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Recruiting And Selection Process

Job for Flight Attendants or Cabin Crew at Air Canada


Question 1: Students will choose an industry, an organization, and a particular job within that organization (e.g. healthcare, Hospital for Special Surgery, and registered nurse). They will develop a job description for that job. They will use data sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net, the Economist, Business Week, SHRM, etc., to analyze the current and future product/service and labor market for that industry.

Answer: Air Transportation subsector industries offer air transportations of the passengers, apart from the cargo, with the help of aircrafts such as helicopters and airplanes. This subsector differentiates its scheduled as well as nonscheduled air transportations. While the scheduled air carrier flies on consistent routes and on steady schedules, it operates despite the flights being only partially loaded. On the other hand, the non-scheduled air carrier operates mostly during the non-peak time slots particularly at the busy airports and they tend to possess more flexibility with regards to the selection of the airports, load factors, hours of operations, along with other similar operational characteristics (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).

Flight Attendants or Cabin Crew are an integral component of the airline industry and it is important that they be aware of their roles and responsibilities, so as be able to perform well in their area of expertise. With respect to the case of Air Canada, the job description of the Flight Attendant can be detailed as follows.

Seeking professional and friendly Flight Attendant for overseeing the comfort and safety of the passengers aboard the flights of Air Canada. The chief goal in this position comprises of maximizing the revenue growth as well as enhancing customer satisfaction. The duties of a Flight Attendant would comprise of performing safety checks, demonstrating safety routines, attending pre-flight briefings and serving the passengers snacks and other items. The ideal candidate would be customer service oriented and would demonstrate admirable interpersonal and problem solving skills. To be able to excel in the role, the individual is needed to be fluent in English and should be available to work at different work schedules.


The responsibilities of the Flight Attendant working for Air Canada would include the following.

1. Conducting pre-flight safety checks as well as ensure that the plane is clean

2. Demonstrating the emergency and safety measures such as seat belts, exit doors and oxygen masks

3. Offering support and information for comfort and safety to the passengers

4. Welcoming the passengers and verifying their tickets while directing them to their seats

5. Making and serving the food and beverages to the passengers

6. Responding to the questions of the passengers regarding the flight, arrival times and travel routes

7. Going over the pre-flight briefings and studying all the details regarding the flight

8. Leading the passengers in case of emergencies and providing them with first aid in cases necessary

9. Offering support to the passengers with special requirements such as elders, disabled individuals, children and so on

10. Preparing analytic reports associated with flight issues

The requirements that are associated with the role of Flight Attendant, that are expected from a candidate, can be listed as follows.

1. Diploma in High School or equivalent qualifications

2. Training in Cabin Crew Certification is required

3. Should have an experience of minimum of 2 years, as a flight attendant

4. Should have fluency in English and must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills

5. Is expected to have outstanding skills and aptitude of problem solving and capability of handling difficult situations

6. Having fluency in multiple languages is advantageous

Other qualifications that are specific with respect to the candidates for Air Canada Flight Attendants would include individuals who are

1. Safety-minded first, this is a crucial part of customer service excellence

2. Naturally empathetic

3. Passionate about the service excellence

4. Exude caring and warm demeanor

5. Poised

6. Confident about speaking in public

7. Being respectful of the significance of the rules and regulations of Airline industry and at Air Canada

8. Must meet the medical standards of Air Canada so as to qualify for the role

9. Should hold a valid Canadian Passport which allows travelling to all the nations that are served by Air Canada (Air Canada, 2019)


Question 2: They will also gather information about the organization (size, strategy, growth, turnover, etc.). Students will analyze the current and future availability of qualified labor for the job selected. They will also propose a specific method that the organization can use to forecast its labor needs.

Answer: Air Canadais amongst the domestic as well as international airlines that operates in Canada and it offers passenger services within the Canadian, to and from Canadain the international markets, as well asthe Canada-US trans-border, that are scheduled. The organization conducts its business operations through the three major business segments, namely, cargo,passenger, and others (Air Canada, 2018). In the year 2018, Air Canada generated a record operating revenue of about $18.065 billion, with a record of unrestricted liquidity of nearly $5.725 billion. The passenger revenue in the year 2018 was nearly $16.2 billion. Moreover, Air Canada flew about 50.9 million passengers in the year 2018, which is an increase of about 5.8% as compared to 2017, with an average load factor of about 83.3% (Air Canada, 2018). For two consecutive years in a row as well as for the 7thtime in the period of nine years, Air Canada has been named as the "Best Airline of North America", by Skytrax and Air Canada remains the only four star international network carrier of North America. Air Canada has also achieved a five star rating with respect to its onboard customer experience that have been offered by the "Airline Passenger Experience Association". Air Canada is preferred airline for the domestic travels for more than 92% of the population, as per the "Ipsos Reid 2018 Canadian Business Traveler Survey" and therefore, Air Canada remains the high yielding market segment of the frequent business travelers (Air Canada, 2018).

Air Canada has about 30,000 employees and they have completely incorporated the change that have been taking place in the rapidly evolving landscape, whereby occupying a leadership role within the global industry. Air Canada is committed towards conducting its businesses responsibly and sustainably. In 2018, Air Canada had undertaken a materiality evaluation for identifying the main areas of sustainability for focusing on its key stakeholders, namely, employees, customers,suppliers, andinvestors (Air Canada, 2018). Air Canada is considered as one of the "Top 100 Employers of Canada", as well as "Best Diversity employers" of Canada. It is also named as one of thefive most attractive organizations to work for in Canada, along with one of the Top Employers of Montréal. Air Canada is enhanced with Emerging Leaders Program, which is a development program of corporate career developed for the managers (Air Canada, 2018). Air Canada has also implemented programs such as Reduced Work Week and Buy-Time to Retirement for the senior employees for transitioning to retirement, while facilitating the transfer of their skills and expertise to their subsequent colleagues (Air Canada, 2018).
There are various measures that can be employed for forecasting the labor needs of an organization and Air Canada can employ these for forecasting its own potential labor requirements. The first step in the process of forecasting the availability of workforce is taking a nearer and deeper look at the population and economic mattersthat influence employment. The ambiguity regarding the labor and economic market make the process of forecasting much more problematic. The professionals of the human resource management are required to consider the factors of current unemployment rate as well as the demographic composition that exists within the local job market. The second step that Air Canadaneeds is evaluating the organizational requirements. By learning more regarding the available workforce of the company, the HR professionals shall be able to determine the job positions that are required to be filled, along with the process that is to be implemented for the recruitment of those human resources (Sing, Love, & Tam,2012).The HR personnel must also anticipate the employee turnover so as to gain an understanding regarding the present and future objectives of the firm and its workforce demands for supporting the organizational strategies. By following these procedures, Air Canada shall be able to forecast its future labor requirements and thereby proceed further in fulfilling the same.


Question 3: For the organization/job selected, students will develop a recruiting and selection process and plan. These should take into account the organization's economic environment and business needs, as well as the job specifics.

Answer: Being a Flight Attendant can be a greatercareer for those who like to travel and being on airplane. The schedule is mostly flexible and the individual is never stuck behind a desk. At Air Canada there are several career opportunities that are available for the aspirants. All the opportunities are advertised on the "Careers" website of Air Canada as well as on its Facebook page. An individual can search for the different roles based on the factors of job location or jobrole title from the official website. The first step that prevails in the process of recruitmentis acquiring and assessing the online application of the candidate (Air Canada, 2018). The online application of the candidate provides information regarding the educational and professional background of that individual and demonstrates whether they fulfil the requirements that are necessary for the job role. It is also vital that the candidate takes time in reading the position description carefully and ensure that they demonstrate the experience as well as skills that match with the requirements of the role (Air Canada, 2019).

The second step for the candidate would be to provide a Cover Letter that would demonstrate as to why they are to be considered as the best candidate for the role. Moreover, they would also have the change to explain and demonstrate the manner in which their prior work experience, strengths, skills, knowledge, etc., makes them most suitable candidate for the job position. An ideal cover letter is ideal to be of one page long, with targeted towards the position, along with concise and clear information, while maintaining a positive and professional writing tone (Parker, & Brown, 2012). The candidate is also required to provide Résumés that would comprise of the following elements: contact details, education, career summary, duties,employment history, skills, and references.

Based on the kind of positional requirement, a phone screen may also be needed which would comprise of a 20 to 30 minutes short phone interview conducted with the recruitment advisor, who shall also be providing the details regarding the process of recruitment and theexpected timeframes. On the day of recruitment, there are certain specifications that are required to be maintained and scrutinized in the candidates (Air Canada, 2018). These include the following:

1. Maintaining punctuality and having the knowledge of where to be

2. Being aware of the fact that they are being assessed from the instant they arrive within the building and until the time they leave

3. It is important that the candidate makes anexcessive first impression and that they are professionally groomed as per the job requirement

4. The candidate should use good communication skills and speak appropriately that is expected of a Flight Attendant

5. The candidate should use positive body language, which is also an expectation from Flight Attendants as they are required to use these skills for managing the guests and passengers of the flight.

It is important that the HR professionals of Air Canada follows these guidances for the recruitment and selection of the candidates for the mentioned job position so as to ascertain that they make good and efficient recruitments with quality skills and abilities that would reflect the organizational goals and policies. Moreover, it is important that the candidate possesses all the qualities and attributes that are necessary for being an efficient Flight Attendant of Air Canada and serve for the company and its customers.


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