Top US Journalism Schools in the USA - Find the Best Universities for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs!

Top US Journalism Schools in the USA

It is a bit difficult task for international students to choose a journalism school in the United States as there are many journalism schools in the United States of America. The best schools are ranked by the journalism community from which a top school is selected but the problem is that law or business schools can be ranked top but journalism schools are difficult to rank. So international students should do good research for school selection and choose a top school.

Explore the best Journalism schools of USA where students can enroll for Journalism degree programs, graduate and undergraduate courses.

What Factors You Consider for a Journalism Degree Do you measure the degree by the merits of the school's program or by the success of the school graduation. To choose the top school, you have to keep in mind and consider many things.

To find an accredited journalism school, a list was published in 2021, which included 109 accredited schools. One method is to find a journalism school by the Accreditation Council on Education in Mass Communication. According to ACEJMC, school accreditation is based on the parameters of the program as well as how well the program achieves the mission. Close to 400 schools offer journalism programs and they do not rank journalism scholars or review journalism programs in the country.

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You should find out what the journalism industry considers as the top schools. Finding the top school for international students can be a bit difficult as there are many schools but none are based on ranking. International students should devote their full attention to their search for schools.

Here are a few that are offering degree programs in journalism. Let us know about these schools:


Journalism Degree Programs





Arizona State University

Graduate, Undergraduate, Doctoral


Phoenix, Arizona


University of Wisconsin

Undergraduate, Graduate

Madison, Wisconsin

University of California (UC) Berkeley


Berkeley, California



University of Texas (UT) at Austin

Graduate, Undergraduate, Doctoral

Austin, Texas


Columbia University

Graduate, Doctoral

New York, New York

Syracuse University

Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral

Syracuse, New York

University of Florida

Undergraduate, Graduate

Gainesville, Florida

Northwestern University

Undergraduate, Graduate

Evanston, Illinois

University of Southern California (USC)

Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral

Los Angeles



University of Missouri

Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral

Columbia, Missouri


Students who want to get a master's degree in journalism must have a bachelor's degree in any major. International students should be aware that it takes 4 years to complete a bachelor's degree and about 2 years to obtain a master's degree. And if students want to further their education and want to get doctorate degree, for that they must have master's degree. But depending on the specific term, a bachelor's or master's degree in journalism is not required, but universities require journalism experience when applying.

The University of Missouri and Northwestern University have been given special status in the best schools of journalism. Let us know about these schools:

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri, located in the United States of America, is one of the best and first journalism universities in the world. It provides practical experience to international students on a range of methodologies. The University of Missouri is affiliated with a number of professional organizations and provides students with the opportunity to interact and work with experienced journalists.

The school offers Bachelor of Journalism degrees to students and offers more than 30 interest areas. This school offers liberal arts and journalism courses to the students and gives students the opportunity to develop their field of interest. Students take classes in their chosen field of interest and earn a four-year degree.

Missouri offers 2 types of master's degree programs for students, an online master's degree and a traditional two-year program. Students participating in a master's degree program must have at least 3 years of journalism experience. Students take 3-4 years to complete their degree. Students are allowed to work full-time during the summer with classes taking per semester.

You can also become a Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism by the University of Missouri. This program takes you about 3 years. Doctoral graduate students can work as deans, professors and faculty after earning their degrees.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism inducts more than 30 Pulitzer Prize winners. This school was established in 1921 and is located in the mid-west. According to US News and World Reports, this university is ranked 12th among national universities.

Students at Northwestern School are required to take four courses per quarter for four quarters and this school operates as a quarter systems. It offers 4-year bachelor's degree to international students. Degrees in journalism can vary from 8 months to a year for students who hold a bachelor's degree.

These school students offer science graduates in journalism and three-fourths of classes are provided outside the school in generous art courses. First year students have to take courses in basic aspects of journalism located on media platforms. In the second year, students report on real events and enter the Chicago neighborhood. In the third and fourth years of the last, students do interning in newspapers, television stations and magazines by Journalism Residency.

A graduate student got Northwestern's Chicago and Washington D.C. You have the opportunity to work with news and gain experience. This school provides master's degree to experienced people of science in journalism and they are given the opportunity to work with multimedia news outlets.    

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