What is Journalism? Early History of Journalism in the US and What Is Journalism Today?

What is Journalism?

It is very important for students interested in the study of journalism to know what journalism is, how it started and from where. Journalism keeps changing with the times to accommodate technology and information to the masses and the study of journalism has taken a big form and much number of students and schools are incorporating it in education.

Journalism is a collection of feature material and news and related commentary by radio, pamphlets, television, newspapers, motion pictures, webcasts, books, magazines and blogs such as podcasts, and e-mail media.

Journalism is constantly evolving according to the wants and needs of the audience. The lists, as reported by the Media Encyclopdia Britannica, have changed over the years but still begin and end with the same newspapers.

The reason for the continuous development of journalism is the study of journalism all over the world. There are many journalism schools in the United States of America that provide journalism study and training to students. International students will be able to know what journalism is through the school itself.

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Early History of Journalism in the US

Journalism in the United States of America began with the newspaper. Journalism as a newspaper was planned to be published monthly, but the government decided to shut down public attendance after the first 3-page.

After some time the First Amendment was passed in America and the first printing press was created which became the catalyst for journalism and due to this American citizens got freedom of press and speech.     

Then newspapers began to appear continuously and fulfilling their goals, reaching a large audience. Newspaper publishers used to show and support political views in papers. Even after this, fair and neutral reporting will not be available.

The newspaper era continued until 1833, and the first newspapers were sold cheaply. And this was done only so that the working class could be able to buy newspapers and it finally happened. Build a large audience and gain massive popularity in the penny press.

After many years, the newspaper industry had to struggle a little less to get a massive readership for its own newspaper. A war began between William Randolph Hearst, owner of the New York Journal, and Joseph Pulitzer, owner of the New York World, to sell more and more papers, called yellow journalism, and both produced more lucrative newspapers.

They gained a reputation as yellow journalism and Hearst bought a large number of newspapers and developed into a media conglomerate that continues to grow to this day. Created the most prestigious and prestigious award by Pulitzer.

In the 1900s, many journalists were investigated for wrongdoing; many journalists such as Upton Sinclair, Nellie Bailey exposed the abuse of patients in hospitals to the world.        

Now newspapers were followed by radio, which was made a part of news, music and entertainment programs, and this greatly increased in popularity. Radio was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt to his advantage and as a series of informal discussions with the public.

Television was followed by radio in the late 1900s, and the Internet has overtaken many as the main source of news for the people of the United States. Newspapers, radios and magazines still exist today and have declined in popularity due to the rapid growth of the media.

What Is Journalism Today in the US?

Journalism first appeared in the form of a newspaper but today it has developed a lot due to technology. Journalism is no longer just a newspaper but it is still in the form of research and dissemination of news. International students who want to study journalism may find it a bit difficult to decide which one to choose as there are many ways to spread the news.

Forms of Journalism in US

In journalism schools, news mediums like photography, magazines, mediums, radio, newspapers, film and television are studied.

Hard-Hitting News

International students who are interested in the study of reporting will learn to report about day or week events in its classes. By reporting, the news directly reaches the people who are about the events like what ", when", "who", as a writer for newspapers, online media, radio and television after studying it. In these businesses, journalists have to ensure that facts are accurate in every story.

Citizen Journalism

In today's time, technical phase has developed a lot with which it is easy for every person to spread news by all these mediums, such as writing a comment, blog or posting a tweet on Facebook. There is a problem in this way that there is a problem in this way. The story of the post cannot be factual but it is considered only as news. Any person as a citizen journalist can publish news or his point with techniques in any way.

Analyzing and Explaining the News

In news analysis, "how" and "why" are told. Students who are interested in journalism and are interested in analyzing headlines, focus on how and why it happened and they can also enjoy reporting and narrative reporting, investigative journalists more Time will have to spend and spend more time on display, check and craft stories on radio, internet, magazines and televisions.


Those who are interested in news like international students scam, entertainment television, famous celebrities, outrage and tabloids can study about sensational journalism and work as journalists.


Photojournalism and documentary are studied students who see the image of images on written or spoken words. Journalists who use them do it for combination with other forms of journalism.


Journalists express their opinion to the public as journalism with opinions, it is also known as an editorial. This is for criticisms of the readers who express different opinions.

Through this article today, you must know what journalism is and how many means of it. This article can be very beneficial for international students who want to study journalism in United States of America.

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