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Food Delivery Services Business Plan Assignment Help

Evaluate yourself and decide if your business idea has a good chance of success.

- What product/service will you provide?

- Is your idea viable?

- How will you protect your ideas?

- Is there a market for your product/service?

- What skills do you need?

- Who are your competitors?

- What difference will you bring to the market?

Do you have the financial capacity to start a business?

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Mission Statement

Todeliverunique and comfortable office and home dining food experience. We have toendeavor to accomplish this objectivethrough: i) offering quality ingredients at affordable price, ii) being watchful of the health of our esteemed customers as well as staff, giving each and every one with equal self-respect.

Vision Statement: The Company will be the most effective food distribution service in Australia.

Goals: To distribute hot and fresh food to the people professionally.


Food Deliver Services is a catering service company located at ...............(insert your location). The business will be owned and managed by ............(your own name). The business will serve a variety of home/office style favourites of tiffins and fruit juice. It will operate 5 days in a week for office deliveries and 7 days a week for home deliveries from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm daily on the above respective schedule.

It will require a proper distribution mechanism whereby we will maintain customer records who would require our services such as customers' office/home address and their convenient delivery time. This records will be printed as well as on the system. Company staff will deliver the tiffins and juices to persons at their home/office addresses.


Food Delivery Services will be owned by ...........who will be the CEO of the company. I began my career after my internship with one of the restaurants in Sydneywhere I waspromoted as server and later as a bartender. After finishing my course, I will start the business and due to high turnover in startup restaurants, the business will purely rely office workers/families to fill the gap until we start gaining profit.

Location of Business

The company will be located in Sydney but will provide service across all cities. It will be operated from a rental premise that will be used for tiffin preparation, packaging and distribution only.

Business Registration

The company will operate as sole trader type of business and will be registered under the Australian business registration Act. The kerbsibe permit will be obtained in order to operate efficiently.

Management Structure

Company will have two levels of management:

Managerial: The Company will hirepeople with experience in service management capacity. They will be in charge of taking orders and keep track all the customer details. The will be a Collections and Distribution Manager who will be in charge of collection who will coordinate distribution. He will ensure tiffin has reached different customer locations. The Marketing Manager will focus on marketing the company. And finally will have Finance Manager who will be responsible for tracking finances as required.

Distribution agents: They will work on part time or full time basis whichever that isconvenient to them. Tiffin will be collected and distribute according to customer's instructions.

Salary structure will on commission basis and the market scenario. Marketing team will earn according to targets given to them and incentives respectively. Salaries will be issued bi-monthly.

Training:These team members will not require any special training apart from driving, but will have general training of our products, their benefits and how they will create a difference because they are the first ambassadors of our business.


The company will provide the office lunch meals and dinner meals together with fruit juice drinks.

Food prices will be ranging from $8.00 to $15.00. Average price for lunch will be $10.00. Average fruit juice will be $8.00. Average dinner price will be $13.00.

Cost price per week report will be prepared to determine the profit margins bysubtractingcost of sales and labor expenses from the total sales. Suitable control measures will be takento ensure catering business is operating.

Suppliers - Invoices and credits will be processed by a part time bookkeeper on daily basis. Reports will feature cash expenditures andcheck payments which must be signed by the CEO.

Competitive Comparison
Food Delivery Serviceswill have many advantages that will allow us to build our productuniqueness, adding value to our business and building customer loyalty base while standing separately from our competitors. Our main competitors are city restaurants and hotels.

Product Distribution

Motor bikes will be used to distribute the tiffin if the number of request is small. Other routes will be collected at once using vans. After collections, they will be gathered at one place and later distributed to various customer places. Tracking of tiffins will also be done online. Delivery will be at the right time and ensure all customers are satisfied.


Market Target: Working class people and university students will requireourquality facilities to them because they may have a challenge in carrying tiffin along with them. Where time is short and distance is long where they can take the food their lunches. It becomes difficult for them. Home families do not have time of preparing their dinners after their jobs or do not have knowledge of some food preparation techniques and our service will be of valuable here.

Marketing Strategies: This new innovation requires numerous marketing. Many personsmay not be aware of our services. The company will start from scratch and we will ensure that first people are aware of our services, create a few loyal customers who will act as our marketing tool and eventually company will start marketing itself. Some of the basics of marketing will include:

Product: Home and office delivery prepared food an unresolved service. We will ensure that we have made it a lucrative service, where our product will be properly promoted using the available marketing media channels.

Pricing: Pricing will be a very big concern when starting. Many people don't like paying extra for their food and juice delivers. But, if they get fresh hot food, they will demand the services. This time, margins are increased by higher costs, but the company will ensure our customers are charged to minimal prices.

Place: Reasonable number of working class or students of their choice can choose. It will start from Sydney and expands to other cities.

Advertisements and Promotion:We will use word of mouth as a marketing to spread the word. Still, we will have substantialcampaignour product. Also, company will contact other agents as well as public places and public transportation facilities to promote the services.We will use social media platforms such asFacebook, YouTube videos and other attractivepromotion campaigns. Use of emails also an effective way of communication with customers.

Competitor Analysis: Since this is a new innovation, not many competitors in this area specifically. Main competitors will be restaurants/hotels and resorts but they do not deliver the food to homes and offices. There are some chances that similar businesses may come up in future, but company will have to deliver good and timely services in order to remain in a competitive edge.

Future Servicesm: Food Delivery Services'forthcomingstrategies of providing food preparation services to family events, wedding ceremonies and other events desiring home style foodstuff. This could be potentially become a large portion of gross sales. We will hire sales agents to directly market our product daily delivery.

Vision Statement: The Company will be the most well-organized food distribution chain service in Australia.

Goal: To deliver hot and fresh foodstuff to thesepersonsprofessionally.


Expenses: Company will require money to market the products and vehicles they will use for distributing tiffin and fruit juices. Vehicles may be hired for this case before we own ours in future. Promotional expenditureswill be maintained properly as well.

Profits: Settingprices will trap the customer at the beginning but, the company will keep charges to minimal. They will be kept revised depending on the distance, nature and insistence of food delivery.

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