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Engineering Thermodynamics

Importance of Engineering Thermodynamics: The since of engineering thermodynamics is occupied an importance places between other since because it has relationship for our life which include the power or energy.

The engineering thermodynamics is a since studied general roll about changing the thermal energy into mechanical energy and mechanical energy into thermal energy so this since makes the equations about thermal operations and it studies the operations on gazes and vapors.

The engineering thermodynamics depended on three laws: the first law of engineering thermodynamics is about conservation of energy  that mean the changing in the internal energy is equal the sum of the heat which added to the system, the second law of engineering thermodynamics that heat cannot be transferred from the body has low temperature to the body has high temperature within a system without net changes occurring in other bodies within that system, the third law of engineering thermodynamics is there is not any way to make the temperature of a system absolute zero.      

The engineering thermodynamics is involved about how the essential laws are used to studying the operations of changing the thermal energy into mechanical energy or the mechanical energy into thermal energy; that will be helped to find out theoretical bases for thermal machines. In the other hand the engineering thermodynamics will help to compare these machines and find out economical these machines.

The above explanation and others confirm the importance of engineering thermodynamics and consider it the theoretical basses for engineering thermal. There are concepts for engineering thermodynamics: thermodynamics systems (open system, closed system, thermal insulator system, insulator system, variable system, stable state system and unstable state system), the elements of thermodynamics system ( pressure, degree thermal and specific volume) so there are more information about concepts engineering thermodynamics.

Engineering Thermodynamics

Basic concepts of thermodynamic

Thermodynamics can be well-defined as the study of energy, energy conversions and its relation to substance. The analysis of thermal systems is achieved through the application of the governing conservation equations, namely Conservation of Mass, Conservation ofEnergy (1st law of thermodynamics), the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the property relations. Energy can be viewed as the ability to cause changes.

  • System is anassembly of substance within organized and identified boundary. A system may be closed, open or isolated referring to mass transfer takes place or does not takes place across the boundary.
  • Surrounding is typically constrained to those particle of substance external to the system which may be affected by changes in the system and surrounding themselves may form another system.
  • Boundary is a physical or imaginary surface pervasive the system and separating it from the surrounding.

Thermodynamics | Laws, Definition, & Equations 

Zeroth law of Thermodynamics: When a body A id in thermal equilibrium with a body B & also separately with a body C then body B & C will be in thermal equilibrium with each other. Zeroth law of thermodynamics is the basis of temperature measurement.

Frist law of Thermodynamics:Fristlaw states that principle of conservation of energy. According to first law, energy nether be created nor be destroyed. It can be change from one form to another.The first law for cyclic process

∫dw = j∫dQ

j = joules equivalent

j = 1 when, Q and w are in joule

j = 1/4.18 cal/joule

Second law of Thermodynamics:Second law of thermodynamics states that the heat always flows from a body at higher temperature to a body at lower temperature but it can't flow in reverse direction spontaneously. Some work must be done to achieve this.

Third law of Thermodynamics:The third law of thermodynamics sates that when temperature approach to absolute zero then that entropy of system approaches a constant value. Change in entropy of system equal to zero at absolute zero temperature. This can be happening if the perfect crystal has only one state with minimum energy.

(ds)universe > = 0 

According to second law of thermodynamics all those process possible which the change in entropy of universe is always greater than or equal to zero. This is known as the principle of increase of Entropy. That is the entropy of universe can never decrease.

Tips to solve thermodynamic problems

Make sure the following things when solving the thermodynamics problems.

(1)   Work done by the system (take + ve sign) and Work done on the system (take - ve sign).

(2)   For reversible process are under the curve on PV diagram gives work done.

(3)   Heat given to the system (take +ve sign) and Heat rejected from the system (take -ve sign).

(4)   Area under the curve on T-S diagram gives heat transfer.

(5)   Internal energy does not depend on path. It is a point function.

(6)   Change in internal energy for a cycle is equal to zero.

(7)   Work done is given by the area enclosed by the process on the PV diagram.

(8)   Always make sure you Heat(Q), Internal Energy(U) and Work(W) with correct sign in equation U = Q - W.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Engineering thermodynamics  problems:

The student will be confused about some problems of engineering thermodynamics like calculate the desired answers and check their reasonableness,  describe the Process in terms of the changes in system properties, Substitute the known property values and process relations into the Principles equations, determine what Properties are involved and how to find values for them, express the Principles (Laws) of Thermodynamics in a form suitable to the system and process, describe the Process in terms of the changes in system properties, restate the problem or question so that you really know what is to be found and determined the system under consideration and the kind of process involved.

Few important tips to solve engineering thermodynamics problems

The best way is study thermodynamics is through problems, you must know to apply theoretical concepts through problems and to do so you must solve these problems, it contains expected questions of IFS,IES,GATE and IAS examinations, it will clear all your doubts, it will enable the candidates to understand thermodynamics properly candidate will be in a comfortable position to appear for various competitive examinations, there will be no fear of thermodynamics after solving these problems, so the few important tips to solve engineering thermodynamics problems are:   net heat flow at a junction is zero, internal energy does not depend on the path,
internal energy in a cyclic process is zero, work done is given by the area enclosed by the process on the PV diagram, always make sure you heat(Q) ,internal energy(U) and work(W) with correct sign in equation U = Q - W, change in internal energy is zero for a cycle , so net heat=net work done, all bodies emit radiation at all temperature. Radiations emitted are of different frequencies. Frequency at which most radiation are emitted are directly proportional to temperature of the body.

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