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PRN101A Understanding Public Relations Assignment Help

a) Analyse and discuss the Australian media landscape as it relates to Public Relations.

b) Apply knowledge and theoretical principles to different contexts and subfields in the Public Relations industry.

c) Identify and discuss how new media channelsportray news from different angles.

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PRN101A – Understanding Public Relations

According to the ABC news of Australia, George Pell was convicted for the child sex abuse in Australia. George Pell was known as the Vatican treasurer in the land of Australia (Bbc.com, 2019). In this case, George Pell also stated that the judgemental process was “fundamental irregularity”. During the entire process of judging the case the convicted person maintained his innocence and during the entire case, Pell was prevented from appealing the innocence. The defense lawyer also stated that Judy has taken the wrong decisions and it is also mentioned that the punishment and the judgment were unreasonable. The main case was formed for framing Pell. The incident happened in the year of 1996. It has been heard that Pell has abused two children of the age group of 13 years. In addition, it was heard that the incident took place in the cathedral when he was an archbishop in Melbourne. The Judy charged him on the basis of Child Indecent Act for abusing a child under the age group of 16. In this case, among two victims, one of the victims died from the overdose of a drug in the year 2014. For that reason, the judgemental process was running based on the understanding from the extract of the confession of the other child and due to this Pell was taken in custody and the sentencing process is pending and will be done on 13 of March. Some decisions have been made based on the investigation of the case. The Judy decided from the entire incident that Pell need to be sentenced based on the guilty of the child sex abuse (Lewis et al. 2016). Additionally, they have also decided that another acquisition is based on the position power on the top. Furthermore, keeping the secret from the investigation team is also another acquisition. Based on these three acquisitions, George Pell will be sentenced on 13 March. The entire allegations on the Pell were done in the police investigation in Rome and in the year of 2016. Based on the entire incident it has been noticed that the lawyer team of the Pell has stated that the client has been unreasonably accused and the Judy took an unreasonable decision in this case (Bbc.com, 2019). The case has been cleared that Pell was found guilty in this case. The media has published the news on Pell’s case that the incident is true and Pell has committed this unethical drastic sin. The case happened in the Catholic cathedral and the case is well known as the Catholic case in Australia. Pell is well known as the Roman Catholic and was considered as the pope. However, in this case, Pell completely denied the allegation and the entire incident has gone through various trials however the case was not proved. Pell is failed to prove his innocence in the case (Lewis et al. 2016).  The case has run via many trails however the Pell was not able to prove the innocence. Apart from this, during the entire case, Pell corporate with the investigation team and has stated that the allegations are completely wrong and the lawyer of Pell also stated that the client is not the criminal however the entire incident is not proved clearly till now and the final trial is pending in this case. The lawyer of Pell stated that there is an assurance in the judicial system and now everyone needs to wait till the final decision has been made by the Judy.

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