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History of Armor Assignment Help

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The word armor generally began appearing in the Middle Ages which has been mainly derivative from the Old French. This has been dated from 1297 as a covering which is defensive in nature and mainly worn during the combat. The word "armure" has been taken up from Old French and later derived from the armature. The development of weapons and armor was a constant desire of human being that acts as compensation for achieving more powers. These were used either for religion, fear of politics or in war purposes. In the case of example development, the warriors and the blacksmiths can be put in a perfect place with armor development.

In the Middle Ages, weapons like armor were very common in nature but it was expensive in nature. There was an increasing need for such a shield at the time of war. Armor was also considered as a symbol of royalty and was considered as a necessity in a group of social people. It can be said that regardless of different reasons, the ultimate desire of weapon, made several developments in the concept of armor and the weapon became effective in nature. The level of protection has also been heightened and the constant cycle of development continued with the need armor (Sweet, 2019).

In the course of history and developments, the weapons have gone through different changes which allowed the welders to use more efficiently. There are different materials that afforded several protective layers with increased quality. These protect the cutting movements and also include a stray off the lance with several forms of the arrow. The armor was considered as the main source of protection and necessities which further under layers with the quilted fabric and cushion added so that there are proper comfort and protection of the user (Armour, 2018).

The basic process in putting full suit armor usually starts with leg and then is followed in the upper body and arms as well. At last the helmet and gauntlets were donned in order to cover up the whole body. The mail armor was generally worn on the top of the quilted leggings and garments that were of different lengths. The arming doublet is also a kind of shield that was padded in nature and fitted especially with the knights or man at the arm. There are individual pieces of armor that could be tied with the doublet of arming at specific arming points. These were done by ribbons or special strings that were attached to the doublet (Yadav et al. 2016).

Due to the consistency of the weapon, the product has gained a lot of royalty. The sales and revenue proved the consistency of the product. Earlier armor was made of leather, bronze, iron, and other harmful materials. Steel was used at times while making of armor, but at times it was brittle in nature and so made problems. In the later century's carbon was added at the outer surface of armor in order to make it more flexible and long-lasting. 

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