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Choose two car companies Mercedes and BMW working in the UAE and compare their visions and missions values and objectives on the following points in terms of advantages to these stakeholders;

1- Local community

2- Mangers

3- Employees

4- Costumers

Based on the results you would come across, systematically evaluate these visions and missions by choosing the theoretical elements

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The detailed study on the two automobile industries based on UAE, the vision and mission of both the company and objectives are highlighted under the assessment. Both automobile industries in the economy have a huge customer base; the official distributors of both Mercedes and BMW UAE have a good market share. The assessment highlights the comparison in terms of the local community, employee vision and mission, customer experiences and corporate social responsibility. The evaluation for each mission statement and objectives has been elaborated in comparison of both the automobile industries


Over the last 25 years, there is major economic development and robust to the economy in terms of investment, opportunities and different automotive markets. Mercedes Benz, a German automobile company has set up many different showrooms in the UAE automobile market over the past years. The good amount of sales and services in the market has attracted many customers and international imports in the country. Gargash enterprises are one of the leading distributors of Mercedes passenger cars in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Gargash enterprises have a good record of selling a Mercedes car in the country and the highest sales in the car units were over 22% surpassing the previous year sales volume.


The BMW AGMC in the Middle East has become a vital market established in the year 1976 the company has delivered the elite automotive products and services to their customer and achieved great milestones. BMW AGMC has been the official importer for Dubai, Sharjah and Northern Emirates. The BMW AGMC group has a total number of 24 sales and services facilities in the country. The AGMC group was declared a global selling dealership for the Rolls-Royce model.

Vision, Mission values and objectives of Mercedes and BMW  

The Mercedes UAE mission is to be recognized as the best and world's most esteemed center for customer sales and services in the automotive industry. The company is trying their best each day to achieve the goal and objectives set by the industry. Their mission is to create the best internal and external environment for the experts and professionals in the field with highly skilled individuals. The vision of the company is to offer premium guidance and solutions to customers, business and retail partners (Scukins et al. 2015).

The BMW UAE mission is to turn into the world’s outstanding provider in terms of their product and services for individual mobility. The company aims to deliver an amazing driving experience for all the future and potential drivers in the country. It also aims to add extravagant features in their future cars and the automobile industry. The key component of BMW AGMC is also to deliver the best customer experiences in terms of both sales and services ( Rajasekar 2013).

Comparison in terms of Local community, Managers, Employees and Customers 

Local community: Mercedes and BMW

Corporate social responsibility is an important factor in terms of the local community for a better future and progressive industry. The Mercedes UAE aims to improve the local issues faced by the community, the company aims to deliver the best value and engage the local people in every key project for the successful implementation. The company enables the active participation in different project activities of the Mercedes Benz program. The company’s key motive is to improve the educational facilities, a good infrastructure, promote good health policy, and facilitate the local community. The other main objective of the company is to provide a clean and safe drinking water system in the local community (Cheng et al. 2014).

On the other hand, BMW UAE focus on corporate social responsibility includes different intercultural innovation, social involvement procedures, and responsible use of resources. The company also aims to improve skill development and road safety. The BMW UAE believes that besides the safety in the BMW vehicles, road safety is also equally important. Different programs and exhibitions help to educate the students and other future drivers regarding the safety in road. The local community underprivileged youths and individuals are provided with the skill development program and training for their professional goals (Van Zoonen and Van der 2015).

Managers: Mercedes and BMW 

The company sets a definite mission and vision for the different roles and functions to be performed by the manager of Mercedes UAE. The company aims to hire an expert and professional in handling automobile operations within the industry. The manager should match the standards of the industry and perform their job roles and responsibilities in the workplace. The Mercedes UAE offers good compensation to the Managers handling business operations and provide skill and development programs to enhance the functioning of the company. The best facilities available should be provided to the manager of the company to meet and achieve their target needs. The company aims to provide traveling expenses, holiday packages and lease a Mercedes car to the manager for best results and performance in the industry. 

In the case of BMW UAE the company vision and objectives, for the manager is to ensure that BMW customers has good and valuable experience in terms of buying and shopping the vehicles of the company. The company aims the managers in the industry should possess expert knowledge in the field and maintain good communication related to the sales and services for potential customers. The BMW UAE also takes opinions from the managers in the company’s selling and other strategies to match the competitor in the emerging automobile market. The objectives set by the company if performed and achieved with a specific time enables the managers to attain a higher-level management position. The company should encourage the manager to perform his duties and responsibilities in order to achieve targeted sales for a given period (Anderson 2013). The benefits for the managers include health insurance, incentives, and free food in the workplace, this will enable the manager to enjoy the facilities and equally contribute a good workflow in the industry.

Employees: Mercedes and BMW 

The Mercedes UAE aims to deliver the best working environment and professional filed in the industry for existing and new employees. The most important vision of the company is to support the employees in every aspect of life working for Mercedes in the UAE. The company plans to deliver good opportunities and support programs as well as other skill development procedures. The employees are provided with a good salary and benefits such as medical insurance, parental leave and other facilities for every relevant department of the company. The workplace amenities include the best services available in the Mercedes UAE fort the employees (Rodriguez 2016).  

The BMW UAE provides the best employee benefits in the organization; the company aims to improve the health and safety of an employee as well. The BMW UAE offers the employees a diverse workforce and equal opportunities to deliver the company in achieving different goals and objectives set by the company. On the other hand, the company’s commitment is equality in the workplace, the company ensures the activate participation of female employees in the workforce and management positions. The different training programs and skill development help the new employees to learn and contribute to the organization. The entire medical, life insurance benefits are included for the employees in BMW workforce culture.

Customers: Mercedes and BMW 

The main agenda of Mercedes UAE is to deliver the best customer experience and the company is investing supremely on digital competence. The sales department team effectively works together and assists the customer in explaining the vehicle features and suitability of the Mercedes car. The Mercedes Company globally has introduced the Mercedes me, this new development of the company will provide exciting offers related to its product and services. The company aims to deliver the best facilities and features in passenger cars to meet their expectations. The sales and service of the Mercedes UAE should deliver the best value this, in turn, will help the automotive industry to grow at a faster rate (Ramsbrock et al. 2013).

On the other hand, BMW focuses on both road safety and customer experience with their premium quality vehicles and features in the emerging automobile markets. The company specifically aims to deliver the best sales and service to the customers. The vision statement of the BMW UAE depicts “Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront”. The perfect companion of digital intelligence in the vehicles delivers the best connection between the user and vehicle. The company ensures that the customer is well educated with all the advance features and reliability of the vehicle. The companies are offering electric vehicles as a part of sustainable development as well (Colzi et al. 2013). 


After analyzing the above assessment, we can conclude that over the past years the automobile sector has grown rapidly in a country like UAE. The company’s goals and objectives, its vision and mission statement are important to deliver the best possible experiences towards customer sales and services. The industry also aims in delivering corporate social responsibility towards the local community, sanitation, and safe environment. The different programs and skill development procedures are conducted to educate and spread awareness about road safety and customer safety features inside the vehicle. Both the automobile industry works effortlessly to deliver and provide elite sales and services in the country.

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