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International Business Environment Assignment Help

Differentiate between the three types of staffing policies used by international companies. What are the advantages of each? accepts instant and short deadlines order for International Business Environment Assignment Help solution assignment – order today for excellence!

The three types of staffing policies which are being used by international business in todays' world are polycentric, ethnocentric, and geocentric. Ethnocentric staffing is in the case when they hire management of the same nationality as the parent company, this is considered to be a suitable method when the parent corporation processes and measures depend on control and management for their corporation to make income ("What is Ethnocentric Approach? definition and meaning - Business Jargons", 2019). It is worth noteworthy that in this case the values of the company can be transferred to foreign operations which are one of the advantages of this approach. Sending management foreign undoubtedly provides international disclosure and opportunity to widen their rational, permitting the aptitude to achieve advanced level in the business as it goes universal (, 2018).

Polycentric staffing is when corporation hire management personnel from the host country. In other words it can be said that in order to carry out operation in the subsidiary country the host country are recruited for the managerial positions ("What is polycentric staffing? definition and meaning", 2019) .The advantages of this approach is numerous like excluding the problematic alteration of expats from the parent country, it's cost effective to hire locals or citizens of the host country and it helps to have a improved information about the host market. One of the disadvantages here is the lack of communication as a result of language obstacles among the host and the parent company.

A geocentric staffing approach is when finest individuals for significant jobs through the organization, irrespective of their nationality ("What is Geocentric Approach? definition and meaning - Business Jargons", 2019). Management looks at the prospect at a worldwide scale here. One can say that this approach is most attractive as it efficiently uses its human resources. This approach has many advantages liker there is a lot of talented staff and the ones, who are eligible and is competent in his field, should be selected for the job regardless of his nationality ("Geocentric Advantages & Disadvantages", 2019). Under this approach the pool of the companies helps to use the talent at the place where it is needed the most. Another advantages of geocentric approaches is makes corporate morecompetitive.

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