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The practice of journalism involves acquiring, analyzing, producing, and delivering news and data. Additionally, it is a byproduct of these actions. Certain distinguishable characteristics make journalism distinct from other pursuits and outcomes. These characteristics not only set journalism apart from other types of communication, but also make it essential in democracies. History demonstrates that the more democratic a nation is more and more information and data is delivered to the people.

Importance of studies of journalism 

There are news stories about discoveries, politicians, science, games, schooling, and new technologies each hour, but without journalists, the public would never hear about these stories. As methods of communication have expanded from radios, TV, and news to the internet and social media websites, the careers scope has grown throughout time. The number of viewers has grown significantly along methods of communication. Today, numerous students studying in India choose journalism as a prominent job. The challenging sector of journalism is essential to the growth of the country. Today's journalists specialize in particular industries, such as economics, academics, laws, tech, legislation, and sports.

How to pursue journalism course in USA? 

  • Obtain a undergraduate/ bachelor's degree: A bachelor's degree in journalism or a postgraduate journalism programme after completing another UG subject is the most typical first step in a career to pursue journalism. Undergraduate students may choose to specialize in specific areas of journalism during this programme, which might assist you in determining the kind of journalistic profession you want to pursue. Alternately, more and more companies are hiring journalists who have completed training programmes, so if this option would better suit your needs, take it into consideration.
  • Join clubs, internships, and local chances to gain journalism exposure while or after university to begin developing a CV early. School newspaper organizations are an excellent way to connect with people who might work in the business as well as gain practical experience. Institutions frequently set up intermediate years or brief assignments to help course students obtain practical experience in the field. Take advantage of as much of these possibilities as you can because these placements may also result in job opportunities from your location business.
  • Graduate programmes and fellowships are a common entry point into major, well- established publications, newspapers, periodicals, and networks. Even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, apprenticeships are unpaid work assignments whereas graduate schemes typically comprise a training period for students that end with employment offers. Because of this, a lot of students complete internships during the vacation while pursuing their education, while

o   graduate programmes are something to complete after graduation. Both jobs are highly competitive and may result in direct hiring, so make absolutely sure you create an effective resume as it creates an impact.

  • To establish a cv of high-quality, think about creating accounts on freelancing sites. Freelance employment can be a fantastic method to obtain experience while you are getting your degree or can act as a part-time earning source in your own field. If you're having trouble finding full-time jobs, a large freelance portfolio can be able to assist you create more compelling applications.
  • Your professional connections will serve to be one of the most important resources as you advance in your profession. You will meet a range of industry people during your degree programme, job postings, internships, assignments, and experience. Develop close relationships with these experts, in particular editors and academics. A solid recommendation from a reputable business person or academic will help you stand out in the application process for a competitive position.
  • Regardless of how outstanding your academic and professional backgrounds are, a careless application will hurt your likelihood of being hired. Because the recruiting periods for journalism ideas, posts, and tasks are frequently very short, it is crucial to construct a focused and compelling resume that catches the recruiter's attention.

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Journalism Courses 

  1. Bachelor of Mass Media and Journalism (UG, 3 years)
  2. B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication (UG, 3 years)
  3. BA in Journalism (UG, 3 years)
  4. BA in Media and Communication (UG, 3 years)
  5. BBA in Mass Communication and Journalism (UG, 3 years)
  6. Bachelor of Communication and Journalism (UG, 3 years)
  7. MA in Journalism and Mass Communication (PG, 2 years)
  8. M.Sc. in Mass Communication (PG, 2 years)

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