Top Nursing Programs in the United States of America that are open to international students!

Lists of nursing training programs in the US that is open to international students, as well as requirements for successfully attaining a nursing license in the US.

Nursing Programs in the United States of America

USA is providing international students the opportunity to study in top universities through trained faculty and professors. USA has a plethora of nursing degree options that help guide students on their nursing path. In the USA you will be trained as a nurse in acute care hospitals and outreach clinics which are very beneficial for you. Studying in America will give you the opportunity to work with people of different races, cultures, languages, and professionals.

 If you are planning to study Nursing in America, then there are many such Institutions out there that are offering Nursing courses as well as they will give you the opportunity to guide you towards your right career path. America is a very big country so it is a bit difficult to choose the right university for your course there but with the help of many institutions there you can find out.

Nursing Programs Available in the United States of America

USA is a very developed country from the point of view of studies; there are many career options available for international students. Here we have listed some nursing programs which are being provided in United States of America.

  • LPN or LVN Programs
  • DNP Programs
  • ADN Programs
  • CRNA Programs
  • BSN Programs
  • MSN Programs
  • Accelerated BSN Programs

LPN or LVN Programs

LPN or LVN Programs is known as Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse. If we talk about USA, then many programs are done for LPN or LVN. The duration of this training program is more than 1 year. These are very popular nursing programs. To get admission in USA school for this program, first you have to clear some eligibility test, some of these tests are TOEFL, SAT or ACT. LPN or LVN works under a registered nurse and as per her instructions. The job of an LPN or LVN nurse is to care for the patients and supervise the patient. The annual salary of an LPN or LVN nurse in the USA is $39,030.

DNP Programs

Doctor of Nursing practice programs are rapidly being replaced. These are quite popular nursing programs in the USA. This program discusses topics like statistics and data analysis, leadership skills and nursing science which are very important for a nursing student to know. In terms of credit hours, the DNP program requires getting 25 more credit hours. It lasts for 18 to 30 months. Your annual income can be up to USD 135,830 after doing the DNP program.

ADN Programs

Associate degree programs are conducted in many universities of America, the duration of this program ranges from 15 months to two years. These programs are quite popular and in demand in the nursing field. In the ADN training program, students have to attend a few classes beforehand, after which they are enrolled. After completing this program, nurses provide support and support to patients and their families, treat patients and educate them.

CRNA Programs

CRNA Programs is known as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. The duration of completion of this program is 1-2 years. CRNA Programs are the highest earning programs in America, after doing this; a nurse can get the highest paying job and secure her career. In this program, students are taught about test theory, anesthesia techniques and problem solving. Your annual income after doing this program is up to USD 160,000-250,000.

BSN Programs

Most of the students are interested in doing BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs and this is the most demanding program in America, its duration is 4 years. This is done in most schools in America. In this, nurses are taught to support the transition and take care of health.

MSN Programs

After doing Bachelor of Science in nursing program, students prefer to do Master of Science Nursing program. There are many opportunities available in these programs like Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Hill Health Nurse Practitioner, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner etc. Your salary can be $60,000-150,000 after getting this degree.

Accelerated BSN Programs

The duration of Accelerated BSN Programs is 12-18 months. It is perfect for those students who have already obtained degree. These are the more demanding programs in the nursing field. There are many top schools in the USA that offer this program.

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