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Strategic Implementation Assignment Help

1. Define your chosen topic as it was presented in the prior unit.

2. Describe how your topic could be applied in a work setting. In your description, be sure to mention the similarities and the differences you would expect in applying your topic to the real world.

3. Would your chosen topic be perceived as beneficial or detrimental if you were in the role of employee? Why?

4. How would your perspective on the topic change if you were in a nonpaid position, such as a volunteer or intern?

5. Think about the concepts of behavioral economics. What is a rational course of action to protect (if a detriment) or promote (if a benefit) yourself, as an individual employee? How does this compare to actions that protect or promote the company at large? How could you balance the two?

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Answer 1

Social psychology is related to human behavior as described in the given social context. As per the definition, of the Baron, Byrne & Suls (1989) it is defined as 'the scientific field which obliges to see how one can understand the nature along with the necessary implications if it causes an individual behavior to have a social situation'.

Answer 2

The topic chosen here is the cognitive abilities and the contextual application in the work setting while hiring and recruiting the employee. It has been considerably seen how there has been an emphasis on the behavior, mindset, aptitude capabilities along with the analytical framework, which would help to determine in the work setting. Such cognitive analysis and social analysis can also be done in prison settings. This would help to understand the deviation in the behavior, gaps to fill and it would concretely be added as a value addition to the organization. As some employees might show the learning gaps, training requirements or even show the need to synchronize the learning with the key development, it can understand through the social psychology perspective. All these applications are required in the work settings.

Answer 3

As the role of the employee, it would be beneficial as it would help to understand the contextual relation. As an employee, it would help to believe the learning gaps and to blend with the organization settings. Often there can be cultural differences and it would have implications of the adjustments and to blend with the organization's core goals. It needs to be evaluated through the lens of the administration, human resource and the jo role offered. This would help to determine in the framework of the relational tools and the settings. It would be determined as it would lead to a lengthy process and employee hiring would be tough. It should be according to the process settings of the company and per the job role, functions and the department offered.

Answer 4

If I am a volunteer or intern, my perspective would still hold same, but as it would be non paid job it would simply mean a lengthy process. It would not hold any relevance from the point of the organization but it would hold important form the point of the intern or the volunteer person, as they would be able to judge and understand the differences. This can be consecutively be tackled at ease, through the long term training requirements and the additional certification or courses.

Answer 5

Behavioral economics is all about human behavior, tendency to change and also the understand how it would result in the repercussions effects. The rational course of action would be to protect in the form of training and development and to promote would be to attain new certification and courses. This would be compared with the large part of the actions that can help to protect or promote with the company at large (Cascio, 2015).

Behavioral economics is an important the concept which would help to evaluate the need to determine how a person would react to the consequences of the other things. it would also help to understand the consequent relation that would allow determining the relation between the organization and the related employee's goals. The behavioral economies only help to understand how the individual would sail with the changes. The action and the reactions are read, As an individual within the organization, it would help to determine and relate with the workings of the organization. This would be subjective to the cons and the relation to it. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Strategic Implementation  assignment help services at best rates!

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