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Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare Assignment Help

In a confined sense, medical technology refers to the practical application of the scientific body of knowledge produced by biomedical research. Medical science, in turn, has benefited from developments in other applied sciences, such as chemistry, physics, engineering, and pharmacology. For example, advances in organic chemistry made it possible to identify and extract the active ingredients found in natural plants to produce anesthetics. Developments in electrical and mechanical engineering led to such medical advances as radiology, cardiology, and encephalography (Bronzino, Smith, & Wade, 1990, p. 11). Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a technology that has its origins in basic research on the structure of the atom, was transformed into a major diagnostic tool (Gelijns & Rosenberg, 1994). The disciplines of computer science and communication systems find their application in information technology and telemedicine (Tan, 1995, p. 4).

In a narrow sense, medical technology includes sophisticated machines, pharmaceuticals, and biology. In a broader sense, however, it also covers medical and surgical procedures used in rendering medical care, ultra-modern facilities and settings of care delivery, computer-supported information systems, and management and operational systems that make health care delivery more efficient.
Information technology (IT) has become an integral part of health care delivery. IT is indispensable for managing information used in patient care delivery, quality improvement, cost containment, billing and collections, and other aspects of operating health care organizations. Many large health care organizations have information systems departments and managers to maintain and improve the flow of information.

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Cultural beliefs and values

The cultural beliefs and values in the video, "What if Dr. House used Twitter?" describe the disruptive technology that is used in health care while communicating with patients for clinical and medicine (TEDx Talks, 2013). The use of social media is mentioned and the introduction of digital literacy should be mentioned in the medical curricula.

In the next video, Training more country doctors, the importance of primary care medicine in rural areas is mentioned. The cultural beliefs that primary care should be provided in rural areas and the students should be encouraged in primary care medicine with the help of a program called Rural-PRIME (UC Davis, 2010).

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness with the help of social media will help patients to get diagnosed while sitting at home. The role that social media has played is intrinsic and is useful for patients to communicate easily with doctors and professionals. The healthcare professionals are aware of digital literacy which provides value to the medical facility for the patient. On the other hand, primary care would build cultural awareness among patients that they are treated with the best facility by professionals (Fischler, 2011). The second video discusses primary care services for patients in rural areas. In both cases, the value to the patient is achieved in the form of social media and primary care.

Insurance companies

The insurance companies would not cover the approach of treating patients with the help of social media. In the first case, the patient communicates with the professionals and doctors on Twitter or YouTube (TEDx Talks, 2013). These social media websites cannot guarantee or provide any insurance to the patient. The primary care service is the best form in which the patient can consider the insurance and the insurance company would cover the approach while relating it to the time and cost of services. For example, when the doctor visits a patient at home or at the hospital, the diagnose and the treatment is taken personally. The cost, time and services are bears by the patient in the form of service charge.


The first approach of social media influence would cause competition on a higher level. Suppose, the patient communicates with the doctor on the social media website, the influence of medical practice would be recognized and the treatment would be quick. The second approach of primary care service in rural areas is less competitive because students are less interested in providing health care services in rural area. Thereby now a day, the social media influence has gained momentum while introducing websites and apps that provide treatment to patients.


Providing services with the influence of social media websites and apps is agreeable as it tends to save time and quick services are expected.

On the other hand, the primary care medical services would ensure older patients to get treated at home as per the convenience (UC Davis, 2010). The social media influence and the primary care service are acceptable and should be the patients with ease.
Cultural beliefs, values, and approaches

With the help of social media influence and digital literacy, the competition would be more for US medical organizations. On the other hand, service is provided which becomes a major reason for competition. At some point, the competition would impact the medical organization as most of the patients would prefer social media services while communicating with professionals and doctors. On the other hand, primary care services approach is less competitive (Fischler, 2011). The cultural beliefs and values will make the US economy stronger as these approaches tend to ensure proper medical health care service. The medical organizations and websites of the US are competitive while comparing to other countries because the service is advanced and latest technologies are used for medical practices. 

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