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Discussion: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Assignment Help

Research a particular group of individuals who may be more susceptible to PTSD. Within this group, describe the reasons for this susceptibility and explain some of the ways in which those individuals seek treatment and the types of treatment that may been susccessfull for that group.

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Post traumatic stress disorder is a particular type of mental condition in individuals who got exposed to terrifying incident either by direct experience or by witnessing the same. In any case, they will get serious flashbacks, anxieties and uncontrollable thoughts about the particular event. Some of the more vulnerable groups that can get PTSD include people in regions exposed to civil wars, people facing natural disasters of large magnitudes like earth quakes and tsunamis etc. People who got exposed to serious accidents loosing family members and friends all will get serious disorders of this type. In the case of a group of people exposed to a serious natural disaster, like tsunami, the experiences are traumatic and people will face recurrent and unwanted memories of the terrifying events, they do face the reliving of the event and feel that the event is recurring again. Also they feel serious mental stress and severe emotional distress. The key reasons for the vulnerability for PTSD is the shock and the distress the people experienced during the natural disaster, the family and property losses they have experienced, injuries and all the negative impacts the people experienced will make them vulnerable to PTSD. Possible treatments for PTSD include Behavioural therapies, where in the patients will be learnt of coping with the negative experiences and they will be trained to rehabilitate themselves with positive exposure and they will be trained to get tuned positively. Exposure therapy consists in letting the patients exposed to the traumatic incidents rather than just escaping out, such exposure to the traumatic experiences will enable the patients develop the necessary positive energies and resistance to the shock and the vulnerabilities. Eye movement desensitization is another key technique employed to let the people use their eye movements to reframe and process the traumatic memories. Narrative exposure therapy is another technique where in the patient will be exposed to the writing and storytelling exercise to process the trauma under the supervision of the therapist. All these technique will not totally relieve the trauma of the person, but will let the person cope up by maximum relieving of PTSD symptoms. All these techniques can be employed for the people in the group to get relieved from PTSD however with behavioural therapy and with narrative exposure therapies are some of the techniques under the supervision of the therapist can let the person can have very good impacts if executed at early stages (Freedman and Shalev,2015).

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