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Immune tolerance is a very important topic of biology and every coming day newer theories and hypothesis are getting introduced in various parts of the globe. Immune tolerance is not a very easy part to learn. Various aspects of immune tolerance deal with molecular analysis to cells signaling.

The concept of modern education system emphasizes upon application oriented learning. And this is the reason behind a student has to prepare a lot of assignments. By doing this students face most difficulties and these are the reasons why:

There are few contents available online and offline on immune tolerance for students. So when a student has to prepare an assignment or solve a problem on immunology it becomes very difficult as the student could not find too many resources.

If a student does not possess any concept on a particular topic he/she has been assigned for an assignment on that topic. It is possible to do so without proper help and support from an expert, the thing cannot be done.

The research articles and thesis papers that are available online are hard to understand for a student by himself. Only an expert on that area can correctly summarize it. So for a student it is impossible to use these article papers as a source.

Importance of immune tolerance

Immune tolerance is a part of physiology where a foreign pathogen enters our biological system and thus there must be an inbuilt defense mechanism of our body to get5 rid of the high chance of getting infected. This is why we do not get sick all the time so this can be clearly inferred that our body immunity plays an important part to keep our body away from the infection.

It helps us to know about the mechanism by how out body deals with invading foreign pathogens and various aspects on how to improve out body immunity artificially.

There are many types of body cells which directly or indirectly constitute our immunity system thus there are many types of macrophagl cells present in almost every part of our body and they too play a big role to prevent infection.

Cause and Pathogenesis of immune tolerance

Immune tolerance is a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to substances or tissue that has the capacity to elicit an immune response in given organisms.

Immune tolerance encompasses the range of physiological mechanisms by which the body reduces or eliminates an immune response to particular agents.

Prevention and Management of immune tolerance

-   The development of safe and effective antigen-specific therapies is needed to treat patients with autoimmune diseases.

-   These therapies must allow the specific polarization of self-selective immune cells without altering host immunity to infection insults. Experimental models and clinical trials for the treatment of autoimmune diseases have identified putative mechanisms by which antigen-specific therapies induce tolerance. Although advances have been made in the development of efficient antigen-specific therapies which has remained difficult.

Future development of Immune tolerance.

-   Closer insights into generation of natural immune tolerance to self.

-   Clarification of importance of apoptosis for loss of tolerance and development of autoimmunity.

-   Enhanced understanding of how the wrong genes in development of autoimmunity.

-   New selective immunotherapy that intercept the autoimmune response at critical point and induce natural immune tolerance.

Important tips to solve biology problems

i)  Plan your preparation well; one should prepare their schedule for completing the course well in time.

ii)  Study comprehensive books; One should always refer to standard ad comprehensive books which will help boost preparation.

iii)  Consistent studies; to be able to score high you need to study consistently.

iv)  Be thoroughly prepared with diagrams; one must always be ready for diagrams and thus you should need to study well in diagrams.

v)  Study as per the importance of the topic; some experts have devised a chart in which the syllabus of biology has been divided into three and will highlight the importance of topics. - Immune Tolerance Assignment Help, Immune Tolerance Assignment Writing Help, Immune Tolerance Assignment Tutors, Immune Tolerance Solutions, Immune Tolerance Answers, Immunology Assignment Experts Online

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