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Marketing Campaign Assignment Help

You are to develop a professional report that contains the descriptions of activities that will be taken to establish the marketing mix. As a minimum, you must provide in depth detail on:

• The product characteristics and market significance

• The target market, their needs and preferences

• Environmental factors influencing the marketing 

• The levels of customer service to be provided

• How the product service will be distributed

• How the product service will be priced (including variables)

• How the product / service will be promoted, including

- identifying appropriate media requirements for target audience

- outlining campaign requirements for target audience

- identify creative requirements 

- identifying / confirming budget

- detail timeline I duration of campaign

- any other products I services that will be offered (in conjunction with initial product I service)

- the expected results of the marketing mix on implementation (including a time-line and KPFs)

- the expected duration of the marketing program

- how the program will be reviewed

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The success or lack of the marketing campaign

The marketing campaign attained great success. The target customers were reached. The target market was penetrated as well. The standards of performance were focused. Attention was given to the quality of products. The needs and the preferences of the target customers were also taken care of. The issues with the budget of the business was also taken up and handled in an efficient way. The required profits were also kept in mind. However, there were improvements could have been made.

Factors that have attributed to the campaign outcome

The target customers who were reached could have been done in a better way. The crowd that was reached could have been better. A wider or broader spectrum would have achieved with respect to the target customers. This was from the business point of view. The needs and preferences could have been addressed in a better way. The approach towards the campaign needed improvements to broaden the scope of business. The campaign needed some well-built strategies to attain the goals.

Modifications that can be implemented to improve future results

The campaign of marketing over the social media platforms could be improved. That would be the best way to the customer base. The approach made towards campaigning could be refined via the implementation of efficient strategies. The product line could be improved to broaden the scope of business.

How the modifications will be reviewed

The reviewing of the marketing campaigns could be done on a number of ways. It would be an efficient way if the targets are set carefully first. This should follow with regular reviewing whether that are being or have been designed actually is influential in obtaining the desired targets. This would automatically lead to polishing and improvements to the campaign plans.

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