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Marketing Research Project -

Part 1 - Explain the differences between marketing and selling products and services on Facebook (Australia/USA), Line (Japan) and WeChat (China).

According to its parent company Tencent, and its ability to drive online and offline sales, WeChat has the advantage of 938 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2017. Its weakness is that it is mainly used in China (Anselmsson & Tunca, 2017). For companies looking for a truly global platform, WeChat does not meet the requirements. According to Facebook, Facebook Messenger has a global footprint and many companies are looking for 1.2 billion users worldwide. However, the app still has a long way to go before it can be considered a mature marketing tool. The advantages and disadvantages of Line are similar to WeChat. On the positive side, it has a large and attractive audience and the ability to drive mobile commerce and in-store sales. Some people think it is mainly used in four countries: Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. Unlike other region, for example Europe or US chat or in-app messages are often seen as natural extension of social networks, and in the Asia, the more common is the fact that messaging applications are a utility for social network. Snapchat is first person to curb this trend in US (Brodmerkel & Carah, 2013).

As an outcome, Asian customers tend to "live" in their messaging applications, not non-Asian consumers. This help to explain why customer-oriented products, services and goods are more common here than mobile messaging application elsewhere: it is not uncommon to see the Chinese booking a taxi on the WeChat, Indonesian pass Line, Vietnamese Talk to their favorite airline customer support to follow up on their food delivery on FB Messenger, and Filipinos to coordinate seller gatherings via WhatsApp. A few companies have even built a chat application that integrates with the WeChat and Messenger to replace their own apps, further blurring boundaries between messaging applications and mature consumer platforms - and completely overturning the standard brands roadmap (Dodoo, 2017).

In fact, WeChat may be the best example. China's message monopoly is just communication tool: customers can utilize it to receive and send funds, shop at their preferred stores, order taxis, book restaurants, and even arrange vacations - all from application. Interestingly, the ubiquitous messaging application has also changed business communications, and I do not just mean inner company communication. Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace and Slack show that there are huge market opportunities in disrupting E-mail as well as making company communications more contextual, dynamic and responsive. But these are generally reserved for internal communication, such as communication between the workers work in same industry (Hollenbeck & Kaikati, 2012). Business communication throughout the applications that may be considered inappropriate, superficial and even inefficient in Europe and the US is more common in Asia. Given the rapid adoption and participation of smartphones in the region, the popularity of messaging applications and consumer behavior in mobile chats, it's not uncommon to see a people using these application not just chatting with family and friends, but scheduling work meetings. , talk to potential prospects or customers; or manage investment as well as coordinate with the other investors like me. Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat have become new platform for business communication in Asia, and email and phone calls are not possible. In Japan, professionals often like to use Facebook Messenger for business communication and networking. Headquartered in Tokyo, LINE actively promotes business chat and application areas, and introduces in-app features such as membership card features, coupons and mobile stores. In China, WeChat has developed a complete business-oriented tool ecosystem that allows workers to complete tasks, some of which are ambiguous, such as counting or submitting employee reimbursement, entirely in the application. These applications were originally thought to be sticky to consumers. Now, their creators make them more sensitive to the business, and the end result is that the platform includes not only all personal communications, but also professional communication (Huber, Eisele & Meyer, 2017). When messaging applications become more common, why rely on email and phone calls to work - and make the job easier, start? Asia is a unique heterogeneous market with different cultures, languages and consumer behavior. But one of the few common clues to tie this region together is the absolute ubiquity of smartphones and messaging apps. This is a fascinating phenomenon that will continue to penetrate as more and more consumers move from feature phones to more advanced devices.


Facebook's strong points

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Facebook's design is very good. Social networks are more organized, not awkward, because customers can access the menu at any time on left, while chat is still visible. Therefore, it's less confusing to the user. They do not have to change between the menus and conversations as they do on We-Chat. Facebook is eye-catching because of its video. Video is now very popular and users of the Facebook often watch it online. Lastly, Facebook's targeted advertising is improved than WeChat. Facebook contains a lot of ads; however they are not so violent for consumer as Facebook has them aside. In this way, advertising is a better tracking tool on the Facebook, moreover the platform can get a considerable income.

WeChat strong points

WeChat does not have to worry about the competition from the Facebook, because the most of the WeChat user are located in China where the Facebook is block. However there are a few key differences. When considering many recent features, Chinese social media giants can be said to be ahead of Facebook. It is rising into a complete social, information, lifestyle, or shopping app (Anselmsson & Tunca, 2017). One of the WeChat's most successful factors is the payment system, which allows people to transferring money, pay bill, and scan the QR code for payment in stores. When 200,000 people make a credit card on the application form, they do not want to bring their wallet when buying them. It's very useful and innovative and has not been implemented in the Europe yet. It combines the wallet with the digital social platforms. WeChat only prepares, WeChat offers many other services, thanks to the many partners in China. In fact, you can book a taxi with Uber's Chinese opponent Didi Chaksing, but we will take a meal, book a ticket for the movie and appoint a doctor through WeChat. Everything, we can do almost everything on WeChat, which is very useful for our customers. Ultimately, the wearchat is better than Facebook to communicate with potential customers. Company also registered more than 10,000,000 official public accounts, some of which have become genuine companies. Users can easily interact with these accounts for direct marketing and direct marketing through brand products, innovation and applications (Brodmerkel & Carah, 2013).


Line strong points

The app is popular for its use of stickers and stories about its characteristics. It is often described as one of the most interesting and interesting platforms. These characters (thinking the emoji of different characters) are used as a storytelling feature in the app, even with their own TV shows. Each has been widely adopted, and LINE has tried pop-up stores to sell items with characters, including novelty items, T-shirts and other gear. Similar to WeChat, authorized account holder build their personal applications/ experiences in the app. This feature is called a Business Connect. Lots of brands have a delivery services, dry cleaning pickup reminders as well as many other features Enter their official account. LINE focuses on global adoption. In addition to a unique range of services, each user can experience the app differently depending on their country. The characters have changed slightly to attract cultural norms in certain countries, and LINE target partners can expand their influence and influence in these areas. If you are a brand that wants to join the LINE trend, it may be a good idea to explore opportunities for collaboration, while keeping in mind that the user base is still mainly concentrated in Asia.

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Part 2 - How can retailers leveraging Facebook (AUS), Line (Japan) and WeChat (China) to create a personalised shopping experience?

Modern consumers do not distinguish between shopping and stores on branded e-commerce sites - they want a consistent experience wherever they work with retailers. "Customers want a seamless experience that appeals to them across channels. "Whether online and in stores, customers need more than just products they want the community to feel that they are part of them - the brands they trust strengthen the lifestyles and experiences they seek. "Given the impact of Facebook on the impact of customer purchase decisions, these findings have been highlighted by the importance of brand building and planning for a strong presence on these platforms to meet the customers in their place of residence (Dodoo, 2017). Unlike several other retailers, the Tesco publishes one update daily and is almost always associated with the brand and its products. Tesco also often motivates user reviews by providing Club card points in exchange for sharing the stories on a variety of topic. This is the great way to promote interaction, but it can be also seen as paying "like". A natural way to encourage dialogue is its live chat with range of health and food experts. Tesco app includes several games; however you must first "like" the page to play them (Huber, Eisele & Meyer, 2017). This is a smart strategy to raise number of the Facebook fans; nevertheless personally, it will keep me from playing some games. Nevertheless, Tesco offers a helpful Help tab that can include detailed contact information for all the customer service channels moreover "real food" application that provides seasonal recipe information. In 2017, Chinese people expect online retail spending to exceed $1.1 trillion. In addition, China is also the world's largest mobile priority economy, and it is easy to think that online is the formula for China's success.

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There are more opportunities in China: omnichannel experience

Omnichannel is occupying a place in China, led by pioneers such as Alibaba founder Jack Ma. He told shareholders in October 2017 that "pure e-commerce will become a traditional business, replaced by a new retail concept - integrating a single value chain In-line, offline, logistics and data. With the unprecedented penetration of e-commerce in China, big brands with physical stores are innovating by integrating in-store shopping and mobile payments, apps, social channels and, most importantly, WeChat accounts (Chakraborty & Chung, 2014). Elsewhere in the world, consumers typically click and pay for coffee, rent a taxi through Uber, and shop on eBay or the Amazon app. But in China, consumers do all of this and more by using WeChat. It is easy to understand why the early use of WeChat's big brands in China has paid off. Starbucks is a good example. Starbucks China CEO Belinda Wong attributed 29% of Starbucks' transactions in China to WeChat payments. Inspired by this success, the brand is experimenting with many other omnichannel experiences in the Chinese market (Chen, Cheung & Tan, 2018). While brands like WeChat's omnichannel opportunities, resulting in higher store traffic, customer loyalty and sales growth, consumers like WeChat because it offers convenience. News Application Line has launched a innovative service that allows brands, SMBs or other business user to use their platform to communicate with customers (???????? & Kiseleva, 2016).

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Line has been opens to brands or businesses through its "official" (brand) account option, however creating and using brand accounts can cost tens of thousands of dollars to price lots of business user. In countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, Line is the main chat application - small merchants or small and medium-sized businesses have long used the customer version of application, but in the East, they mix work contacts and personal in same place. This is exactly what Lin is also designed to satisfy, allowing users to have personal and business profiles on the service (Dodoo, 2017).


Part 3 - Explain the process of advertising and promoting your products and services on Facebook for a business. What are the complexities of advertising on Facebook? Use actual examples in your answers.

Changes to the Facebook algorithm mean that content from the user's friends list takes precedence over updates from the merchant page. This has caused many Facebook page owners to have to completely change their Facebook strategy. In the highly competitive social media arena, Facebook advertising provides an opportunity for brands to deliver information to correct right people in fun as well as interactive way. This is especially important as more and more restrictions are placed on organic content (Farahat & Bhatia, 2016). Facebook continues to be most popular social network with more than 3 billion monthly users. If you want to pass the message to the public, Facebook is the best place, especially diversity of demographics and age. Immersive ads like Facebook's canvas ads mean that users can immediately move to a brand-like experience for similar apps (Hollenbeck & Kaikati, 2012).


While Facebook does make recommendations for ad copy, placement, and ad spend, these recommendations are often not the most cost-effective or participatory recommendations. If you don't take the time to understand the best ad sets, bids, and other variables, you may find yourself wasting your budget during trials and errors. Facebook advertising takes time from the start and does require research and strategic direction. Increasingly, companies that use Facebook ads mean the possibility that your ads will suddenly drop dramatically. Attracting users' attention and noticing the ad in a friend's update can be difficult and requires creative advertising with additional resource costs (Huber, Eisele & Meyer, 2017).

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