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M8D1 Personal Application of Concepts Assignment Help

Respond to the following questions: 

Considering the challenges of strategic management, how well equipped are you at the end of this course to handle those challenges? Explain with examples. *** ( I work for HR payroll and Timekeeping Supervisor for law enforcement agency, agency name DANY)*** 

What did you learn that will be most relevant to you in your work environment? *** ( I work for HR payroll and Timekeeping Supervisor for law enforcement agency, agency name DANY)*** 

How do you plan to use these concepts in your career? *** ( I work for HR payroll and Timekeeping Supervisor for law enforcement agency, agency name DANY)*** 

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Challenges of Strategic Management

From the given courses that I learned, I first found that there are several challenges for the Human Resources (HR) department of the organization. With increased globalization, the HR department is facing vital challenges regarding the management of human personnel in the organization. It will thereby become difficult to focus on the associated functions of HR Payroll and Timekeeping in a given working environment (Florkowski&Olivas-Luján, 2016).

Further, the HR team will not be in a position to handle the entire workforce as there will be different tasks and the HR team needs to plan for allocation of these human resources as per the different needs of the departments of a given organization. 

The major challenges incurred in this role are - allocation of tasks and accordingly measuring the performance, carrying out HR payroll function within given timeframe, ensuring that all the employees are working as per their schedules, time and schedule management for the entire staff, and also adhering to the legal laws pertaining to the HR department of the organization (Florkowski&Olivas-Luján, 2016). 

The different courses related to this subject allowed me to first identify these different challenges. Later, it also provided me with different HR management frameworks through which I can overcome these challenges at my given workplace of DANY in a given operational environment. However, I also need to deploy other mechanisms through which I can monitor the performance of new strategiesimplemented in a given environment. It will thereby allow me to determine the gaps if any and accordingly modify the strategies to improve the future outcomes.

Learning that will be relevant in the current work environment

The learning related to HR management will help me a lot in not only carrying out my HR payroll and time management functions but also in other HR functions of the organization. Today, with increased challenges in the internal and external environment, it is found that the organizations are facing challenges of workplace conflict, time management, scheduling for the different staff, performance issues, and even ineffective communication among different teams (Sohani, 2015). 

Thus, it is vital for the HR team to handle each of these issues by following the HR management frameworks and subsequently deploying strategies that will allow the employees to focus on their tasks allocated to them. I also learned about employee engagement strategies that will allow me to motivate the staff at the workplace and also increase their engagement levels in the present working environment. 

I would like to deploy those strategies that will make sure of increasing employee retention ratio of the organization; also, it will increase the job satisfaction levels among the staff in the present working environment of the organization (Sohani, 2015). Even, employees will be able to share their reviews and feedbacks on the workplace environment based on which new strategies can be formulated to improve the future performance.

Implementing Concepts in Career of HR Payroll and Timekeeping

There are different concepts of HR Payroll, Timekeeping, and overall HR Management identified after undergoing through this course. During this course, I recognized that there are multiple challenges faced by the HR team of the organization. These include - change management, leadership development, successfulplanning of HR needs of the organization, staffing challenges at the workplace, measurement of employee effectiveness, and managing their schedules in the present working environment (Morley et al., 2016). 

It is thereby necessary for me to overcome these challenges and ensure that I carry out the functions of HR payroll by deploying appropriate strategies at the current workplace. Second, I also need to take the opinions of the senior management as well as of the ground-level staff to bridge the gap between them and instead ensure effective communication (Morley et al., 2016). 

It will thereby allow me to perform better and also achieve desired objectives of the organization in a given working environment. However, I also need to review the current strategies deployed and ensure their alignment with the strategic objectives of the top-level management of the organization. accepts instant and short deadlines order for M8D1 Personal Application of Concepts assignment – order today for excellence!

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