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Do you feel that your current organizational culture will support using data to potentially impact people? Why are why not? What, if anything would need to happen to support such a change?

The organizational culture of any firm defines the patterns related to share beliefs, values, communication, and understanding for execution of work objective. In Ford Motors, the current organizational culture supports the people decision for bringing change. Ford’s organizational culture is more focused towards team effort where everyone has a specific function to execute (Jackson, 2017). However, the organization follows its predefined protocol to analyze the change and implement a collective opinion based decision. In this procedure, a collective opinion and data.

In conjunction to the question, there is no doubt that current decisions in Ford Motors are based on data collected using feedback analysis, survey, public poll, and collective discussions off experienced personal. For example, according to El-Sayed (2016), Ford Motors is gaining market popularity because they always include customer requirement into the design of new products. Similarly, in order to make outsourcing, an advantageous prospect for manufacturing operations, it is essential to monitor the process and assured quality compliance. Based on the market analysis, Ford Motors found that either rejection of processed material from outsourcing party, or manufacturing the product at own unit, cost 48% of sales price. On the other hand, offering training and certification to the outsourcing firms, tends to reduce the operational cost significantly as well as manage quality issues.  An example of this fact can we found with recent collaborative outsourcing partnership of Ford Motors with India, which reduces the manufacturing cost from $280 to $400 million from 2015 to 2017 (Kale, 2017). Furthermore, based on analysis of this data, for motor have taken successive decision to invest in outsourcing operation, for their newly established unit at China (Guo, Li and Chen, 2017). Hence, this indicates that using data for people decision is a cultural competency at Ford Motors. In case if required any change, the decision will be based on mutual agreement of board of directors as well as concerned departmental/unit personal. Additionally, as mentioned in the hypothesis, the chief office at Ford Motors have the capability of redesigning and change policies, if required for managing change. 

What methods could the organization used to overcome resistance?

In situation where the workforce are resistant to change, the first step considered at Ford Motors include analysis of the reason associated. Often, the factors that are responsible for resistance include poor communication, inappropriate engagement, lack of trust, and lack of proper knowledge for the requirement. For the decisions which are local to the department or any particular unit, the concerned supervisor, in-line manager, and departmental head will be responsible for appropriate engagement and utilization of dialogues to communicate the message. However, that concerned employees also have right to put forward their ideologies and views in conjunction to the resistance. For priority-based decisions, the employees will be assigned responsibilities for collecting information and data that can support the process of decision (Wu, Xu, Xu, 2016). The next step is to present the results and put forward discussion in group meeting. Such procedures help in obtaining collective opinion and concern from all the team members. Note that the organizational culture at Ford Motors also motivates for constructive criticism such that the standards of decision making can be of high interest to the organization. Based on such mechanism, it can be clearly understood that the resistance from any concern within the organization is always entertained for discussion and the final decision will be based on supporting evidences and collective decisions. However, despite of any barrier, the workforce at Ford Motors always adhere to the final decision, which is one of the core competency strength of this organization.

Of the two hypotheses statements you created in assignment one, which will you recommend to the CEO to move forward with as the organization’s first workforce analytics project? Explain the rationale for your choice including risks and costs.

In this section, the discussion will be based on first hypothesis, which states that “if Ford Motor can effectively make the placement of elderly employees in various departments (‏including training, recruitment, and accounts), then it would be beneficial for the company”.

In particular, the resistance to implement change is more common among the aging workforce. Common examples of resistance factors include learning computer competency, using high-strength engines, implementing disruptive technologies in new products, using IT services for financial auditing. On one hand, the solution to this resistance is to be replacement of aging workforce with new and fresh talent. However, the company have adopted a different strategy that can retain the aging workforce for the benefit of company as well as comply with policies and regulatory guidelines to avoid discrimination. 

For majority of aging workforce the company have arranged suitable training and learning program, which does not force them to implement immediate changes, but motivates to adopt new technology for concerned procedures. The motivational procedure also include financial incentive, acknowledgement, and reward system (Kaplan & Montiel, 2017). On the other hand, to utilize the experience of the aging workforce, the company have provided responsibilities that does not include conflict of resistance. These functional areas include selection and recruitment process. Likewise other areas include training, accounting, and supervision responsibilities. The reason for such decision is that aging workforce have significance level of knowledge that can prove to be highly advantageous for the work conduct and appropriate execution of tasks. Importantly, the risk associated with this decision is that aging workforce cannot be included in procedures that requires disruptive technology, programming, and use of latest software. As a result of which, additional personal having competencies in this area must be hired to execute such functionalities. Correspondingly, hiring new employees will add to the total overhead expense (reason for cost) of the company. However, utilizing the experience of aging workforce can overcome this released by strategically designing framework to achieve competitive advantage and implementing procedures to gain cost leadership (Jackson, 2017).


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