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Smart Service Quality: A Case Study of Dubai Police Assignment Help

Explain the meaning and importance of smart service quality in the UAE

1. Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

2. Smart Service Quality for Competitive Advantage. Explain smart service quality strategy of the organization. Explain how the organization can achieve competitive edge and other service quality objectives with the help of smart service quality strategy

3. Managerial Implications: Explain the lessons of this case study for other organizations

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The changes in the security forces in UAE are driven by behavioral, demographic and economic forces. The industry of safety and security is a priority industry in UAE in response to the security threats all over the world and continuous development in the commercial, property, financial, tourist and shipping sectors of the country. At present UAE is expertly contributes to the stability and security of the Gulf and plays a significant role in the security infrastructure of the country for the global war or terrorism (Gharaibeh et al., 2017). In spite of the constant significance of this industry, the UAE has just the minimum local capacity for security services.

The reforms in the security services have provided several benefits to other countries. It is time for the security services of the UAE to be creative in terms of strategy. So, in order to bring reforms in Dubai Police, it must evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It must also carefully analyze its smart service quality strategy to achieve its competitive edge and other service quality objectives. The success of the Dubai Police will depend mainly on its smart service quality. Positive changes in Dubai Police can affect the industry of safety and security of the UAE positively and make a remarkable contribution to the security of the country.
Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

Dubai Police profile

Dubai Police is determined to be a progressive and forward-thinking police force in the city of Dubai, in the UAE. They cover an area of 4,114 square kilometres with a population of 2.8 million people, and they come under the jurisdiction of the ruler of Dubai. Its headquarters is located in AI Twar, Dubai 17,500 sworn members (Dubai Police . 2019). Currently, Dubai Police offers more than 300 services through the internet, intranet and others that involve mobile messaging, IVR and Kiosks to ensure convenience and speed. It is the Arab police to apply electronic services, electronic fingerprinting and DNA testing in criminal investigations.

The organization has received both global and local recognition that includes ISO 2000:9001 for integrating management systems in different police fields and Dubai Award for Government Performance (Al-Dhaafri & Al-Swidi, 2016). The mission of Dubai Police is to enhance the quality of life within the country by executing under constitutional rights to maintain safety and security and enforcing the law to the community.

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Smart Service Quality for Competitive Advantage

Smart service quality strategy of Dubai Police

Dubai Police makes efficient use of smart service quality intending to provide stability and security to the citizens of the UAE. The Dubai police enhance operational robot policeman known as Robocop to help people and fight against crime. The robot policemen are designed with an emotional detector which will be able to identify hand signals and gestures. The Robocop will be present in the patrol who will also be able to recognize the facial and emotional expressions of an individual. In this way, the company is moving towards a vision to be an international leader in the adoption of smart city technology. Dubai Police has opened smart police service centres in Dubai to facilitate 27 services and 33 fully automated sub-services to the people (Efthymiopoulos, 2016). The data gathered by this smart service centres helps in optimizing appropriate response time in case of road accidents. The vehicles within these service centres are equipped with certain features such as live video broadcasting and facial detection cameras. It states that Dubai Police is effectively using technology into its services followed by smart city strategy.

On the other hand, based on smart city initiative Dubai Police has implemented Traffic and Crisis Management Control Center that monitors and provides a response during crisis management. Dubai Police has also launched the Dubai Police app that provides online services to the citizens by accessing a mobile phone (Abdel-Basset & Mohamed, 2018). These services involve a list of traffic services, reporting traffic crimes or violation, applying for good conduct certificate and consumers accessing and paying their fines.

Moreover, it can be seen that the Dubai Police is considered to be the first organization worldwide to use Google Glass strategy. The use of this particular strategy enables the officers to recognize the road users through their number plates. The reason behind utilizing Google Glass is the ambition of Dubai Police to create the smartest police stations across the world. Other smart initiatives that are used by the organization is the use of sand storm and visibility system a new mobile app that possesses different characteristics like fog, sandstorm and forecasting. All these strategies used by the company helps in facilitating emergency and safety services to collaborate and share information based on public safety issues (Elnaghi, Alshawi, Kamal, Weerakkody & Irani, 2019). The strategies help the organization to connect with the people through communication platforms.

Achieving a competitive edge and other service quality through smart service quality

Robocop - A Robocop in Dubai Police helps in identifying wanted criminals as well as collecting evidence and also patrol the busy areas of the cities of UAE. If the experiment of Robocop is successful, Dubai Police intends to implement the unarmed robots for making up 25% of its patrolling team by the year 2030. It is the part of a government strategy to replace some of the human fighters of crime with the machines. The competitive benefit of this robotic police is that the common people of UAE can efficiently utilize the robotic police that offers almost 125 smart services and the people will not have to visit the physical police stations anymore (Sharma, Govindaluri & Gattoufi, 2015).

Smart Service Centers - Smart Service Centers of Dubai Police operates 24 hours to deliver 27 smart services to the people of the UAE. Some of its smart services are a community, traffic and criminal services and also 33 complete automated sub-services. The competitive advantage of these center is that they can easily facilitate the communication and access between the police and the public.

Dubai Police App - The app has SOS services that greatly impact on saving the lives of the citizens of UAE. It has been well-designed to reach the mass of the society and utilizes the location services to recognize the position of the users in case of emergencies and also informs them about the nearest police stations (Banikhalaf, Hammad, Al-Dubai & Ghaleb, 2018). The feel and look of the app make it very clear that the app has been made to emphasize on the security services of UAE. The competitive benefit of this app is that it will help the police in communicating with the deaf and other people of determination through sign languages and also offers permanent support to every people.

Google Glass - The Google Glass has been issued by Dubai Police to the detectives to fight against the crimes utilizing the facial recognition technique. The competitive advantage of this wearable device that it can allow to connect the wearer and the information of wanted criminals (Cledou, Estevez & Barbosa, 2018). After the wearable device identifies the suspect on the basis on face prints, it will alert the policeman wearing the device.

Managerial implications

It can be seen that Dubai Police has implemented an exclusive approach to create a smart city through various smart service quality strategies. The organization has adopted this approach with the help of three themes such as cooperation, integration and communication (Al-Hubaishi, Ahmad & Hussain, 2017). As a result, this integrated smart service quality approach implemented by Dubai Police provides appropriate lessons to other organizations. This particular approach of the organization will help other organization to learn a lesson on how to use smart service quality effectively. As a result, it will help other organizations to attain their mission of becoming a leader in a smart global city.

Thus, it provides a lesson to other organization based on the importance of increasing the efficiencies of new and current services and infrastructure. This will help the organizations to promote their organizational activities and enhance sustainability by using smart initiatives. This will also help other organizations to improve their operations and serve a better quality of life to their consumers. It has been observed that Dubai Police uses various apps to help the local citizens; such apps must be used by other organizations to enhance their presence within the country.

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