronics  engineering  programmed.  So  as  per  the  career  side  this  branch  is  the  best  branch.  Electronics engineer can work in so many aspects.  Like  designing,  testing,  production  devilment  service  etc.All  the  doors  are  open for  electronics  engineer.  The most important area is Research area.  There  are  plenty  of  research  organizations  like  ISRO,   DRDO  these  organization  requires  Electronics  engineers.  So  it  is  very  important  and  useful  branch  of  engineering,  which  helps  to  give  service  to  common  people  in  their  day  to  day  life.  Because  there  are  several  electronics  instruments  we  common  people  use  for  their  maintance,  we  require  the  Electronics  engineer.

Topics cover under Electronics engineering

  • DC and AC Motor starters, Speed Control and breaking methods.
  • Poly Phase Circuits.
  • Three Phase Transformers and Induction Motors.
  • Power factor Measurement and correction.
  • Electrical devices and Instruments like Types of contractors, Electromagnetic relays, Circuit breakers-Miniature circuit breaker, Earth leakage circuit breaker, Isolator, Types of cables (HT, LT Cables).
  • Unregulated power supplies.
  • Voltage Regulators.
  • Transistor Biasing.
  • Voltage Amplifier.
  • Frequency response of single stage RC coupled amplifier.
  • Feedback Amplifiers.
  • Filters.
  • Attenuators.
  • Binary Arithmetic&Codes.
  • Boolean Algebraand Boolean Function Reduction Techniques.
  • Combinational Circuits Desigital.
  • Sequential Circuits Elements.
  • Shift Registers and Counters.
  • Logic Families.
  • IC regulators.
  • Multi Stage Amplifier.
  • Wave Shaping Circuits.
  • Power Amplifiers.
  • Oscillator's and Multi-vibrators.
  • Amplitude Modulation.
  • Angle Modulation.
  • Pulse Modulation.
  • AM and FM Receivers.
  • Transducers.
  • AC andDC Bridges.
  • Oscilloscope& Display Devices.
  • Signal Generators and Analyzers.
  • Data Acquisition System and Conversion.
  • Power semiconductor devices.
  • Devices and commutation circuits.
  • Single phase controlled converters.
  • Three phase line commutated converters.
  • Ac voltage controllers & cycle converters.
  • Choppers.
  • Inverters.
  • Control system design.
  • Robotics.
  • Electrical system modeling.
  • Neural network & fuzzy logic.
  • Ehvac.
  • Nonlinear & digital control system.
  • Electrical machine design.
  • Utilization & energy conservation.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Hvdc.
  • Power system harmonics.
  • Vlsi design.
  • Basics of plc programming.
  • Basic relay instructions.
  • Timer & counter instructions.
  • Programmed control instructions.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (scada).
  • Different types office like 8051, pica, arm

 Difficulties faced by a student while solving Electronics engineering problems.

                  There is not much difficulties occurred in solving problems of Electronics.  If your basic ideas are clear then you find answers very easily.  It  is a very waste subject and you have to constrateall point because they are related to each other.  For designing a electronics circuit there are must be assuming some components value assuming components value is the part of electronics.

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