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Training & Development Assignment - Leadership Training Program

Your boss has just given you the task of helping organize a training for new leaders entering your organization. She mentioned that you will be expecting 10 new employees for the training, and she wants you to be in charge of preparing them for their new roles in leadership. Create a training that will help the new leaders understand the difference between leadership and management. Additionally, you will help develop their leadership skills and explain why leadership is important in the organization.

Describe at least two exercises you could implement that could help the new leaders develop leadership competencies. Include in your description each training method that you will use (computer-based, traditional, and/or e-learning) and the reason why you chose this method. Also, include what you hope the new leaders will learn from this training.



Training is arranged in the third week of the month to offer in detailed knowledge on the leadership with its importance in the workforce. The training is for the new employees and can be effective enough to clarify all the doubts of them regarding leadership with its different styles. The training is aiming to offer such knowledge and skill for the new employees through which they attain a betterment for themselves as well as for the organization. The training is further objectified to make an effective leader for the workforce make it more active and proficient.


Difference between leadership and management

In order to offer or project a better training program for the employees, it is much needed to have a clear idea regarding both leadership and management as apparently both the terms are confusing for each other.



  • Leadership is a style where time is the most important thing which signifies the fact that an efficient leader is much punctual.
  • Motivating team members is the most important job role in leadership. Three major skills in leadership are responsible, listening power and motivating ability. The referred skills need to practise more to be an efficient leader (Bolden., 2016).
  • Upcoming better future is the most important lookout for a leader.


  • Leadership always demands changes in the work procedure to make the workforce more efficient.


  • Long term goals are the main target as per the leadership thus a vision is being acquired by leadership.


  • Simple procedure with trust on own team is the key to being successful in leadership.


  • Environmental and social contexts are equally important like the organization for leaders.
  • Management is a field where discipline is most important which signifies the fact that a good manager is strict and disciplined.
  • The major skill required for a manager is observation and managing power to control the workforce properly and to direct the workforce towards the right direction omitting the mistakes from the workforce.
  • Present situation or condition of the organization is the main target for a manager.
  • Management always prefers stability in the organization.



  • Short term planning is done by the management thus procedure becomes the most important thing for the management aspects.
  • Complexity through the rational mind is being cherished by management.



  • The organization is the most prior thing for managers (Dull et al., 2017).

The referred differences in the two fields can offer a distinct separate concept regarding leadership where time, trust, motivation and future is most important and not only the organization rather nvironmental and social context is equally important for the field. In order to get complete idea regarding leadership different types of leadership styles to need to be informed to the new employees.


Different types of leadership styles

There are almost twelve types of leadership styles to follow to be a successful leader -autocratic leadership, democratic leadership, strategic leadership, transformational leadership, team leadership, cross-cultural leadership, facilitative leadership, transactional leadership, laissez-faire leadership, coaching leadership, charismatic leadership, and visionary leadership etc (Cooper., 2015). Among all these leadership style the training would focus on those leadership styles which would be beneficial for both the organization and for themselves. However, to understand the importance of the stated leadership styles certain leadership styles would be discussed which are not much engaging or entertaining. The discussion would move forward with the leadership styles like autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and strategic leadership (Puni et al., 2016). Autocratic leadership is a style where the leader is being treated as the boss and thus holds much authority where team spirit is not much entertained. Thus the style cannot be referred to as a successful leadership style as a leader cannot exist without his team. Rest two leadership styles are most efficient to make a leader successful as democratic leadership style helps more to form a team with much trust and bond and strategic leadership style helps the leaders to take strategic decision to acquire betterment for the organization.

Two exercises for better leadership with an accurate method

In order to make a successful leader the trainees need to be entertained with certain exercises to practice or showcase their leadership style as the practice can make them a better leader undoubtedly. Different exercises can be performed where debate among two groups consisting of five people in a group can be the best exercise. In the debate session the two groups individually and as a group would try to impress another group with their skill, logic, speaking power and charm (Ukaidi., 2016). The debate session can be advantageous for two reasons - 1. Will encourage both listening and speaking power which are the most important skills for a successful leader 2. Can offer scope to other members who and how wins the debate by all the skills proving a successful leader at the end of the training session. For the exercise tradition method of noting down can be the best solution to note all important points regarding the debate session. Another exercise which can be practised for better leadership is to put everyone in a created hazardous situation where the opinion of everyone would show their thinking potentiality to sustain future challenges to serve the individual and organizational purpose (Guluta et al., 2016).


The training is designed for the betterment of the trainees where it is expected after the training session the trainees would have a basic confirmed clear idea regarding leadership and would not be confused with the idea of management. Further, they are expected to acquire proper leadership style where all the purposes of a leader can be sustained.


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