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MEM234001A Plan and Manage Engineering- Related Projects or Operations Assignment Help

Business Plan


Task 1

As discussed in the scope of the plan, Steven Chou highlighted the need to hire intelligent and cheap labor for the task. The workforce should be efficient so that the team is able to meet the required guidelines of the project within the set deadline. It is important that the recruiting process of the firm is efficient so that proper associates can be hired for the project. An agile method of recruiting ensures that the recruiting process is both smooth and flexible (Conforto & Amaral, 2010). The process should begin with hiring efficient project managers who are able to provide further guidelines for the recruitment process. This should be followed by appropriate civil engineers followed by technical and office staff. This ensures that the process is optimal and the least amount of resources is spent on the same. The agile method has proven to be extremely successful for most firms that are hiring for new projects or positions that they have not hired for before. Hence, this workflow shall ensure that all guidelines of the project are met within the set budget requirements.


Task 2

The total budget of the project is $9,000,000. Therefore, it is important that the firm is able to manage the complete process within the same. As stated in the scope and requirement of the project, none of the construction companies are available for the current period; hence, all raw materials and resources required for the project needs to be outsourced.



Task 3

It is important that the management and engineering firm assesses and analyzes the various challenges and threats to the project in order to prepare a strategy to combat the issue. McDonald’s restaurants have seen various lawsuits regarding environmental concerns and food and hygiene standards. The site rubble has shown traces of asbestos which has been known to be a major health risk for humans and need to be controlled in order to avoid any major health risks. According to Task 2, it can be seen that the estimated budget meets the requirement costs of the project; however, it is important to consider any extempore costs that might be related with the project. Hence, a thorough analysis into all major considerations needs to be processed. Quality of the said project is of utmost value and customer satisfaction is extremely crucial to the overall success of any project. All modern amenities shall be installed in the facility including the latest fire and health safety equipments in order to meet all the required standards set by the state and the industry. McDonald’s now conducts extensive checks in to the existing infrastructure of an outlet in order maintain the standards of the brand. It is essential that the construction team communicates extensively with the engineering team in order to reflect the desired plan of the project.

Task 4

A proper schedule of the project needs to be followed and maintained in order to meet the budgets and set deadlines of the project. It is essential that the short term plan be followed up with an updated long term plan so as to maintain the pace of the build. This ensures that resources available to the firm are utilized to their maximum potential and that valuable time and labor is not wasted. This short term plan includes the first 4 months of the project plan that incorporates the site management process, the hiring and recruitment process, the procurement of raw materials and training the labor force with the equipments required for the project. The first 4 months of the project is extremely vital as the rest of the project depends on this foundation and this process needs to be precise in order to meet the set deadlines of the task. Training the employees is an invaluable process and should be conducted whenever possible.


Task 5

Procuring the raw materials required for the project is one of the largest undertakings taken by any project. Not only is it important to assess the quantity of the said materials but also it is extremely important to assess the quality of the procured material. A proper quality assessment manager is important for this position. Inability to assess the quantity and quality of the raw materials can translate into huge losses for the company. As stated in Task 2 of this business plan, the set budget for raw materials is $2,000,000 including solar panels and lighting. This includes all modern amenities and appliances that are required by the facility in order to function on a day to day basis. The solar panels and lighting sources are expected to cost about $100,000 each; hence, the raw materials need to be procured within $1,800,000.


Task 6

All major constructions in Australia are overseen or governed by the rules set in the National Construction Code (NCC) by the Australian Buildings Code Board (ABCB). The rules set in this code of conduct relates to:

• Structural Quality

• Resistance to fire

• Egress and access

• The various equipments, appliances and services present in the building

• Energy consumption and conservation

• Health and safety standards

It is important for the construction team to review all the guidelines set by the board in order to ensure the success of the project. There are various rules relating to all parameters of the building including the scaffolding and the roof structures of the building. It is important to note that McDonald’s has its own specifications for structures pertaining to the brand; hence, it is important for the team to meet both standards (, 2019).

Task 7

Proper work packages ensure that the project is handled efficiently and all roadblocks can be tackled properly. It also enables the management team to oversee the project more closely as breaking down the project into effective chunks can aid in the management process. It also enables the company to outsource parts of the packages to other companies if required with hampering the overall integrity and structure of the project (Brook, 2016). It also ensures that the project is completed within the set deadline by helping the team set separate deadlines for individual sectors. This streamlines the work load and efficiency within the team is increased. There are various softwares available to modern construction and engineering teams that can aid in the process such as ConstructSim. The entire system should be divided into broader prospects such as Hiring, Procurement, Construction and Launch that can aid individual team members to reflect their individual strengths according to the project requirements.

Task 8

Project Communication Document is an essential tool that can aid a team in establishing communication and order within the system. This document provides essential information relating to the communication structure within the team. It also provides a basic structure as to when project managers need to be updated and the various pieces of information that are needed to be relayed to the designated personnel. This is essential to the structure and integrity of the system and ensures that project heads or managers are kept updated about the various activities at the site (Gido, Clements & Clements, 2014). The following project communication document contains information related to the initial phase of the project, i.e., the hiring of the required employees and the procurement of resources.


Task 9

Stakeholder communication is extremely important as they need to be constantly updated about all project actions and activities (Andriof et al., 2017). It is essential that the management team conducts an extensive stakeholder analysis in order to ensure that all stakeholders are identified and located. It is important to maintain multiple channels of communication with all stakeholders involved in the project so that all threats and challenges can be conveyed efficiently. All stakeholders should be connected through all modern communication channels present including instant messaging applications and video calling portals. In addition, all basic communication channels should also be present such as emails and telephones.

Task 10

Asbestos is a huge health risk to humans and the suspected presence of the same in the construction site is a threat to the overall success of the project. It is essential that all modern tests are carried out and a proper extermination process is undertaken. Also, all existing environmental standards set by the industry should be reviewed and assessed so as to contain all legal action. All modern amenities should contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the organization and it is essential that the respective managers are vigilant about the same.

Task 11

It is essential that all entities working in the project are aware of the various activities and goals of their team members and associates and contribute to each other in a holistic manner. It is also important that team roles are assigned or designated according to the strengths and weaknesses of the various team members. It is also essential that the respective team leaders guide and motivate their team member in order to bring out the best in them.


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