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Oasis of the Sea Assignment Help

You’re an operations executive chairing the Projects Committee for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. You’re committee has been tasked with conducting a post-audit of the Project: Oasis of the Sea. The committee is aware that the ship actual performance (financial) has fallen short of expectations. 

As Chair of the Projects Committee, you’re expected to prepare a report that outlines current status of the investment (project), and then present a plan to improve its performance in the foreseeable future. 

You will want to gather relevant information (financial, economic, etc.); explore and evaluate alternatives that will bring the Oasis of the Sea into the “black”; and document your plan, on behalf of the Projects Committee, using sound arguments that are well supported, properly vetted, and logically presented. 

It is important that management carefully consider any potential ethical implications associated with their stated position. If there are any potential ethical concerns associated with your position, they should be identified and discussed in the final recommendation. 


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The STX Europe of Turku in Finland built the Oasis of the Sea in the year 2009. The building cost of the cruise was 1.4 billion USD, and is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. In the cruise, there are 17 decks, and 2742 cabins along with eleven decks along with cabins. The cruise generally runs for seven days, and the price starts from 786 USD. In this report, the current scenario, plans needed to improve the scenario of the cruise, different ways to improve the plan, along with the alternatives that are needed to improve the performance of Oasis of the Sea.

Current Scenario of the investment

According to the report of the annual performance of Royal Caribbean Cruise Limited, the cruise is facing risk for not securing a proper secured funding. In addition, the health status of the cruise is decreasing constantly, for that the crew members are falling sick along with the passengers (Strauss & Frost, 2016). The passengers thus are not getting the level of loyalty from the cruise, and the investors are backing up, declining the economic status of the cruise. Due to these reasons, the status of the Oasis of the Sea is decreasing in the past years. Potential issues based on finance adversely affecting the Royal Caribbean Cruise Limited (Thompson, 2016). The qualified workers are leaving their jobs, the international banks failure is also an important factor for sudden failure of the Oasis of the Sea.

Improvement of plan

The cleaning and sanitation can be improved, followed by paradigm based on infectious disease. The geospatial and medical issues can be monitored and preventive measures needs to be measured. The safety regarding food, following the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) needs to be maintained (Thompson, 2016). Various plans with the government can also be discussed followed by development of products based on Itinerary planning (Yin & Liu, 2017). The fees and taxes needs to be cleared for the economic variability of the destination of the cruise.

Alternatives need to be used

Marketing strategies can be improved by the cruise, to attract more passengers. The promotion campaign can also be increased based on the choice of cruise. The cruise destination needs to be understood based on the passenger's focus and understanding the economic contribution too (Hernández et al., 2019). The leadership, knowledge, and coordination based on activities of onshore can be used to improve the experience of the passengers so that the cruise can get more passengers on-board. A good and peaceful environment can be a better alternative. The port facilities need to be cleared first, maintaining the length of the wharf, and providing sufficient rooms and options of transport to the crewmembers. The destination cost of the cruise needs to be minimized.


Amenities like toilets, informative signage, foreign services exchange, along with the services of telephone and Internet. Understanding and adjustable staffs can improve the performance of the cruise passengers to make the journey well and remarkable. The banking field issues needs to be cleared to get a green signal from the government, if disputes are going on with the government dealing with those issues are the best way for the Oasis of the Sea, as it will attract customers as well as new investors. Financial guarantee can also be sought from the government in case of any failure in the sea. Most importantly, the journey along with all the facilities needs to revised before each journey keeping in mind the necessities of the passengers.


The Royal Caribbean Cruise Limited, can for more people to invest on the cruise. In order to minimum the risk of finance, the company can call for new investors. The health condition can also be informed in the cruise by ensuring the safety of water, managing the pest, health of the crew members by re-employing the medical examinations as well as appointing new medical officers. 

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