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Organization Development is a management concept dedicated to improving effectiveness and overall productivity in any organization. It has its roots in behavioral science. It includes a set of planned change interventions that improves the organizational effectiveness and well-being maintenance of employees.Several OD definitions have been presented and the continuing new approaches as well as techniques has blurred all the boundaries of this field of management.OD is focused on improving three aspects of any organizations naming: strategies, design components and processes. It is addressed towards an organization or may be a department, team. "This system wide application follows from an open-systems approach towards organization". Organization Development has become of immense significance today as an effective organization should be able to meet its requirements today and should be also ready for tomorrow (Alsop & Smith, 2016). OD drives adaptability and helps the change smoothen out in the organization.The assignment shall deal with concept of organizational development and behavior as well as common intervention technique used in organization development.When talking about organization development concept, the assignment shall touch upon the concept of "organizational climate" which is the personality of the organization itself.The assignment shall also discuss Team Development and Group Process Interventions as part of organization development intervention technique. It shall also cover some of the usefulness, success and failure of this technique.

To conclude, organizational development came across as a thorough process very much relevant to today's age. The concepts born in mid-thirties still hold handy. The process comes into play on identification of a problem by the organization which recognizes presence of an issue that needs to be checked or to prepare for the future new organization with revamped values among its workforce. A plan of action is important to start the process of change in organization behaviour and that change must come in the climate of the organization itself.The organization climate is the carrier of the organization towards the planned change. It is the actual environment where the changes planned are implemented. Implementation occurs via various interventions amongst which team building interventions are crucial. In an environment of change it is easy for the team to lose track of why it was created. It may become confused to what its line of action should be in the changing environment. Specialists or OD consultants then come in play and correct their behaviour through team activities, group meetings etc. which make them self-aware and shed light also on the group behaviour by use of effective techniques.

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