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The Virtual Team: Creating and Managing Communication across the Globe Assignment Help

1. How to manage all the differences in communications styles, world views, customs, rules and roles that each team member would bring to the table;

2. Specific cross-cultural competencies needed for an effective global team; and

3. Key task and process issues to be addressed in the new team to minimise future problems and conflict.

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In the modern technologically advanced world, organisations are able to connect with teams from different geographical zones, via virtual communication platforms. Therefore, the managersare required to manage individuals from different cultural backgrounds at the same time, while ensuring that the communication is done at a convenient time despite the varied time zones. The discussion of the report shall focus on an email that is to be sent by Jane to the virtual team, the manner in which differences in communication styles and cultural aspects are to be managed within team, the cross cultural competencies that would be present during meeting and the key tasks and process issues that are to be addressed while forming the new team.

Email from Jane to the Team

From: Jane Wilson Marketing Manager

Subject: Kick off meeting for Kids Eats campaign

Date: September 4, 2019

Hello team

I am pleased to announce that the first meeting of the team via telephone conference call is to be held on September 8, 2019 at 8 PM (Australian EST). This meeting would be the first time the team would be gathering and the presence of each of the member is essential.

The agenda for the meeting comprises of the following:

1. To develop the idea for the promotion of "KidsEats" project

2. To identify the target markets for the product

3. To develop the ideas for the promotion of healthy food

It is expected that via the meeting we shall be able to share ideas and views regarding the project and would work towards the successful promotion of the project as a worldwide phenomenon. With the expertise that each one of us hold, I am confident that we shall be able to successfully fulfil the goals of the project.

We shall be discussing more regarding the different aspects of the "KidsEats" project during the meeting and I look forward to some interesting and innovative ideas from your end.

Thank you


Jane Wilson

Managing Virtual Teams

A. Cultural Awareness

While managing any multicultural team, it is important that the manager of the team haws appropriate knowledge and understanding regarding the customs and communication styles that are followed within their respective cultures (Lee, 2016). This would allow the manager to gain a perspective regarding the manner in which each team member interact within their customs and keeping the same under consideration, the manager shall be able to approach that team member in the manner that would not only be in compliance with their cultural beliefs and communication processes, but would be able to influence the individual as well (Klitmøller, and Lauring, 2013).

This would allow Jane to manage the differences in the views while communications, in an effective manner. Moreover, Jane is also required to respect the rules and customs of every culture that prevails within the team so that she is able to efficiently communicate with each team member and be able to manage them through the "KidsEats" project.

B. Managing Time Zones

As the virtual team belongs to different time zones, therefore, Jane is required to identify a common time that would be feasible for all the team members so that they would be able to participate in the meeting in an effective manner. The team members must be encouraged to provide their inputs regarding the time of their preferences so that a common time can be conferred and decided on.

Cross-Cultural Competencies

In order to work well together the Kids Eats team members must be able to demonstrate the following cultural competencies.

Interpersonal skills: Using interpersonal skills, the team member is able to demonstrate flexibility while communicating with individuals from varied culture and language. The capacity of acknowledging the differences in the interaction and communication styles,along with dealing with misunderstandings that may arise during the meeting. Furthermore, the basic knowledge regarding the nation, culture as well as language of the team should also be made aware of prior to conducting the meeting (Okoro, 2012). One is also required to have an awareness of their own cultural conditioning and should be able comfort foreign nationals, when communicating with them.

Deal withcultural uncertainty: The capacity of dealing with the uncertainty and displaying patience is important. Furthermore, there should exists an openness towards cultural differences for constructive communications (Chiu, et al., 2013). The individual is also required to have tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity due to the differences in the culture. Moreover, the individual should also demonstrate the ability of exercising flexibility as well as have the willingness of accepting risks and challenges.

Key Tasks and Process Issues to be Addressed in New Team

There are a number of tasks and issues that may arise for the team. The key tasks that are to be addressed in the new team would be determination of the target markets and consumers to whom the message of the promotion shall be directed. Another key tasks that is to be addressed to the team is assigning the responsibility for developing the contents for the promotion of the product as well as the health message that shall be promoted along with the product. The process issues that require addressing is the time difference and the cultural difference. As the team members belong to different time zones, therefore, during the meeting it is important to determine the suitable time that shall be convenient forevery member to participate in the meeting, without much of compromise (Bhardwaj, Sharma, and Deepshikha, 2017). Another issue that may arise is not allowing the members to input their own cultural perspectives. The team members should be allowed to provide inputs from their cultural perspectives in the promotion of the product in such manner that the other cultures are not disrespected in any manner.


Management of multicultural team in the virtual realm require consideration of various aspects that would ascertain that none of the culture or its beliefs are disrespected in any manner. The manager of the virtual multicultural team is needed to gain an understanding and knowledge regarding the various cultural aspects of every team members, so as to avoid any kind of conflicts within the team.

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