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Compiler Design

Compiler designing is the concepts which are related to the operations that are performed on the hardware using the software technologies.  A machine only understands low-level machine language. So a compiler is a component that converts the code written in one language to another language without having to change the syntactic meaning of the code. It is also compiler's responsibility to make the code more efficient to understand and optimize to make better use of time and space. Compiler design principles are all related to the internals of how code is translated and optimized and process at the system level. It contains several phases like lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, intermediate code generation, and code optimization. All these phases are quality responsible for compiling any source code in the computer.  It is all about how a given input string of characters is processed by the compiler. It is first tokenized using lexical analysis then checked syntactically for proper meaning, then the intermediate code is generated for it then this code is converted to another language. 

Importance of Compiler Design Course

A computer system is a combination of software and hardware. Here, the hardware is simple devices which require some software to operate them. All the hardware devices understand only machine level language i.e instruction given in the form of electrical signals and digital data or analog waveform. All these ways are the counterpart of the binary form of data which is only in the form of 0 and 1. So to operate hardware connected to any computer system using the software it should send the instruction in the binary form and the hardware should be able to take a decision on the basis of the data received. So writing such specific code for specific hardware would be a difficult job, hence compilers came into existence which can easily transmit binary data and make the machine operate.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Compiler Design problems

Compiler design course is one of the very complex courses in the computer science discipline. To write a compiler for performing a task of our own choice is the biggest challenge. It requires a huge amount of programming knowledge to write low level, as well as high-level programs in any programming language. Generally, C is used as a programming language for writing compiler code. The primary task of this compiler is to understand the code written in some other language. That means any program that is written in C++ should execute on the compiler that is written in C. This is a big challenge for students in solving compiler design problems. Another difficulty that students generally face is tokenizing the input string it demands a great programming skill to process the input string and divide it into small chunks. It has several algorithms that are required to be implemented. All the phases of the compiler design are required to be implemented in order to write a compiler which requires a skillful effort from the students. 

Few important tips to solve these problems

For solving the above-mentioned problems students should first understand the working process of all the phases of the compiler. A good well-planned design should be created on paper before implementing it using any programming language. Students should also learn C programming language in order to write the compiler code effectively. A deep knowledge of C programming is essential for solving the compiler design problems. For lexical analysis, numerous algorithms are available which helps in tokenizing the input string. Low-level programming concepts can be practiced to code the compiler problems.

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