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Strategic Financial Management

In simpler terms we can say that the course deals with the approach of management of futuristic financial well being. Strategy here deals with the correct use of correct techniques, investment tools and methodologies related to the finances. The course deals with various important aspects of planning the financial aspects of future in advance mostly for the corporate firms. It teaches the student to do effective and efficient management of funds/ money for the organization as per the objectives.

Few of the aspects which the course deals with are as follows:

a) The elaborative study of both external and internal environments so that the opportunities and threats of marketplace become easy.

b) How to use the correct strategies using the resources and core competencies.

c) How to integrate the formulations and implement the strategies to manage the finances.

d) How to review the financial projects and control the losses if any on time.

e) The course teaches the financial forecasting which is a part of planning the finances. It is based on various factors like asset requirements, cash budget, sales forecast, economic assumptions and pro forma statements of income accounts and balance sheets.

The course makes the student understand the limitations of traditional metrics of corporate performance and the wider outlook of concepts of value based management. It makes the student have a practical approach towards firm valuation, Value Based Management models, and principles of financial modelling and how to develop strategic planning to assess the firm's value. The approach is highlighted towards the corporate strategy effectiveness, their evaluation and monitoring.

Difficulties encountered in writing Strategic Financial Management assignments/ assessments

During the entire course of strategic financial planning, an individual is required to have a firm direction, continuity and the leadership qualities to assess the needs of the firm in relation to their objectives. For any case study or a problem, there has to be general objectives defined. Based on all this a mission statement has to be arrived. Having the current knowledge on various financial aspects and investment tools and applying the best one in the given situation becomes very difficult. The process requires a survey on needs and expectations. With lesser time in hand, it becomes difficult to analyse or evaluate the problem and go on with step by step process to develop a good strategically financial management plan. Also, the paucity of time makes the capabilities of jotting down the correct inputs after intense research difficult. After all, the final plan requires the understanding of every input and its pros and cons after implementation. Every problem in the assessment or the assignment forces the individual to look in to the future. Not everyone can have the analytical skills to assume a proactive posture or visualize the correct financial opportunities in future. For maximum individuals the problem comes in identifying and assessing the potential impact of various emerging issues of finances and its management and applying the correct theory after evaluating the problem or the situation in question.

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