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Case: Quality Improvements Programs and Quality Costs: Manufacturer

Question 1. Identify at least three factors that should be present for an organisation to successfully implement a TQM program.

Answer: Total quality management is totally based on the emphasis on quality where in the members of an organization participate together to bring about a long-term change in success promoted by management skills. In understanding what a total quality management is, the answer should primarily be on excellence of the product so that the service provider can meet the demands of the customer and also help in controlling as well as directing the entire range of products. TQM should be understood as the art of managing as well as understanding different ways of achieving excellence so that an approach is directly in that the participation of all the members of an organization. The essence of the management is sustainable and long term sustenance which shall be essential for the benefit of all the members working within the organization there are different factors which are essential for the growth of long-term success and TQM. The factors that is important for Hotel Management strategic growth as follows:

1. the most important factor of the total quality management is to focus on quality so that the customer satisfied with the outcome of the product and the organizational process also goes on with the requisite amount of quality standard (Senftlechner and Hiebl, 2015). The most important part of quality standard is to mention how far the business will require the demands of waste to be eliminated so that a proper quality standards Framework can be implemented by the organization.

2. The next step which is an important factor in maintaining total quality management is to create awareness among the customers as well as the sellers. Listen create a parity that will help in understanding the evaluation as well as the focus of customer satisfaction that will keep in mind the expectations and the requirement for this emphatic growth.

3. Effective control is another factor that needs the proper commitment from the employees as well as a growing focus on the requirements of the customers. this can only be achieved if there is a continuous focus on the requirements of what is required by the sellers so that quality can be attained as well as the customers are satisfied.

These qualities are very important to be kept in mind before implementing a successful management program by any organization.

Question 2. By analysing the cost of quality report presented, determine whether LNT's TQM program has been successful.

Answer: the company in question has been trying to implement a very successful program that most wanted to focus on quality as well as limit the expenditure to a certain extent so that it does not become overbearing for all the customers to buy those products. The most important part of the organizations planning was too maintain a quality reporting that will be representative of the plans of the customers. The organization wanted to operate over a long period of time as well as in maximum control over quality by controlling all the variables. The proposed program wanted to devote more time on improving the product quality and forcing the implementation of social quality management program. my understanding how the organization was working with their goals and wanted to also focus on different ways to decrease the quality, the cost also was a way of counting all the bonus that could help in decreasing the quality and enhancing the production. These are only a way of understanding how far the organization has been successful in implementing quality control.


Question 3. Discuss why Tony Reese's managing director believed that the TQM program is more favorable than his initial reaction.

Answer: Reaction given by Tony initially was of reluctance because he did not want to focus on qualities as a belief that it was an abstract concept and it could not be explained by a simple terminology. The reason why it is called an abstract concept was because it was very difficult to understand what would be the measure of understanding the reaction of the customers. The goal of an organization should be achievable and it should be completely focused on ways of understanding whether that can be a sister now. Is the entire concept of meeting a target as well as having proper goals is not understandable by an organization, it is very difficult to achieve them because this variables are abstract concepts and they are not responsible for ensuring proper growth and management of quality (Dekker, 2016). This reaction was of reluctance in the very beginning it slowly changed into appreciation when I understood that quality had significantly increased. The focus after programme was to get more bonuses out of receiving proper training and feedback from the customers and applying them on the benefit of the quality program. When he saw that there was a complete transformation and all the problems were getting solved, easier to focus on the needs of the customers.

Question 4. Laser News Technology's managing director believed that the TQM program was essential and that the business could no longer afford to ignore the importance of product quality. Discuss how the company could measure the opportunity cost of not implemented the TQM program.

Answer: it soon became very important for the company to understand that quality was an integral and essential parts that was importance to be kept in mind. it is of great importance to understand that product quality is essential and has to be implemented by every organization because ultimately it is only the reaction of the customers that should be undertaken by every organization. The total quality management program which has been undertaken by this organization was to have a proper understanding of how far quality could be managed (Chiwamit, 2017). The question of how far quality can be implemented was also important and this first measured by understanding the opportunity and the cost of production. The question that arose was whether the organization was ready to implement ideas that would focus on quality and ignore any kind of insurance that was. The clan of the organization is to implement different ideas and opportunities that will not hamper the economy and will also balance management with quality. The best way for the management to work is to create better awareness so that the customers become aware of their rights and also how far the organization is instrumental in bringing about a change in politics management. Quality is an essential part of a business undertaking and therefore that product quality should be understood as a way of implying different measures.


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