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The Internet has come out to be a revolution in the world and today over millions of people are using it for solving their day to day issues. It has really made people's life simple in terms of getting information and using it for their business and personal use. The Internet definitely works on the stack of some technologies which makes the internet available to us whenever required.  Internet technology can be defined in simple terms as the capability of the Internet to communicate data and information from one device to the other device. These devices can be laptops, desktops, or mobile phones. It allows people to communicate with each other in the digital world using various devices. The use of internet technology is increasing at a very rapid rate and has certainly changed the way business is done these days using the advanced technologies.  Some basic technologies that are used are HTML, CSS, some scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript etc.

Importance of Internet Technology Course

Internet technology course basically has the goal of introducing the basic concepts of all the technologies that are used on the internet. Internet technology has entirely transformed the mode of communication, giving a response and the way we entertain ourselves.

Because the whole world is now using the internet to a large extent, students at an undergraduate and postgraduate level should learn which technologies are responsible for the successful functioning of the internet. Along with this, they should also learn how these technologies are used to implement the application on the internet. It also gives you the knowledge of various protocols from the TCP/IP which is used to run any application on the internet. In the coming years, everything is going to get automated and for every service, you will have to make use of the internet. So, keeping in mind the future this course plays a vital role in any academic curriculum.  After learning this course learners will be able to design their own application that will be available on the internet.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving internet technology problems

As internet technology has proved to be an important parameter in changing the way communication used to take place in past it has become one of the core courses for any computer science or information technology engineer. But solving the problems of internet technology requires high standards skills set and hard work. Students who are pursuing their engineering in any of this discipline face a huge amount of problems in solving the internet technology problems. Some of the key areas where problems occur are coding the application which is to be deployed on the internet because it demands good coding knowledge, problem-solving skills, and high-level thinking. There are so many technologies that are available for the students and it is really a difficult task to have knowledge of all the technologies. So, developing an application for internet is the challenge that students face. Even after developing the application, there exists another challenge in hosting that application on the internet. It requires the use of various tools and CMS software which are used to host the application. 

Few important tips to solve these problems

One can easily solve these problems by learning the basic tools used in web development which provide simple drag and drop features for the user who are not so good in coding. Several such tools are available for this purpose; one of the most popular tools is Adobe Dreamviewer which has a simple interface and provide help while writing the code. It covers almost all the internet technologies, so students get the flavor of all the stuff at a single location.

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