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The Future of Shopping Assignment Help

Today’s online shopping has over taken the popularity of shopping in malls. What do you think will be the future of shopping?

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In today's environment, online shopping has overtaken shipping malls popularity. Following this approach, the paper will discuss the future of shopping. Updating of the technological procedure can change the shopping process in future.Hence it is predicted that in the future, the shopping procedure has increased their experience.

Why the future of shopping will be changed in future? How it will be changed in future?

Thesis statement

Traditional and digital shopping process has increased the experience level of consumers in the future, and every people in each location of the world can purchase their desired products easily.

Main context

In the future, I am predicted that the whole procedure will be changed as technology has improved the shopping process. In the current trend, various shopping malls are present from which people purchase their desired products, but with the advancement of time, the whole process will be changed to online (Benn et al., 2015). According to my view, currently, the products are delivered within two to three days of order, but in the future, it changes to an ultra-fast delivery option. After ordering the product, the people will get it within the same day, and it thus increases their shopping experience. Besides this, in the future, it is estimated that drone and robots will be used for serving the consumer for improving the shopping experience(Frishammar et al., 2018). Thus in my opinion, people will order the product which has been delivered by human robots and drone within the same day. Hence, as per my view, this will be the future of shopping.


According to my opinion, the presence of virtual reality technology has increased the interest of shopping for the people. It is seen that in future days the shopping technique will be improved as the whole procedure can be changed into online.

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