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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects - Central Queensland University

Topic - The 2022 Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, UK


Assessment Specification

Case study: Organising a world class sporting event emphasizing on lean project management.


1. With regards to the event that you have chosen to organise, identify and elaborate


Commonwealth Games is considered to be one of the most popular events that are held once every four years.The leading of 2022 Commonwealth Games will be discussed within this particular project. The significance of hosting Commonwealth Games and the ways the project manager handles the entire project will be highlighted in the report. Managing the work especially at the sporting event like Commonwealth Games is not as simple as it looks. Thus, it is important for the manager to monitor and manage the things carefully and effectively.

Usage of processes for effective stakeholder management

The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK is perfectly positioned and standing for the diversity of the Commonwealth. It possesses certain stakeholders as any project or event wouldn't exist without the involvement of key stakeholders. Stakeholders would play a significant role in the management of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK. The event managers of 2022 Commonwealth Games would make efficient use of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) processes to have effective stakeholder management. The Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge area are classified into four processes are as follows:

Identification of Stakeholders
The significant benefit of identifying the stakeholders is that it will help the event manager to focus upon each stakeholder or group of stakeholders.

Planning Stakeholder Engagement
This process helps in developing adequate management strategies to involve stakeholders effectively throughout the project life cycle. The management strategies are based on the analysis of their requirements, interests and significant impact on the event success.

Managing Stakeholder Engagement
This process helps in interacting and working with the stakeholders to fulfill their expectations and requirements. It would also help event manager of 2022 Commonwealth Games to address the issues and foster relevant engagement of stakeholder in project activities throughout the project life cycle.


a. The processes from PMBOK or Prince2 that you would use to help with the stakeholder management

Monitoring Stakeholder Engagement

This process would help the event manager of the 2022 Commonwealth Games to monitor entire stakeholder relationship and adjusting plans and strategies for involving stakeholders.

With the help of these processes, the managers would develop adequate management strategies for engaging stakeholders effectively in project execution and decisions. The event manager could identify the stakeholders by using inputs, tools and techniques and outputs. All the above processes could be managed effectively with the use of inputs, tools and techniques and outputs. Therefore, the following PMBOK processes would be used by the project manager of the 2022 Commonwealth Games for effective stakeholder management.

b. The critical stakeholders for the event

Identification of critical stakeholders

Stakeholders got the Commonwealth Games 2022-

Accommodation- The accommodation will provide service and rooms for all the athletes and to the staff also that will come from other countries.

Volunteers- The volunteers will have to be recognized for the work that they have done throughout the games. As a volunteer, they will expect to be treated nicely and with respect.

Spectators- The spectators well require to need some kind of seating for all events throughout the games and they would know that the building is safe to be in and have been checked.

Athletes- They will perform in the Commonwealth Games in their specific sporting event and also they will entertain the spectators and also perform well in order to win the game.

Sponsors- They provide money towards the event and athletes in order to achieve advertisements on boards around the games.

Community- They will support the games and will need the stadium to be a reasonable size. Another aspect they will do is they will look for money to be invested in the economy.

Government- They provide fund and security for the commonwealth game.

BBC & outside Agencies- They will report and make comments on the games throughout all the events and give updates and scores to public.

Managers- They will make sure the events run smoothly and they will assist the volunteers and staff with any queries or problems they may have.

Suppliers- They will provide athletes with drinks, food, building materials, uniforms, and clothing.


2. In what ways would you have implemented lean project management for this event? (You need to identify and elaborate the areas and opportunities where you can eliminate waste).

Ways or areas to implement lean project management

In the 2022 Commonwealth Games, simple processes and visual management would be implemented as they fulfill the needs of project stakeholders.These processes are considered to be one of the best practices of lean project management. Simple processes would help to keep the process simple as it is appropriate for the business in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders (Birmingham 2022 Heart of the UK, Soul of the Commonwealth. 2019).With the help of this practice, it would become easier for the manager to focus on delivering effective value instead of developing complex processes. It would also help in managing the projects successfully without any difficulty. Efficient use of this particular practice would provide input of the effective management of the event. Whereas, efficient use of project management and visual management practice would be helpful to get visibility into individual reports and project portfolio. With the use of this practice daily and weekly huddle, meetings would be organized with the stakeholders to review status, performance and recognize the issues to be solved. It is determined to be the best practice as it would help the event manager to execute better planning of the project. Thus, the huddle board of visual management is effective for the major stakeholders of 2022 Commonwealth Games as it is a part of the planning and work for those who do the planning. As a result, the efficient use of this practice would improve visible accountability and responsibility.

The waste that may occur during the management of 2022 Commonwealth Games would be eliminated with efficient use of lean six sigma. It becomes significant to eliminate the waste as it does not provide value for the audience. Lean six sigma will be utilized as it would help the project manager to identify the areas which need to be eliminated for providing convenience to the audience. This methodology will be helpful for the team leaders to get immediate results related to difficult projects (Görög, 2016).With the help of eliminating waste, the managers of Commonwealth Games would identify effective ideas to make the teams work more effectively. Thus, the principles of lean project management would support the managers to eliminate the waste effectively. The lean six sigma comes with excellent tools that could be used by the managers to execute the process of elimination. The areas that need to be eliminated are as follows:


In 2022 Commonwealth Games the defects could be eliminated by the managers as it fails to satisfy the needs of the customers.The managers would eliminate the defects as it may dissatisfy the audience who are willing the watch the game. Therefore, the managers would implement DMAIC methodology as it controls, improves, enhances, analyzes and measure the process and eliminate the waste that it would create.


A high level of production of services could create waste for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. If the audience is enhanced with more knowledge than they need it would be considered to be wasteful of capital and time to provide the audience with something that they do not need. Eliminating overproducing tangible services would be helpful for the managers to change the philosophy of production. It will also help the managers to forecast and schedule the time of the audience without any need for huge inventories.


Most of the time the movement of the materials utilized within the Games does not add value to the services. The unnecessary services related to 2022 Commonwealth Games does not prove to be beneficial for the audience.Eliminating such type of unneeded transportation would help the managers to design or redesign the process. This would provide opportunities for the managers to use a visual display that would help the team leaders to evaluate every step of the process.

Non-value added processing

The managers of 2022 Commonwealth Games make use of non-value added processing that is helpful in recognizing unnecessary process steps. This methodology would be adopted by the manager to ensure that the capability of production does not exceed the needs of the customers (Temnyk, 2017). It helps in overhauling equipment and standardizing the work process.
Hence, the managers of Commonwealth Games would make use of all the above methodologies to eliminate the waste effectively that occurs during the event. It would provide convenience to the audience.


3. Identify and elaborate processes from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Organisational Project Management (OPM), Agile Practices and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) that could be used to implement lean project management.Identify and elaborate processes that could support lean project implementation

Project management is considered to be a fundamentally casual practice. As per the project manager of 2022 Commonwealth Games, this is determined to be significant to execute the work effortlessly to get the final consequence of the task. It would help the task supervisor to provide detail information and knowledge of how to execute the venture systematically. For the information administration group of learning PMBOK is regarded as a crucial process. With the help of this the undertaking chief of the venture could manage the event and as a result could get better outputs from the work. PMBOK is chiefly used as a standard through which the declaration of PMP could be connected effectively. The accreditation of PMP depends upon the reviews of organizational practice. PMBOK is significant to this context as it helps the undertaking the chief to operate all the practices crosswise over the offices. This presents the fact that the way project management is being relevant it is helpful for the individuals who have been developed. PMBOK makes the undertaking director of the project to focus upon its work and execute the process in a standard framework. Without putting much effort the project manager could get a number of help and guidelines from PMBOK. During the time when the undertaking chief requires all the fundamental information related to the work and the venture supervisor is in need to talk about the event, he could access data from PMBOK (Reif& May, 2018). When the task administrator undertakes the project he or she must involve in getting thought and techniques of everyone of how to get the overall result from the work. Based on this process the venture supervisor of Commonwealth Games must focus upon all the directions from PMBOK with an objective where it can ensure reliable and viable results effectively.

The seven principles defined in PRINCE2-
1. Continued Business Justification- A project of PRINCE2 should have continuous business justification.
2. Learn from Experience- Programs are record, acted as well as sought upon throughout project life.
3. Outlined Roles and Responsibilities- It highlights that every person concerned in aproject to take responsibilities (Tichaawa& Bob, 2016).
4. Manage by Stages- Monitored, controlled and planned in stages.
5. Manage by Exception- It describes each objectives tolerances as well as limits of authority.
6. Focus on Products- Supply of defined quality and products.
7. Tailor to Suit the Project Environment- Tailor to suit the complexity, size, complexity, capability, importance, risks, and environment of the project.

PRINCE2's 7 themes-
• Business Case- Its main objective is to choose whether the project is desirable, achievable and viable.
• Organization- Establish and define the responsibilities and accountability structure of the project
• Quality- Quality of the product for the project
• Risk- Recognize, control and assess uncertainty
• Planning- How, Who, Where, How much and Why?
• Change- recognize, execute, manage potential and approve the change to the baseline targets.
• Progress- Assess and Monitor real targets with the Achievements

7 Processes of PRINCE2-
• Starting a venture - It is designed to make sure the main stakeholders that it will be a reasonable and rewarding undertaking.
• Directing a venture- It allows the venture board to delegate day to day responsibility the project to a manager while taking vital exercising.
• Initiating a venture- It is approved during the starting stage to confirm that the points are clear to the external stakeholders and team of project management.
• Controlling a Stage- It defines the actions of the Project manager in each management stage of a venture such as approving project work and submit of the report to the board.
• Managing Stage Boundaries- It defines the responsibilities and work of the team manager in their part as a supplier to accomplish the target of the work package.
• Managing Product Delivery- The purpose of this procedure is for the venture manager to make for the next management stage by giving the project board with accurate data to make decision.
• Closing a venture- It involves 5 activities which are approved by the manager of the project, according to the situation of project closure.

OPM (Organisational Project Management)

It is the systematic way to manage a project. In addition, According to the manager, it is very beneficial for the manager to effectively guide his project. The concept of OPM (Organizational Project Management) is mainly based on the capability of any industry in project management, portfolio management and program management. In this way, the manager can assist in guiding the Commonwealth games 2022. Organizing by projects was seen as a response to dynamism in the external environment, creating new challenges for the organization. An organization was configured into structures that supported these activities (Antony, Snee&Hoerl, 2017). As the environment became more competitive organization began to initiate an increasing number of projects. These projects began to influence the organization's structures because they were distinct social systems that spanned multiple customers, departments and suppliers. OPM facilitates the growth of organizational learning. It is also viewed as a collection of practices.


Agile is a system of training. It strengthens the continuous replication of enhancement and testing in the Product Development Lifecycle of any work. The Agile assumes an important part in each project administration's task and introduction of the guide. When the manager of the project takes a project to oversee it, the manager must make a test for all undertaking exercises. This can assist the manager efficiently entire the project and assist him to get the last consequence of the responsibility (Walker, 2016). From this system, Commonwealth game 2022 project manager can get more information to manage the work. The major principles of Agile are as follows-
• Consumer satisfaction through continuous and early transfer of useful software
• Welcome changing necessities, even late in growth
• Frequently Delivered Software
• Close, daily cooperation among business developers and people
• Projects are built around motivated persons who must be trusted
• Collocation and pair programming

Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology)

The Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology), is helpful for the project manager of 2022 Commonwealth Games to implement lean project management effectively. The DMAIC methodology would support the project manager to solve the problems that arise during the venture. It is helpful in better understanding the process easily implement the method to the problem that already occurred. The processes of DMAICis presented in the table given below:








Define the first process


With the help of this, the project manager could get the overall information regarding the issues related to the event. When the problems would take place within the project, the project managers are required to satisfy the needs of the project. Thus, in future other such issues would not arise. The customer needs must be covered as per the definition of this process.


Measure the step taken


There possess several methods or tools that could be utilized to execute the dreams to achieve better results. Hence, project measurement occurs when a number of factors like analyzing take place. If all the issues are recognized it becomes easy for the project manager to solve the problems.




This particular section of the factor develops analyzing process where two opposite things are being analyzed and equal portions are covered by them where they first analyzed the task. Mostly several factors may support the guidelines based on these processes (Zipp&Nauright, 2018). Due to this, the venture observes several changes that are proved to be beneficial for the venture.





It becomes significant for the project manager to follow the logical consequences systematically while the strategies of improvement are under process. It would help in creating forward motion efficiently and successfully. An effort to structure improvement could result in elegant and innovative solutions that would enhance the baseline measures and finally audience experience.




It becomes important to monitor the implementation plans carefully and properly to attain the target before the deadline. Additionally, the project manager must focus upon the requirements to be facilitated for stakeholder engagement in the project (Craft, 2015). This helps the project manager to monitor the plan to continue with the measurement of success based on the process that is updated.

Table: Processes of DMAIC Methodology

The paper is all about Commonwealth Games 2022 that is going to be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The study concluded about stating the use of the procedure for effective stakeholder management and also the identification of the critical stakeholders. It also analyzed and evaluated the process management of PMBOK with its knowledge Ares and activities, the process, themes and the principles of PRINCE2, OPM, Agile and Lean Six Sigma included the DMAIC method. Therefore, every project manager must follow proper methodology to execute strategies and planning for the project.


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