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Size Reforming the House of Representatives Assignment Help

Political science

Consider what you've read about representation theory in the text (and the course notes). Then read the four articles on the arguments about the issue of expanding the size of the House of Representatives (see the links under the "Supplemental Resources" in Unit Four).

Consider the effects of such a change on how members would be more (or less) representative of their constituent's views. Also consider what the effect would be on party leaders. Respond to the following questions:

(a) In what ways would expanding the House make Members of Congress MORE representative of the American public? Make sure you provide an explanation as to WHY you think so.

(b) In what ways would expanding the House make Members of Congress LESS representative of the American public? Make sure you provide an explanation as to WHY you think so.

(c) What effect would such a change have on party leaders' influences over how the Congressmen/women in their party vote? (By "party leaders here, we're talking about the Speaker, Majority and Minority Leaders, Majority and Minority Whips, as well as Committee Chairs and Ranking Members).

P.S. Any arguments about COST are off the table for this one (it's about REPRESENTATION of the American public, NOT COST). Besides, the cost of running Congress, in relation to the rest of the federal budget, is miniscule (it's about 12/100th of ONE percent [so, 0.12%], of the total federal budget).

P.P.S. When answering this, assume that the METHOD of election won't change (we'd still elect our House members from single-member districts, using the first-past-the-post/plurality system). Of course, there will be a lot more districts per state. Some of the articles I've posted for your consideration also talk about the advantages of coupling expansion of the House with some other reform (such as Proportional Representation) - forget about those proposed reforms. Let's just look at the issue of how more MEMBERS would affect how the House operates, and how its members represent the voters of their districts.

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As per provisions of the United States Constitution and in accordance with the practices being practices since a long time, the total number of representatives from any particular state of America should be in accordance with the population of the state. As per Article 1 and section 2 of the US constitutions, each and every congressional district is supposed to have one member for representing in the house; however the total number of house representatives from the congressional district will be in proportion to its population. As of now there are about 435 house representatives in the country from all the 50 states of the country. The census of the nation is happening for every ten years and the latest decennial census is done as per 2010. It is due for the coming year. The following part of the discussion is reflection about the increase in the number of representatives in the house and its implication to the better representation of democracy as well contributing to the influence of the party leader over the congress men and congress women.

? Expanding the house and increasing the number of members of congress will make a larger congress and this can be more democratic in several ways. The current number of voting representatives in the country is at 435. This is typically formulated in the year 1911 in accordance with the census done in those days. However still now the population has grown several times. The typical number of voters one congress representive representing at those days is about 250,000 while now it is almost 750,000. Considering the difficulties in representing the voice of these many members, it is very considerable to increase the total number of representatives in the house. Further there is also need to consider the inequalities in the distribution of the representive in certain states like Montanna and Wyoming. Having the double the population of Wyoming, Montana is still provided with only one representive. Considering the need for equal weightage in electoral college and providing them with the necessary voice and proportional voting rights for presidential elections, it is necessary to increase the total number of representatives as well there is also need to justify the number in accordance with the population of the particular congressional district. That will be more democratic and will provide fair representation of each and every district rationally(Ritchie,2016).

Absolutely speaking the increase in the number of the members of the house will not contribute to the betterment of the democracy. The voice just need not be given based on the majority as well the total number of voters. There is need to have voice for the minorities and the suppressed classes like the women, children and other sections of the population with less number. Just increasing the number of representatives based on the enumeration statistics will of no use for these categories. With more number of house members and with decreased proportion of their representation, the voice of such classified sectors will not receive considerable weightage and hence just increasing the number without giving consideration to such facts will of no use and this will not contribute to strengthen the representation of the American public. Also more number of representatives may impact unity of direction and unity of alignment with the voice of the voters. More opinion differences lead to stagnancy in decision making and can impact failure in proper decision making mechanism (Thomsen,2015).

When properly allowed to represent, the total number of seat increase in the house will contribute to the better interactions with the voters. When they are sufficient number of congress men there can be better understanding with the woes of the voter, better understanding of their concerns, also voters can get better time for interaction with the congress men. Hence when rightfully representing the voter's voice, the congressmen or women can faithfully represent the total voter's concern. The party leader will be having same influence over the congress men/congress women in their party to vote. However actual functionality will be more representative of their concerns and better consideration to the woes and problems of the voters is possible with more number of members in the house. Also a party leader can outreach more the general public and can propagate their views to the public more positively with more number of members present in the house of representation (Bugh,2016).

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