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Prepare a comprehensive 3-page proposal based on the research done in Assignment. You need to identify what innovations & investments (think beyond the obvious) are necessary to help the company achieve an improved financial performance, increase global market share, and secure competitive advantage in the future.

Consider yourself a management consultant; you need to make a recommendation to the company regarding which areas are key to making strategic investments and pursuing innovation in order to achieve the greatest success possible in the future. What change initiatives would you create and why?

The result of your research will be your recommendation regarding where the company selected should be making strategic capital investments.  You goal is to make as compelling a case as possible regarding what types of strategic investments should be made to ensure the company;s future success.

Where should they invest and why?

What will be the expected "pay-back" to the company from making these investments?

What might be the consequence of NOT making the recommended investments?

Answer : Evaluating Investment


My selected company is Walt Disney because I grow up in the generation that quite familiar with Disney character and cartoons, also the company is having a various
impressive product lines which interesting to look deeper. Disney is American corporation known as a family entertainment since 20 th century claimed to be one of the largest media company holding other few companies such as Pixar and Marvel. Disney was established in 1923, Los Angeles with a short series called “Alice Comedies”. Walt Disney and his brother Roy was an equal partner using the name of Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio which after has changed the name to the Walt Disney Studio. In November, 1928, Mickey Mouse cartoon has been released and dominate the market for many years as a very first step in Walt Disney’s success and moved to worldwide success in 1937 with an animated innovation by released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs achieving worldwide success with many more animations like Cinderella, Alice in Wonder Land, Bambi, Peter Pan, etc. During 1940s-1950s. I believe that we all familiar with Mickey Mouse, the most popular character of Disney but, we might not know that the idea of Mickey Mouse came from hamsters and designed to have a large ears for being cute.

When the film became popular, Walt Disney has created another Mickey Mouse called ‘Minnie Mouse’ whose having a big pink bow between two ears following with the rest of their gangs like Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, etc. So, the company decided to produce Mickey Mouse doll with a copyright targeting for kids and the result was very satisfied, became popular and sold out in short-time. Then, they continued produce many different types of products using Mickey Mouse as a brand ambassador such as cloths, notebooks, glass, shoes, etc., which are currently popular. After that, Walt has created a new cartoon as the name of Silly Symphony which is the first Disney cartoon that won Academy Award. The first Disneyland, California has opened in 1955 and now became the largest entertainment park for Americans to fully experience the best amusement park as well as the opportunities to interact with human inventions. Disneyland has been opened in a good period of time because at that moment the number of American’s children was significantly increased between around 10,000 per day 1946-1964, making 76.4 million of American children going to Disneyland with their parents. In 1958 he planned to build Disney world in Florida with 400 million dollars’ worth opened for the visitors in 1971 including the resorts and EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) center which is an education center surrounded by the future world environment.

Now Disney is spending more than $24 billion invests in resorts, cruises, and especially for theme parks which seem to be a great decision because it’s generate a greatest revenue increased 9% compared with last year (Russon, 2019) claimed to be 100% growth comparing to 5 years ago. Therefore, Disney shares are one of the stock that still going up while others are falling, risen by 8% beating the market causing by the latest quarterly results including new projects for next year (Noonan, 2018). Although, profit will absolutely came from the number of visitors who paid for the ticket even if the tickets are extremely expensive during high season, but create non effect. To create customer satisfaction, Disney tends to expand and develop its kingdom start with the most popular location like Tokyo and Paris to be more spectacular and gain customers. China is one of the country that Disney want to expand the theme park because the middle class population in China is growing up and has a sufficient wealth to afford the ticket.

Thanks to Disney’s movies that make it easier to get an idea developing the theme park, just opening the movie. And one of the theme park project in 2019 is about Star Wars as well as the resort that simulate Star Wars ship and can be found only in the Disney theme park (Liptak, 2019). In the meantime, this strategy will be applied to Disney World shuttle bus partner with Lyft creating a Minnie van allowing the visitors to face with Disney atmosphere from the beginning of their journey shows that Disney is really cares about the customer experience.


Anyway, Disney’s studio faced with main competitors in entertainment business for instance Time Warner, 21 st Century Fox, and Sony. Etc., but the company still committed to innovating and profits are often shown. According to CSIMarket in 2014, Disney’s revenue increased 8.79% while its competitors average sales increase for 6.12. But, the company reported lower profits than competitors and its growth are slower than competitors for 31.43% but still being one of the great names in many industries especially for animation and theme parks. Recently, Disney invest over 1 billion dollars to acquire BAMTech, LLC and plan to launch video streaming service in 2019 Call Disney Plus (Disney+) that expect to compete the giant like Netflix and various streaming platform. Disney Plus plans to have around 7,000 episodes of TV series with 500 movies on its service.

The company has been announced to end its distribution agreement with Netflix and become a rival by making a big change to be a first-party steaming. However, an existing movie on Netflix will remain available except the new stream like Toy Story 4, Frozen, and a live-action of Lion King have to wait for Disney’s service only (Campbell, 2017). Disney’s CEO claimed that Star Wars will be filmed in 2019 by Lucasfilm (owned by Disney) and will be released in Disney+ mainly with actor Diego Luna from Rogue One. Also Loki solo television series and miniseries of Scarlet Witch will going to be stream in Disney+ telling story that what might be happened if the circumstances in Marvel’s movie has been differently (Marshall, 2019). If take a closer look at Disney’s fiscal will see that the company’s revenue increased year by year around 12% ($14.3 billion) while operating income rising for 17% ($3.3 billion) result as a strong performance in entertainment studio, theme parks and resorts. Stock price is going up more than 5% in 2018 because of the online streaming service.


According to the graph from (Frobes, 2018) Disney’s Q1, 2019 Fiscal showing flat revenue and decline of Q1 referred to the growth of theme park and resorts but, more expense in media and film. The company facing a challenge from year over year compared with the first quarter due to the success of Star Wars (the last Jedi), Thor Ragnarok and CoCo gaining a huge operating income of the first quarter in 2018, the best year in Disney’s history. On the other hand, 2019 is having an upcoming strong films followed by Ralph breaks the Internet, Mary Poppins Returns, Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Aladdin, etc.

Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World resort who in charge oversee of 40,000 employees has a perspective of creating Disney Magic through Leadership claimed that he hopes everyone will get leadership and expectation on every steps to ensure that the customers will get a good experiences as it has to be in every theme park. Leading to the great leadership strategies that he used to develop Disney employees start with everyone is important by trying to be a leader who recognize, appreciate, encourage and develop employees showing that everyone is matter. Then, create magic through training by training, testing and enforce to get better quality and consistency of performance.

Third is professionalism by to make sure that employees are clearly understanding the perspective of Disney’s professional standard. For example, only talk about the guests in positive way and each theme park and hotel will have specific standard where employees have to be focus on. Get employees on board is one of the leadership principle by make it very simple and easy so, everyone can understand what they have to do. Hiring the right people by let the candidate answer 136 questions in order to learn about each candidate whether he or she matches with the company or not. Cockrell also believes that training is the key for leadership to make them having a clear instructions and expectation from the beginning. And treat people right because it’s create a healthy culture in the organization, encourage them to come to work and everyone matters (Nemo, 2017.

The overview of Disney’s business

Walt Disney company become a giant company operating a variety of businesses with many subsidiaries from small business with few employees growing to be a big corporation like today having almost 200K employees. The company total revenue is $54,940 million, total asset of $91,580 million, profit $8,990 million and market value of $178,000 million. Owned many company such as Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, ABC TV, ESPN and Freeform. Also Disney Store around the word selling toys, clothes, books and games. And the most important is the well-known amusement park business like Disneyland which currently in 5 locations in California, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai and a theme park in Florida called Disney World. Latest, the company has been acquired the 21 st Century Fox company for $52.4 billion.


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