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BSBLED802 - Lead Learning Strategy Implementation Assignment - ECA Graduate Institute, Australia

Question 1a. Document any five (5) international e-learning compliance system or learning approaches used across the globe.

5 new learning approaches across the world today are I)Hip Hop education II) Process oriented guided inquiry lessons POGIL iii)Project Based Learning PBL iv) Reality Pedagogy v) Flipped Classroom. These are the five new approaches to make the Learning more effective.

Question 1b. Explain TEQSA's assessment of risk.

TEQSA means Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. In order to assure standards in higher education systems, TEQSA makes risk assessments on all the providers of higher education in order to assure quality in the standards. It follows the rules and does the risk assessments as per the principles they mentioned in the TEQSA Act 2011. With the help of RAF, they will do the risk assessments for providers of higher education by using the risk assessment indicators. If it points out the possible risks then the providers are invited to talk about the risks and should provide evidence that shows its influence on risk assessment. Evidence at different levels has to be submitted by the providers in order to manipulate the rate of risk, and this depends on the issue that was raised by the agency.

Question 2a. List relevant authority compliance requirements and obligations applicable to Registered Training Organisations.

The Registered Training Organizations have a contract that they have to adhere to the rules of the applicable Commonwealth, the legislation of the territory or the state, and the requirements by regulatory authorities.

Question 2b. List relevant standards based on compliance requirements and obligations that the Registered Training Organisations must comply with.

According to the Copy Right Act 1968, educational institutions are permitted to copy the material of the third party in order to meet the demands of students and to provide them with education with standards. This license has to be taken by the institutions if they are not having the license then they are allowed to copy the material from the third party. By using this license any RTO can use the material or pattern of others either in written form or digital format and can use that in their training environment, and they have to adhere with the rules of the applicable Commonwealth, the legislation of the territory or the state, and the requirements by regulatory authorities. The other standard is the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015, and Commonwealth of Australia.


Question 3: Identify legislation, codes of practice and national standards relevant to individual leading strategy management implementation. Any five (5).

Legislation, codes of practice and national standards relevant to individual leading strategy management implementation have few recommendations, in that the first recommendation is keeping of records which include the process with the dealing of records which are electronic ones. Some of the legislation that helps in the management implementation are Archives Act which was introduced in 1983 by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). This act takes the responsibility of manipulation of the records related to the commonwealth, their demolition such that they do not exist longer, and their movement to another place. Privacy Act 1988, and the agency responsible for this is Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). This Act takes the responsibility of managing the information relating to the personal things this will include its collection of data, usage, storing it properly and making that secret information known to everyone. This act also controls the management of tax file numbers of people belong to Australia, their personal details, information related to research in medical and information related to credits. Privacy regulation 2013, agency responsible for this is OAIC under this act the personal information which is not having any use or which is not needed can be destructed. Freedom of Information Act 1982, according to this it gives a legal right to access the documents that are with the government. Crimes Act 1914; this act provides protection of the information which is official and keeps penalties for the unauthorized things.

Question 4: Outline the technology and systems requirements to support an organisational learning strategy.

The Process of generating, holding and sharing knowledge among the persons in an organization is very important by which an organization develops in a very short time by using this experience. There are different learning strategies in an organization some of them are Higher vs lower level learning in an organization, individual and group level learning, learning in an organization based on mental models.

In Higher level learning deals with the challenges that the individuals in an organization take with regarding strategy, values, and hypothesis to replace the existing procedures with the new ones. The lower level learning deals with the observations relating to the divergence from the goals and standards. Organizations face difficulty towards higher level learning as they should change the thinking procedures to achieve this. Organizations will not develop until the members in it go through the learning procedures continuously. Learning individually will not come under the organizational learning. Learning in an organization will also depend on the mindset of different people present in the organization, and this reflects in sharing the experience and knowledge in the functions and activities involved in the business.


Question 5: Explain any two organisational learning theory and organisational evaluation strategies.

The two organizational learning theories are 1) Espoused theory and 2) Theory in use.

Espoused theory: This is a theory which is a legal one and belongs to an organization. Every company will have their own strategies to solve their problems and will follow different instructions to carry out their jobs. The instructions may be particular in confining an individual to search for a solution for a problem.

For Example, if the mobile phone got stopped or if it is not working once we have to switch off the mobile and on it after some time even if it is not working we have to contact the service person for the solution to the problem.

Theory in use: people will use the espouse theory rarely to solve a problem, and mostly they depend on the brainstorming ideas of the individuals in solving a problem. According to this theory if a problem occurs when the individuals try to solve that problem by doing an analysis of that. First, they will look into that problem clearly and enquire whether this problem has occurred newly or an existing one. Then they will discuss with each other to evaluate and detect the troubleshoot for the problem by using some new ideas and techniques. For Example In a pharmaceutical company if any problem occurs regarding the flow in the manufacture of Drugs they will try to solve the problems first by using Brainstorming ideas if this not works then they will go for a Fishbone diagram in order to know the root cause for the problem.

Question 6: Describe the functionality of contemporary organisational learning strategy design and development.

Organizational learning theory will help in understanding about the situations in various organizations like the supply of staff, money, and material in the organization the methodology that was implemented by them, their capacity, knowledge and the importance of memory in the organization. Based on the literature reviews we can establish a connection between organizational learning and its design. For any company, knowledge is very important for their growth, and it plays a major role in the firm. Because knowledge is a precious one which no one can steal and detangle it and it helps in individual development. Organizational learning helps to develop capabilities to which the clients will give respect, and by this, they will contribute to the growth of the firm. Organizational designs are based on the strategies that are opted by the firm, and organizational learning will assist a firm to have a good organizational design, in fact, it has some impact on the design of an organization.

Question 7: Discuss continuous improvement processes associated with organisational learning strategy.

Organizational learning and continuous improvement in an organization are the very essential things for the growth of the organization. In order to achieve this by the organization performance measurement of every individual has to be calculated by that we can encourage them in learning the things where they are lagging by following like this methodology one can grow in their knowledge and with this continuous learning and improving themselves individually will also help an organization to grow. Every company or a firm has to adopt specific technology and new techniques by which it can observe a continuous improvement in organizational learning by the individuals. Also, they can conduct some programs which help to improve organizational learning; even training on a regular basis will help to obtain a good result. The continuous learning process will help the employees to learn new things every time, and this makes them efficient in solving the problems very easily which they face in their work. There occurs a very strong connection between the continuous improvement and learning because even though a person is having knowledge if don't use it or implement it for a longer period of time there are more chances of forgetting those things if they don't practice it regularly. Now technology is getting advanced a lot day by day and in this kind of situations, it is essential for the employees to learn new things for their continuous improvement.


Question 8: Explain implementation process of organisation's learning strategy and their impact on an organisation.

Organizational learning strategy and its impact on other organization can be known by taking interviews or by taking surveys from the organizations. After evaluating the results or opinion they got in the surveys they have to think twice about the decision and have to implement it based on the positive responses they receive from the interviews or surveys. If they get more negative responses then they have to search for a reason of those negative thoughts among the employees in the organization and have to take a decision by doing some small changes in the strategies that are adopted by them. But before doing these all the things they should remember about their mission and vision of their firm and based on it they should improve their strategies regarding organizational learning.

Question 9: Describe consultation and communication processes used in organisations to support and encourage organisational input into policy and procedure development processes. Prepare a list of stakeholders that participate in the implementation of learning strategies.

In an organization if any change is brought newly and when it is necessary to be followed by all the employees and stakeholders in the organization then the first thing that the organization has to do is it should inform about that change to all people who belong to that organization, because without intimation of a new change no one will follow it and in turn sometimes they will act opposite to it. For Example in a firm if a dress code is kept for its employees it should be known to the employees in detail about what is the dress code what they can wear and what they should not wear. By knowing these details they also will follow the rule which was kept by the organization. When a rule was introduced by the firm newly it should be advertised to the employees to make sure that every employee knows about it. For implementing this one the management has to send a circular to the employees, or they have to stick the circular in places where every employee can look over it. List of stakeholders that participate in the learning strategies is employees, agencies, Capital investors, suppliers, and union which takes benefits in some or other way from an organization.


Question 10: Discuss authoritative responsibilities and parameters within the organisation. Write your answer in 150-200 words. What are two techniques for communicating with customers in relation to marketing activities?

In every organization, there will be some responsibilities from the higher level to lower level which has to be taken by the employees working in it. For example, if we consider educational institutions so many divisions will be there according to their experiences like principal, vice principal, associate professors, assistant professors, and attendees. Everyone will have their own responsibilities which they have to undertake. Principal will have a responsibility regarding planning for the curriculum, recruitment of proper staff , and evaluating whether all the staff are working effectively to improve the quality of education and whether they are establishing proper standards for them, providing a safe environment to the students, implementing the decisions taken by the authorities, representing the organization in an efficient way in the community, managing and establishing the financial matters without any interruption, effectively utilizing the resources available in the organization, conducting training programs and seminars in order to improve learning strategies and make them to learn continuously to have a continuous improvement, giving the report about the achievements in college to the management, parents, and stakeholders, to comply with the rules and regulations established by the authorities and regulatory agencies. Supervision and coordination of activities from the higher level to lower level.

Question 11: Explain any two (2) contemporary approaches to assessment instrument and strategy design. Write your answer in 50-100 words. What office equipment and resources might you need to use when implementing marketing activities?

Mainly to approaches are there to assess the organizational strategy are direct and indirect assessment. Tests and writing essays are the ways are direct assessment, conducting surveys and interviews are the ways for indirect assessment. Some of the assessment methods are surveys by conducting alumni's, through this platform one can know about the satisfaction achieved by students, certification exams to know the performance of students and to improve the organizational learning in students, focus groups where the discussion is carried out with the students by asking some open questions. Entrance or exit exams are conducted to screen out the students and to know their performance in the organization.


Question 12: Describe quality management compliance requirements as it relates to organisational learning, write in 50-100 words.

Quality management systems are the legal systems which document the procedures, strategies that were adopted by the organization. It collaborates and directs an organizational work and helps to give information regarding its activities to the customers or clients of the organization. When the audits are conducted in the organization quality management systems department plays a very essential role in showing the data and records containing the information of the organization. It also helps to improve the standards of the organization, to lower the costs, to reduce the waste, to improve the process, to conduct training programs in order to improve the organizational learning and to meet the customers and regulatory requirements. Some organizations use ISO standards to describe QMS systems which are implementing by them.

Question 13: How you can identify locations, types and sources of relevant organisational documentation?

It is essential for an organization to maintain its documentation using digital technology. Based on their standards they should keep some policies to document the information regarding the staff in their organization. It is easy to maintain the digital documentation than maintaining the documentation in hard copy as they will be get destructed easily. But for maintaining efficient digital documentation one has to choose a good technology that can store all the documents in a proper manner and should be able to give that information when never necessary. It is important for an organization to maintain some standards regarding records management. Two types of documentation that are mainly present in an organization are storing original papers as records or storing the information by taking the images of the records. Where ever it is essential it's good to dispose of the paper after digitalization because system records will stay for a longer period of time than in the paper form. Standards also should be maintained regarding the physical storage of records, in the management of records, but the thing that has to be remembered by the organizations is if they want to digitalize their documents they should select a digitalization program which suits to the quality they are maintained in the organization and also think about the requirements of the organization. Some policies and decisions have to be taken regarding the storage and maintain some important records such they are not accessible to everyone. They should be stored in a location where there will be restricted access.


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