Study Journalism in the USA - Know Everything about Journalism Course Structures, and Careers in the US!

Study Journalism in the USA

Are you interested to enroll for US studies and do you want to go in field of Journalism? The international students, who are applying for Journalism studies of USA, can explore all the details about the Journalism degree programs, the Journalism schools of USA which best suits to them and Journalism course structure in US.

Journalism includes the responsibility of disseminating news with clarity, fairness, accuracy and speed. It is related to different types of social media. Journalism is a great field for students who have insight and keen curiosity, which has many great careers. International students who are interested in the study of journalism can study from the United States of America and students must have writing skills and an inquisitive nature.

Students studying journalism before choosing the school should make sure that the courses of their choice are offered in the school. Journalism covers a wide range of issues and writing styles, and journalism students from different backgrounds. Online journalism in broadcast journalism specialties-in online newspapers, radio or television; including print journalism and other social media; or photojournalism is included.

Choosing a Journalism school in the USA

For a good bachelor's and master's degree program, you should research the location thoroughly as it is available in most of the US area. While in school, you should build good relationships and gain experience by interacting with news outlets and journalists. By doing this, it will be beneficial for those international students who want to work in the United States of America after their studies. Look for a school that offers internships. Students who wish to report for a specific industry may consider living in schools near industry headquarters, such as Silicon Valley near San Francisco, New York near Washington.

UNC Chapel Hill Missouri University of North Carolina is one of the oldest and world's first journalism school and one of the top journalism schools that offer programs in health, business, law and science to international students. Columbia University in New York City is considered one of the best and most popular schools for journalism. This program does not offer students a bachelor's degree.

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Application requirements in Journalism schools of USA

How to enroll in Journalism course or degree programs in the USA

International students have to meet some specific requirements to study journalism as compared to American students; some of these requirements are as follows:

  • International students need TOEFL or IELTS scores to apply to the school for a bachelor's degree in journalism because English is not the students' first language. Students should strengthen their grip on the English language, why the committee will give admission to such students only.
  • The second requirement for admission to the degree program in Journalism is to submit a transcript or writing sample/English translation for.
  • A certificate is required to be submitted which will be made to cover the cost of the school. It is in the form of an official form which is given by the bank statement or school.

Journalism Course Structure in US

The Bachelor of Journalism degree can be obtained in two types of Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) which have duration of 4 years. Students interested in a bachelor's degree in journalism will begin their degree with courses in journalism history, writing, editing, media law, reporting and ethics. Students will have to report on school issues to complete the assignments given in the class and after experience and practice the students will be asked to work outside. After this, students will have to take courses in the subjects of their choice; these subjects are magazine writing, photojournalism and newspaper writing. 

Apart from the above mentioned courses, there are also many courses that students can choose for journalism such as broad base of knowledge in arts and humanities and students can take classes in subjects like religion, history, science, arts, literature and philosophy. Students studying journalism are required to consider a double major in another subject. Subjects like Political Science will provide information to students reporting politics and help in job search.

One of the most important aspects of becoming a good journalist is practice. The more students practice, the better they will become a journalist. Many schools require students to complete internships. And these schools will fully help the students to find jobs as well as provide internship opportunities. But keep one thing in mind that if the internship is in another city then the student himself will be responsible for the accommodation and payment.

Most journalism colleges and schools in America offer the benefits of radio, magazine, broadcast stations, and campus newspapers, and the benefits students can gain from this experience.

Students who want to pursue education in journalism can get a master's degree in journalism for which they have to take 1-2 years of additional education. Graduate students who are considering attending a graduate degree program do not have any requirements to obtain a Bachelor of Journalism.   

Career Opportunities in Journalism in the USA

There are many jobs available in journalism and big journalism companies are providing more number of job opportunities. Career in journalism is not only in investigative journalism but there are many options which we have mentioned here.

  1. Public Relations Specialist
  2. Reporter
  3. Journalism/Communications Professor
  4. Foreign / War Correspondent
  5. Radio Commentator
  6. Editor
  7. Broadcast news anchor
  8. Author
  9. Photojournalist
  10. Copywriter
  11. Blogger
  12. Technical Writer
  13. Sports Commentator
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