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Women in native America Assignment Help

“In what role does Native American women contribute to the native religion, in reference to the traditional component of life and reality?”

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The significance of the question

The definition of religion in sociology is varied t various degrees, with each definition having the consequences for what constitutes a religion and has incorporated certain strengths and limitations in their explanatory power. The sociology of religion is the study of the organizational forms, practices and the beliefs of religions with using the methods and the tools. The investigation is objectives and uses both the qualitative, which concludes analysis of the documentary, historical and archival materials and the interviewing and observation of participants, and the quantitative approaches, including the polls, demographic, surveys and census analysis. The sociology of religion has been distinguished from the philosophical references of religion, as it does not seek to ascertain or deduce the validity of the various religious beliefs. The sociologists study religion with considering religion both as a social institution and as a belief system. Sociologists posit religion is a pattern, which shapes the world and influences the perception of the people. Religion as a social institution, religion is essentially a pattern if the various social actions which are organised around the practices and the beliefs of the people and functions as medium for individuals to develop a stand regarding their meaning of existence. The religion, as an institution, persists over a period and has an organised hierarchical structure with members being socialised. The sociologists study and examine the religiosity of the society, groups and individuals. Religiosity has been defined as the consistency and the intensity of the practicing of a faith. Sociologists measure the religiosity if the people with examining their religious beliefs their attendance at their religious services ad their memberships in their religious organisations. It is significant to examine religion in an objective manner with factoring in the cultural and the social context, with asking certain questions which help to deduce how religion influences the social discourses prevalent. Examining sociology of religion helps in answering how the religious factors and the beliefs are related to the various other social factors such as education, gender, age and race.  It also helps in ascertaining how the religious institutions are organised and how does the religious influence the social paradigm and affect social change (Johnstone, 2015). The examination also provides with a sight regarding the influence of religion on the various social institutions such as the educational and political institutions, which help in establishing a concrete perspective regarding the sociological standpoint of religion. Henceforth understanding the significance of sociology of religion will help in answeringIn what role does Native American women contribute to the native religion, with the reference to the traditional component of life and reality. Native Americans is one of the oldest groups in the world and is considered to have filled with their unique believes and practices. For many years the community maintained its status as matriarchal and has stand apart for other mostly patriarchal communities. In a world that is deeply affected by the over dominance of patriarch, understanding the system that is completely opposite to it definitely help  greater significance in reality. However, with the flow of time and historical changes like colonization, the community scenario is changing significantly. Female in this community area gradually becoming venerable just like the others around the world. This change process can help to understand how a society that gives equal or greater position to woman, gradually adopts predatory attitude towards them. Different religions in Native America have different roles and responsibilities (, 2015). As for example, the Native Americans, living in the Eastern Woodland society, mainly focus on the daily household chores. They contribution in holding the unity in family, supporting their husbands and others in home and raising children. However, some of the Native Americans living in this region also coordinates with their husbands in field to cultivate corps. In Lenape, the female community holes the leadership responsibilities. Some of the communities among Native Americans, also has female in the top positions of society (Anna Williams, 2014). Such groups, like Hopi, Haudensaunee and such others are matriarchal communities where the female counterpart holes the key for leading and instructing others in home and outside. They hold the ultimate power of decision making in every field be it the political area or agriculture. The most unique role that every gender type held is in Navajo. This community prioritizes the contributions of the third gender.    

Method for data collection

In order to gather information to analyze the implications of woman in Native American society, the use of secondary resources would be initiated. Secondary data collection would be done in order to fulfill the requirements. Secondary data collection refers to the process of gathering information from secondary resources that means the already existing resources. For this project se several online articles and journals would be reviewed. It is essential to consider the authentic of data gathered from secondary sources and therefore only trustworthy platforms would be used for this purpose. This project would not initiate primary data collection that is gathering data from primary resources with the help of tools like survey and interview. This is due to the fact that, deciding the targeted population and determining the sample population is tough in this case. On the other hand, reviewing opinions of scholars can help to get  better, in depth understanding of the question. The journal, books and other online resources that would be used for the purpose of secondary data collection and pasted in the bibliography section. Due to the limitation of updated materials, some old versions are used.  As this is a historical change and topic that covers a wide past, this is essential to consider old information as well (Chu & Posner, 2013). However, they would serve to understand how perspectives on the given topic, changed over the time. The selected of journals have started from 2000 till the present year. This would be beneficial to understand the societal perspective at the beginning and ending of a decade and compare the changes.

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