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Do Presidents have more authority to pursue their own policy preferences in the area of foreign affairs, Or in domestic policy? 

The job of USA president is to protect the military, ideological, economic, cultural, and legal interests of the United States. This is known as promoting the national interest. This national interest is advanced through playing a role in foreign policy. In a democratic republic, the president does not have absolute power achieve his/her own foreign policy. The rule of law bounds the president in his/her actions and power to enforce the foreign policy. The source of authority for implementing foreign policy is found in the USA constitution. In article II of the USA constitution, the president is given authority for implementation of foreign policy. The president has an authority to make treaties, appoint ambassadors in accordance with the consent and advice of senate.  The president has power to engage in negotiations with other nations, appoint ambassadors which represent the government in matters of foreign power. The president has the authority to recognize any foreign country and acknowledge their existence as the member of international community. Furthermore, the president uses the executive authority to make governmental agreements with another country or nation. The executive agreements made by the president do not require ratification from the senate (Johnson, 2013). 

What Constitutional factors contribute to this situation? 

In the constitution, the president is responsible for relations of the USA with foreign countries. He is the federal official for this purpose. The president has the power to appoint ministers, ambassadors, consuls (subject to consent of the senate). The president receives ambassadors from foreign countries. Along with the secretary of the state, the president manages official dealings with the foreign countries. The resident functions along with the department of defense and department of state to protect the Americans in the foreign countries and foreign nationals in America. The article II of the constitution grants president all such powers. 

Make sure you can identify and describe TWO examples of Constitutional language that gives the President this flexibility.

The executive division or the president has the authority to start and implement a foreign policy. The president responds to foreign events, negotiate in international agreements, nominate the major foreign office official, and so on. The presidents have the power of statement of policies.  For finalizing the agreements related to trade and business, senate’s consent is required. The war powers are dominated by the action of president but are spelled out more clearly for the congress (Johnson, 2013)

For EACH of the two arguments that you make (based on the Constitutional powers given to the office), Be prepared to provide a historical example as to how Presidents have used that power.

It is observed that the president may participate in conferences like the summit conference where different foreign countries’ heads meet for consultation directly. The president Wilson was the head of delegation in the Paris peace conference of 1919 after WWI. The president Roosevelt had a meeting with the allied leaders during WWII. In USA, every president have meeting with foreign leaders to negotiate on political and economic matters. These discussions lead to agreements and treaties among nations. The performance and foreign policy of elder president bush was quite impressive. He managed the Iraq war with tremendous skill and swiftness. He formed a coalition of different states in order to turn Saddam out of Kuwait. Bush formed certain goals for the war. In the cold war era, the president played a part in foreign policies, like bush managed to bright soviet troops out of Eastern Europe; Germany was reunified, and so on (Cohen, 2011).

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