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Essay Assignment -

Learning outcomes -

a) Critically analyse and critique the major theories of organisational learning.

b) Critically review and evaluate the reasons for different approaches to change, and demonstrate an ability to apply this understanding to volatile or novel organisational contexts.

c) Critically analyse and critique common perspectives on the role of, and relationship between, individuals, teams and leaders in the change processes.

d) Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of organisational learning and change.

e) Integrate the concepts of organisational learning, strategic and innovative change management with leadership theory and practice.

Assessment Task - The purpose of this assessment is to improve the analysis of organisational learning concepts within the organisations and the ability to design of relevant solutions.

Solution - Organizational learning


Outsiders consider Australians to be very laid back. From numerous points of view, this casual frame of mind likewise reaches out to our Workplace Culture in Australia. We like to keep things easygoing, we like to mingle, and we get a great deal of time away from work. In that capacity, numerous expats may encounter a culture stun of sorts when they first experience the work environment culture in Australia. Saying this doesn't imply that that Australians are not diligent employees - they are. They simply have an alternate work environment behavior contrasted with individuals from different societies. Australians by and large will in general accomplish more during their working hours and don't disapprove of additional work. Simultaneously, they endeavor to keep their work separate from their family lives.

This essay will focus upon discussing various organizational learning. Study of these learning will help in understanding the relationship between various key stakeholders and key employees of the company.


Paragraph 1

Amazon has, at last, propelled its overall online retail based administration as per in Australia. It implies that would now be able to purchase products ranging from gadgets to computer games without paying excessive global transportation charges. Amazon's choice to at long last carry its web-based shopping stage to Australia is tremendous. US-based Amazon organization ruled each territory in which it has entered &amp; its enormous client base exceptionally fulfilled (workers haven't generally been so fortunate). On the off chance that Amazon Australia conveys as of sacred trinity of item decision, speed & value, there is high motivation to figure Australia market will be fruitful and extraordinary. Amazon is an online business mammoth which was being formed in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It started as a book shop (Argyris, C. ,2017). At present, it is ranked among the 4th most profitable and most profitable business leaving behind Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft. Amazon's logo which signifies from A Z, which says that don't simply sell books, yet everything from A to Z. Amazon's Australia site being functional at www.amazon.com.au. Right now, anyone can get to site so to buy a gigantic scope related with items could be get in universal retailers, as an expansive scope of various classes: Books, Video Games, Consumer Electronics, Sports and Outdoors, Tools, Toys, Home Improvement, Beauty, Clothing and Accessories, Shoes &amp; Amazon Devices, for example, its Kindle E-peruser &amp; Fire TV Stick gadgets.

Paragraph 2

In Single Loop Learning past techniques, targets, standards and methods are considered for discourse and the assessments of the representatives are considered. Structures are deserted and whimsical, incomprehensible arrangements are looked for. To actualize changes viably, an association could profit more from Single Loop Learning, in which the suppositions & speculations of representatives are truly termed in the usage of modern ideas, understandings & work portrayals. Other than the way that workers will be progressively conscious as per one another, they will likewise be increasingly faithful to the learning association.

This idea of Single Loop Learning is helpful for understanding human conduct when a circumstance changes. In single and twofold circle learning workers are told of changes through requests, notices and orders given by specialists. Shockingly, this regularly prompts negativity, de-inspiration and preventiveness, which thusly prompts decreased participation. Single Loop Learning is utilized when the present objectives, qualities and procedures are sound, not flawed and the accentuation is on systems and their adequacy. As to basic leadership process, in Single Loop Learning the hierarchical structure is acknowledged, the accentuation being on fixing undesirable fluctuations (Greenwood, J., 2018).

Two key Barriers

1. At the point when an adjustment in the psychological model methods going up against the irregularity between what we think and what we state, a characteristic protection instrument kicks in that makes us abstain from scrutinizing our convictions. At the point when this gifted inadequacy instrument is in play, individuals show a need to look after 'control' and 'win' a 'judicious' discussion that stifles the sentiments of weakness that scrutinizing our easily held convictions produce.

2. This demonstrates a key Catch: everybody needs change, yet few need to change themselves. In spite of the fact that the association itself doesn't have emotions, all change experiences individuals who do. This implies one needs to consider human feelings when endeavoring authoritative change.


Paragraph 3

The Double Loop Learning focuses on the "hypothesis of activity" point of view. This ideology considers the real facts of organizations and help people as providing good learning platform.

There are four essential strides in the activity hypothesis learning process: (1) disclosure of upheld and hypothesis being used, (2) creation of new implications, (3) generation of new activities and (4) speculation of results. Twofold circle learning includes applying every one of these means to itself. In Double Loop Learning, presumptions basic current perspectives are interrogated and theories regarding conduct tried publically.

Three secondary barriers

1. Fundamental change in the executives activity, or in organizational learning a very deep learning analysis, which is avoiding the threats due to adopting new market operations. If any organization adopts noteworthy innovative improvements initiatives to enhance the organizational performances, a new tool adoption by authority or enhancing the normal operations of organizational workings, removing obstacles which affect organizational learning which is essential to make necessary changes in the organization, therefore for an organization who wants to achieve remarkable developments need constant changing.

2. Learning and improvement can be only done if a company very well performs organizational learning; it should consist new strategies of employee improvement which leads to organizational learning and executing required improvement. These incorporate attention to & being engaged with teams and individual for understand continuous learning, product & services which offered by company needs to be improved time to time to enhance customer retention and, the IT helps in gathering the information related to the improvement and giving best options to make organizational performance effective, HR and higher authorities helps the employees in understanding the organizational learning from different perspectives and execute the tests & improvement programmes (Kim, D. H., 2018).

3. In certain associations, an outlook soaks in of praise and veneration of individual achievements; however a feeling of cooperation and solidarity isn't generally there. Past a feeling of zeitgeist inside the organization overall, cooperation is seen as an unfortunate obligation, and not something to be esteemed itself.

Paragraph 4

This focuses upon formalized piece of the association. Each procedure will in general have various directions with respect to the extent as per which employees need to fulfill their duties (for example critical thinking). Given guidelines are frequently explicit and slender in center, restricting the employees to create their own working path. A case of upheld hypothesis may be "on the off chance that the PC doesn't work, require rebooting it & after make a connection with the IT office."

Organizational Learning Assignment Figure.jpg


Two key strategy/solution

1. Utilize Human Resources to improve organizational learning

The HR division is the main body which formulates the effective organizational learning of an organization. As per Forbes, human asset staff furnishes assitance with organizational learning by forming a new working methodologies adopted in new business methodologies. Since it is responsibilities of the HR experts to have continuous improvement in operations in organization form a fundamental job in procuring new techniques, they help organizations in fulfilling their objectives (Geier, Robb, and Stephen C. Smith., 2012).

It helps human asset engaged with the newly adopted structure & use new dimensions to help organization to enhance their organizational learning.

2. Concentrate on Education and Growth

Organizational learning needs effective measures to have a good bond between groups & individual. Adopted organizational learning must improve employees' performance eliminate the issues found in the organization, all these need to be considered before applying the any new activities need to be followed in the organization.

Before implementing the newly introduced techniques it is required to understand the impact will be seen by newly adopted organizational learning (Hatry, Harry P., and Elizabeth Davies., 2015).

Paragraph 5

To execute the policies in right way in organizational learning it is required to first analyze problems. Employees pursue embraced hypothesis & and focuses on cooperation & conceptualizing to remove organizational barriers. Hypothesis used in theory in use make employees free to take decisions, adopt new ideas, and work in social way that helps them removing barriers and learn new concepts. A example related to this can be a manner in which an employees who wish to use organizational learning to remove barriers and with their experience and looking into others opinions, analyzing collaborators for conclusions etc.


Two secondary key strategies/solutions

1. Work on Quality Services or Products

Organizational leaning not only improve to help internal stakeholders it affects the outsiders as well, a business supposed to distinguish between their learning and the data provided by organization as learning which gave to them by viable hierarchical learning. The key is focusing on the learning on various key employees which mainly evolved in decision making. The primary goal of any business is to improve the strategies instead if changing them or adapting new one

2. Use Technology

Technological tools perform a important job as in proficiency & adequacy of organizational learning. Past data, individual learning adopted strategies and their methodologies helps in increasing the effectiveness of the organizational learning. Use various programme or sharing apparatuses to make employees powered to take decision and help them with analyzing various conditions that they need to undertake, notwithstanding when employees fall back in utilizing their full potinetial (Carmen, Joanne G. and Judith L. Milllesen., 2015).

Organizational Learning Assignment Figure 1.jpg


Organizational learning is not only a term which need to defined by business or organizations. First it is required by companies to make every employee and other key people to understand that why it is essential to analyze organizational learning and up to what extent it will help them in their work environment. Organizational learning opens up the gate to adapt various effective measures to employees which help them in improving their performance, understating business models, its goals, functioning framework and in last improving the productivity and operations by removing organizational barriers. Businesses very well grow and execute their plans and motives of their culture and employees properly follow the organizational learning to improve their workings. Organizational learning fills the gap between the available information can be used by organization to make its operations better and even adopt new ideas to improve their products and services.


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