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MN623 - Cybersecurity and Analytics, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Penetration Testing Project for eCommerce Website


1. Introduction

Answer: This report is mainly dealing with the threats and attacks which are encountered in E-commerce websites. By using penetration testing technologies and tools the attacks and threats are checked and proper solutions like attack free system is enabled. Some mainly used tools are helpful for a better solution.

2. Outline of the report

Answer: I. Potential risks and threats to an e-commerce website and web server.

II. Penetration testing tools.

III. Penetration testing stages.

IV. Penetration testing - expected outcomes and the benefits.

V. Penetration testing process-resources required to complete penetration testing.

VI. Advantages of E-commerce Over Traditional Retail.

VII. Conclusion and Future Enhancement.

VIII. References

3. Potential risks and threats to a e-commerce website and webserver

Answer: Inevitable E-commerce Risks

1. Online Security: In online security, a user should be more aware of malware, hacking, spam mail and phishing attacks. It is mandatory to update your platform's operating system regularly to defend against these threats and also it is highly important to use a strong secure socket layer.

2. System Reliability: Apart from keeping all operating systems and APIs Updated, these are just some things that could happen outside of our control.

Even after making operating systems and API's updated, these are just some things which could happen outside of our control.

3. Privacy Issues: Customer's record will be tracked and it will be used for spamming, identity theft and unsolicited marketing.
One more safety measure is to maintain a sturdy password which will be useful and securable for clients.

4. Customer Disputes: Whether or not the customer is proper or now not, it's vital to continually have outstanding customer support and to rectify all feasible mistakes that had been made.

5. Credit Card Fraud: It is nothing but a hacker steals the 16 digit number and the CVV of a card resulting in making that user to put in trouble which leads to the meaning called credit card fraud.

It is highly important to be cautious while making online payment even though if all your security measures are up to date.

6. Intellectual Property Issues: Intellectual property rights are mainly called as copyrights which are mainly for all software related contents. Pictures, Applications, Programs, Softwares, films, songs, etc. are meant to avail copyrights.

7. SEO: Google or other systems could do a whole makeover in their set of rules at any time, and make your internet site traffic drop significantly in a single day.

8. Taxation: Taxation is paying the Income tax to the government each and every year for the income earned by the individual or by the business people. Even in this Sort of taxation Government obtains sales tax from every shop.

9. Return of Goods and Warranty: The company faces a problem with return products because there are more complications with those products like couldn't able to resell them at their original fare.

10. Warehousing and Logistics Issues: The warehouse is an archive of logistics, and the issues they face is the logistics won't reach the warehouse on time, similarly, the parcel might be delivered to an incorrect recipient which leads to run out of shares.


4. Penetration testing tools:

1. Netsparker

2. Core Impact

3. Metasploit

Answer: Penetration Testing Tools: Penetration testing also called pen testing or moral hacking is the primary exercise of testing a laptop gadget, community or internet utility to find security vulnerabilities or threats that an attacker may want to exploit on a machine. Penetration checking out can be computerized with software program programs or executed manually that allows you to discover the exact reason.

Penetration Testing Stages:

• Scope/Goal Definition

• Information Gathering

• Vulnerability Detection

• Information Analysis and Planning.

• Attack & Penetration/Privilege Escalation.

• Result Analysis & Reporting.

• Cleanup.

1) Netsparker: Net Sparker is a web vulnerability detector to automate web security.Net sparker uses advanced proof based scanning technology.Net sparker is an easy to use and dead accurate automated web application.

Net sparker mainly scans all your web assests.Net sparker has built-in tools for advanced assessments. It reports all data at your fingertips so that it would be easy to maintain and track records. It includes all the team to boost security.

2) Core Impact: Core Impact is an easy-to-use penetration testing tool for a tester, which helps in enabling your security team to exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies.The main theme of Core Security is to protect sensitive data in the business environment by ensuring your systems are operating out a health security.

Here are some of the reasons why core impact is more helpful in protecting the environment by equipping the organization with the most powerful tool.

a) Largest Amount of Commercial Grade Exploits impact: By using core impact it is for sure to find the largest amount of commercial grade exploits in the world with the ability to integrate with Metasploit framework, SCADA and about 40-45 3xploits written in-house monthly.

b) Pivoting across Multiple Systems and Vectors: The core impact solution is really incredible because it is able to pivot automatically across systems, devices, and applications which reveals how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open the path of your organization's mission-critical systems and data.

c) Privilege Escalation: Core impact really has the capability of performing attacks that are the same type which a bad actor might use. This allows you to make an attack on a system like those bad actors in a controlled environment leaving you able to work towards securing your network before an actual attack might occur.

3) Metasploit

Metasploit framework plays a vital a role by providing more information about security vulnerabilities. Metasploit frameworks gets included with anti-forensics and evasion tools. Metasploit framework is a ruby based, modular testing platform which enables you to write, test and execute exploit code.

Penetration trying out helps your employer avoid IT infrastructure invasions. It is higher on your commercial enterprise to proactively hold its security than to stand excessive losses, both to its brand equity and to its financial stability.

Penetration testing must be completed on an everyday basis (at least once a 12 months) to ensure greater steady IT and network safety management by using revealing how newly observed threats (0-days, 1-days) or emerging vulnerabilities may doubtlessly be assailed by way of attackers.


5. Penetration testing - expected outcomes and the benefits

Answer: There are numerous benefits of employing penetration testing.

1. Locate and arrange protection threats

A penetration test (pen check) estimates the capability of an organization to shield its programs, networks, customers and endpoints from inner and external attempts to circumvent its safety controls to acquire privileged or unapproved get right of entry to covered property. Pen test takes a look at outcomes to verify the hazard posed with the aid of particular protection vulnerabilities or defective processes, allowing IT management and security specialists to arrange remediation efforts. Agencies can extra successfully assume emergent security threats and avoid unauthorized get entry to crucial facts and critical structures by executing every day and complete penetration testing.

2. Meet monitoring requirements and stay away from penalties

IT departments deal with the general auditing/compliance facets of tactics such as HIPAA, SARBANES - OXLEY, and GLBA, and report trying out necessities identified inside the federal NIST/FISMA and PCI-DSS instructions. The whole reports produced via the penetration checks can assist corporations in evading considerable consequences for non-compliance and allow them to illustrate ongoing due diligence into assessors by means of preserving required safety controls to auditors.

3. Circumvent the rate of network-community downtime.

Recovering from a safety flaw is expensive. Healing may encompass IT remediation efforts, retention programs, and consumer safety, legal activities, reduced revenues, dropped worker output and discouraged alternate associates. Penetration checking out supports an organization to steer clear of those financial setbacks by way of proactively detecting and addressing threats earlier than security breaches or attacks take location.

4. Defend patron loyalty and organization image

Even a single incidence of compromised purchaser statistics can damage a company's brand and negatively affect its bottom line. Penetration trying out facilitates a business enterprise keep away from information incidents that can place the company's reputation and reliability at stake.

5. Provider disturbances and safety breaches are pricey

Security faults and any associated disruptions inside the overall performance of applications or offerings may purpose debilitating monetary harm, harm an agency's popularity, grind down purchaser loyalties, generate bad press, and incur unanticipated fines and penalties. Frequent employment of penetration trying out avoids these prices via the business enterprise.

Penetration testing facilitates your corporation avoid IT infrastructure invasions. it is better in your commercial enterprise to proactively keep its safety than to stand severe losses, both to its logo equity and to its economic balance.

6. Penetration Testing Process-Resources required to complete penetration testing

Answer: It's the technique to perceive security vulnerabilities in software with the aid of comparing the device or network with diverse malicious techniques. The weak factors of a system are exploited on this method through a certified simulated attack.Five Types of Penetration Test for Successful PenTesting.

Network carrier tests. This kind of pen take a look at is the most common requirement for the pen testers.

Net application tests. Its far extra of a targeted takes a look at, also, greater intense and particular.

Client side reviews.

Wireless network assessments.

Social Engineering exams.

At some stage in a penetration test or security assessment, the checking out team might also pick out extra systems or additives which lie out of doors of the trying out scope however have a capability effect on the security of the system(s) which have been defined as in scope.


7. Advantages of E-commerce Over Traditional Retail

Answer: Mr. Gromer can benefit the following via his E-commerce business.

a. Overcome Geographical obstacles.

b. Benefit New customers with seek Engine Visibility.

c. Decrease fees.

d. Locate the Product faster.

e. Take away journey Time and price.

f. Provide assessment shopping.

g. Enable deals, deals, Coupons, and institution shopping for.

h. Offer plentiful information.

8. Conclusion and Future Enhancement

Answer: E-Commerce business especially faces much cyber security primarily based troubles. So to avoid some of these troubles we use certain penetration checking out tools to make a simple moral hacking to overcome the exploits made by way of the attackers. One-of-a-kind methodologies are observed to conquer those issues. In destiny, we will get extra safety based totally tools to avoid all vulnerabilities.

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