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Subject Code: MBA501

Subject Name: Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

Kaplan Business School

Assessment Title: Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report

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Stakeholder analysis and strategy development report of Tesla

Stakeholder analysis is identified as an important technique of Tesla that help in overcoming the various competitive challenges faces by the respective automotive firm. Therefore, the paper will discuss the various stakeholder groups related to this firm. In accordance with this stakeholder analysis, the several strategic development plans use by this Tesla firm are also discussed that determine the market dynamics of this business. Besides this, the stakeholder view model of Tesla along with the motives and behaviors of four selected stakeholder groups will also be further discussed in this paper. After analyzing these aspects it is noticed that the main motive of these selected stakeholder groups is only to increase the success and business growth of this automotive firm. Furthermore, some recommendations will be provided on the basis of the four chosen stakeholder groups and also in accordance with the generic strategies related to this automotive firm.You are required to research Tesla Motors and develop a Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy Development Report. As a starting point, listen to the BBC interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk;

The report should include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, and cover the following key focus areas.

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A. Introduction to Tesla Motors


Tesla Motors Incorporation is an American automobile engineering company which is presently situated in California at the Palo Alto region. The motor company will manufacture solar panels as well as electric cars respectively through the subsidiary of the solar city. The paper provides a holistic view of Tesla Motors and about its mission, vision with its recent developments, challenges, and industry trends. The mission, as well as the vision statement of this firm, represent the business procedures and production aspects of the automobile industry in accordance with different markets where their firm is situated.


Mission statement of Tesla Motors involves acceleration of the world's transition to sustainable energy which is considered as the central focus of the company.

The vision of Tesla Motors is focused on two things like product and the image of the brand.

Recent developments, challenges, and industrial trends
Tesla Motors experienced various disapprovals as well as pain incorresponding to other similar firms in the market to achieve their goals.For such purpose, the firm innovates various software development prospects which thereby enhances their manufacturing procedures. In addition, they innovate their automobile parts so that easily maintain the organization culture and position in the respective market. Moreover, the satisfaction of corporate mission and vision demonstrate the indicator of operative effectiveness and business expansion of this Tesla firm.

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B. Tesla Stakeholder View of the Organisation

Prepare a diagram with Tesla as the central organisation surrounded by the company's stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model.

Tesla Motors Incorporation possesses various strategies on the basis of corporate responsibility which generally focus on the business prospects and also on the several goods manufactured by the firm.It has one of the world's innovative technologies that is concerned not only on the manufacture of electric automobiles or vehicles but it also concentrates on the energy storing and design aspects respectively.Tesla's stakeholders prioritized as per CSR category are:

Employees-The staff members or employees provide a positive organization culture only by maintaining their duties and working procedure. Due to this reason, the production rate of the automobile firm increases and this causes a positive impact on the workplace culture. Employees maintain positive behavior as well as attitudes so that they easily enhance their own performance level and company growth too. By this aspect this automobile firm able to succeed in designing their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. In other words, with the help of employees, the firm is able to enhance their productivity rate and thereby increases their performance growth. Hence, it is clear that staff members supported the firm to be successful in various country markets.

Investors-The investors of Tesla firm plays an important role in enhancing the performance level of this business procedures. With the help of investors the firm able to control their various business operations which thereby brings positive outcomes for the business(Moritz et al., 2015). At the beginning of the business procedures, this automobile firm gets huge support from their investors. Besides this, in today's environment the investors also provide all sorts of the fund to this firm and therefore no financial crisis has been occurring in this firm. Hence, it can be said that with the help of investors the firm in various local and international markets become successfulto grow their business perspective.

Customers-The customer is considered as the heart of the business and it plays a vital role in developing the Tesla's performance level in both local and international markets(Badillo-Urquiola et al., 2018). With the help of their consumer base the firm's stand in a leading position in the markets. In other words, Tesla has constantly innovated their products so that they can satisfy their consumer base in different country markets. Due to this aspect, the consumer base is attracted towards this brand and thereby help in enhancing the profitability of this firm in both local and international markets. Furthermore, the products of this form are of high quality and of reasonable price which also a reason to attract consumers.

Suppliers- A supplier is considered an individual or business providing other businesses with goods or services. Such stakeholders play a major role in the business that has immense long-term benefits for the companies. Tesla Motors maintains good relations with such stakeholders because of the product price, lead time, trade credit and its loyalty.

Communities-Communities help in preventing the Tesla firm's business environment and therefore it also plays a vital role in developing business growth.Hence, they have high priority as compared to other stakeholders. With the help of these stakeholder groups, the firm becomes successful in designing their corporate image and also to increase their market prevalence.One of the major interests of the communities is to ensure the conservation of natural environment. Tesla's environment-friendly products are also considered beneficial for the communities (Ferretti 2016). Furthermore, these stakeholder groups provide proper supportive aspects in both the business procedures as well as individuals that are related to this automobile firm.

Competitors- Competition is necessary for the successful operation of the market economy and helps in providing the best products at the best price. Tesla Motors is highly influenced by its competitors and had a significant impact on the auto industry, in spite of younger than many other competitors.

Governments- Tesla Motors Incorporation is highly dependent on the actions of the government. Such stakeholders group presents the limits, requirements, and opportunities of the business. They are basically interested in the legal compliance and actions of the company and its contribution to enhancing the economic development of the State. The strategic sustainability aspect, as well as the expansion plan to the international market, lead the firm to get all sorts of support from the governmental bodies easily.

Stakeholders view of Tesla Motors.jpg

Figure: Stakeholders view of Tesla Motors

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C. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups

Select four specific stakeholders and analyse their behaviour and motives.

Tesla Motors Inc. is an American automotive company that specializes to innovate various technologies in their electric vehicles(Tesla Motors Inc, 2018). In addition, the company also focuses on their stakeholder motives as well as behavior in order to enhance their performance level in the chosen market. Therefore, the four stakeholder groups that are selected from Tesla are fallen under defensive, offensive, swing as well as hold category(Tesla, Inc.'s, 2018). Hence, the four stakeholder groups are employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. They are considered as the main stakeholder groups and also help this automotive company to enhance their business performance in the chosen market. Therefore it is necessary to analyze their behaviors and motives so that the company should make innovative strategies that influence their decision making process in accordance with these selected stakeholders groups.

Motives of stakeholders
The stakeholder's groups related to this automotive company have various goals and objectives that are based on their interest in the firm(Darkow, 2015). Therefore, it is important to analyze their motives so that the firm can determine their interests as well as goals over the business.

The main motives of the employees are to enhance the productivity and performance of the Tesla motors(Heslinga, Groote & Vanclay, 2017). Therefore, this stakeholder group is considered under the defensive category as they help to defend the attack of their competitors. Therefore to reach the objectives and aims of the business, the manager motivated and encourage them so that they give their full effort for the firm(Johnson-Ahorlu, 2017). By following this motivation aspect the efficient and effective employees of this automotive firm enable to satisfy their needs that enhances their motives and thereby build a positive image of the organization.

Customer's main motive is to get the best products at a reasonable price that they can easily afford. Hence they are fallen under the swing category as their decisions are always changes in accordance with the automotive products of Tesla(Missonier & Loufrani-Fedida, 2014).Therefore, to maintain the consumer motives, Tesla management team makes various strategies by which they can satisfy their consumer needs. In addition, to achieve the consumer motive they provide high-quality products at the right value so that they can give good customer care services(Rao, Tiwari & Hutchison, 2018).

Supplier's primary motive is to develop the performance level of the Tesla firm by providing all sorts of parts that sufficient for the business to fulfill their consumer needs. Therefore, this stakeholder can be fallen under the offensive category because they come with low threatening and high cooperative potential respectively(Mok & Shen, 2016). Another motive of this stakeholder is that they enable the firm to achieve their competitive goals in the respective market environment.

In a business environment, the investors' primary goal is to provide sufficient amount of funds in exchange of future return and ownership stake and hence decrease the business owner's burden over the firm(Randhawa, Wilden & Hohberger, 2016). Hence this stakeholder group can be effectively considered as the hold category as they help the firm to sustain their productivity level and position in accordance with the business. Therefore, its motive only to give financial support to Tesla so that they enhance their business growth and profitability respectively.

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D. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of the four selected stakeholders

Identify the stakeholder category that each of the four stakeholders belongs to and list the generic strategic programs available for managing each stakeholder.

The stakeholders that have identified are effectively categorized as role approach, search approach, category approach, and interview approach. In accordance with that, the employees are considered as the interview approach whereas the customers are fallen under the role approach part. Besides this, the suppliers are considered as the search approach while the investors are identified as the category approach in accordance with the Tesla firm. Therefore, to manage all these four identified stakeholder groups the generic strategic program available in accordance with the Tesla firm are as follows:

Defensive strategies of Tesla
This strategy is considered as the management tool that is generally used to demonstrate the attack from the competitors of the similar industry. With the help of these strategies the Tesla firm generally protect their competitive threats present in the respective market. In addition, one of the defensive strategies of this automotive firm is to innovate their technological procedures in different vehicles so that they can enhance their competitive advantage in the market(Chen & Perez, 2018). Therefore, by following this strategy, the automotive firm is successful to keep their competitors away. In other words, these strategies are also used for managing their suppliers and employees for increasing the performance level of both these stakeholder groups. In addition, Tesla uses these defensive strategies in terms of new mediums, channels, outlets, and platforms so that they can provide suitable competitive advantages.

Offensive strategies of Tesla
The offensive strategies use by Tesla mainly encourages their competitive position by grabbing a larger market share that keeps away their competitors(Koriyow & Karugu, 2018). By followingthese offensive strategies the Tesla firm generally neglect their competitors while entering into a new market for business purposes. Therefore, by using offensive strategies Tesla enable to manage their stock exchange market of this respective organization. In addition, by using these strategies the automotive firm in current days increase the positive attitude of their stakeholders and thereby diminish their threats.

Hold strategies of Tesla
Hold strategies are mainly used by Tesla in sustaining the program or position of the firm in accordance with the market. The automotive firm uses these strategies to manage their stakeholders threatening and low co-operating attitude towards their business(Koriyow & Karugu, 2018). Hence, by following these strategies the firm able to make a stakeholder analysis report and that is useful for the firm in operating their business procedures. Besides this, these hold strategies help Tesla firm to manage the space of all their stakeholders in the company as well as in the market respectively. Hence, it is quite evident that by using these strategies the firm is able to cope up with the behavior of entire stakeholder groups related to the organization.

Swing strategies of Tesla
Swing strategies used by Tesla in order to take decisions in spite of not following the regulations and rules that relate with the transaction process, interaction of stakeholders and decision forum. Swing stakeholders are those people that possess the skills and techniques to threaten the organization working procedure(Kopia, Kompalla, Buchmüller & Heinemann, 2017). Therefore, the automotive firm uses these strategies to increase the positive impact of stakeholder groups and thereby reducing the ability of threatening procedures.

E. Recommended strategic program for each of the four selected stakeholder groups including reasons for recommendations

Recommendation on strategic programs

By following the generic program some recommendations are provided in accordance with the four mentioned stakeholder groups.
One of the recommendations is that the employees should build some strategies that enable them to gain the consumer trusts.The firm should involve social media to communicate with their consumers and that will enhance their company trust. It is also recommended that the management team, as well as the employees, should understand the customer needs in accordance with their automotive products. By following this aspect, the managers should identify the consumer's desires and thereby motivate their employees to give their best for the firm.

Another recommendation is that the suppliers should provide superior quality of automotive parts to the Tesla Company so that they can manufacture high-quality vehicles for their consumer base. The goods provided by the suppliers must be of reasonable prices and delivered as per the stipulated time. By following this aspect the firm also can manufacture the products at a given time and satisfy their consumer desires over vehicles quality and timing respectively.

The consumers are recommended that before purchasing the vehicles from Tesla Company they should inspect the goods properly. Vehicles are of high prices, therefore, it is necessary that the customers should check each and every detail related to their vehicles.

After reviewing the strategic options one of the recommendations is that this automotive firm should use the defensive and offensive strategies more in comparison to the other two strategies. By following the defensive strategies the Tesla motors can able to maintain and protect their brand image and name in the respective business market. In other words, by following the offensive strategies, the firm initiated the business ahead in the selected new market. Hence, it is clear that by using both strategies they can eventually increase their business performance in the chosen business market.

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