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Nature of Atlantic Trade Assignment Help

1. Describe the nature of Atlantic trade between 1650-1800. Describe the trade of materials, manufactured goods, and persons as part of the trade. Include an introduction to the major nations and policies that controlled and regulated trade across the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Describe the change in family and civic dynamics between 1650-1800. Include catalysts for change and the institutions that were impacted the most. Discuss some of the new opportunities, expectations, and realities for all members of the family.

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1. The first people who have done the trade in the Atlantic region are Portuguese in the 16th century. The nature of trade in the Atlantic region between 1650-1800 involves selling people as slaves. Mainly African people are used to be transported as slaves to the European countries, the owners of the ship are treated as slaves and they are transported to American countries as soon as possible at a very price. The materials they used to trade are tobacco, sugar, Cocoa, coffee, plantations like cotton, silver and gold mines, fields like rice, industries mainly related to construction, and timber cutting for making ships. By the 17th century, this Slavism emerged as racism and their next generations were also used to work as slaves under the Americans. The other empires that traded in Atlantic regions are British, French, Spanish and Dutch empires.

2. By the 18th century, this slave trade got abolished due to the change that takes place in industrialization. Technological advancements changed the price of labor and also brought changes in the trade cost by reducing the distance which is geographical. Religious education along with the advancements in the techniques of trade also changed the costs of goods and due to this there was a complete change in the trade slavery and by the 18th century, it was totally abolished.

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