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The Growth of Jail In Rural America: Peer Review Assignment Help

In 200 words or more please answer each of the follow questions. Must have at least one peer review reference and the reference must not be part of the word count. The textbook is attached as a starting point and reference. Please make sure your answers are original (your own work, not copy and pasting)

1-. As the Internet is frequently utilized to gather information about a particular topic, locate one website related to your research topic "The Growth of Jail in Rural America" and apply the seven (7) criteria for evaluating the quality of internet material presented by Babbie on pages 459-461 to evaluate the quality of the information on that website. To do so, present, in APA format, the reference for the site, followed by the answer to each of the seven criteria.

2-. Select a peer-reviewed research journal that you think would be the most appropriate choice for publishing your research project. Why do you think this journal is the most appropriate for your project? If your research project was implemented, describe the process that would result in your report being published in this journal?

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Based on Kang-Brown & Subramanian (2017), the paper shed lights on different aspects related to reduction in incarceration and increasing the use of jail in rural America. It is also stated by the author of the article that overall rate is increasing across all region of the country. Entire data captured by the author from different sources such as newspaper of 1970 to 2013 and other journals that stated the condition of such crime. Pretrial detention, graphical presentation of different with comparison provided relevant information to provide accurate data. On contrary, Kelsey et al. (2017) stated that medical facilities and reducing risk related to obstetrical and fetal complication increases throughout the jail of US. After analyzing this statement, Kang-Brown & Subramanian article is quite relevant with proper data as compare to Kelsey. As a result, data and graphical presentation helps to determine the relevant information over the topic.

Going through various articles and online journals, different authors determine different view and reason behind the relevancy of online articles. However, accurate data with statistical and graphical records determine the use of data and provide clear view on the factors that affects the materials of the study. The complete record of various points such as national pretrial incarceration rate, pretrial jail populations, pretrial jail population by urban-rural counties, the rate of pretrial incarceration by region and so on are beautifully graphed in this journal with accurate data. Thought this paper, it can implement the position, provide relevant source, and manage the accuracy of data from the paper. Relevancy of the paper helps to do further project and there is scope to do further project over this topic. Furthermore, there are different and effective data that help related with the situation and determine the accurate number people involved in this project for operation. In this regards, the entire article is quite helpful and provide effective information for this project. The impacts on society, administration, judicial part of country and so on are also prominently detailed in this journal. The actual reason of such rate of imprisonment, increasing rate of crime and so on are included too to this body of journal. So, it can be told that this journal is more appropriate than any other journal on this topic. It can be approved as the best reference regarding this project. Thus, growth of jail in rural place stated the growth and effective role of people in rural area of America.

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