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Islamic Life Assignment Help

1.Discuss the role of Sharia in Islamic life. What are the different meanings of jihad, and how do they relate to Sharia?

2. Date the golden age of Islam and describe its contributions and achievements. Choose at least two of these contributions and explain why you consider them the most important. Why do you think these contributions were introduced to the world by Islam and not by Christianity?

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The role of Sharia in Islamic life

Sharia developed several hundred years ago after Prophet Mohammed death. Sharia is an Islamic law of Muslims and every person in Islamic religious have to follow that rule of Sharia. According to Quran Sharia is the pathway or road line of every Islamic person. According to Esposito (2015), people from Islamic religious Sharia are the guidelines or pathway to reach Allah. Every aspect, rules, culture and all can be governed by the law of Sharia; the origination of Sharia is from the holy book of Quran and Hadith. It has been seen that some of the people from their religious misunderstand the law of Sharia and if some of them disrespect the law then that person can be punished and they feel that it is unfair or maybe it's a Sharia controlled religious. Sharia is a law that can be set to govern the personal status and that to be pretend for marriage, divorce. Sharia is not only controlled over personal status law but also in the criminal law, daily life of Islamic activities and financial obligation.

Meaning of Jihad

Jihad is Arabic word which means struggling or fighting against the enemies of Islamic religions. Jihad can have many shades of Islamic contents. Jihad is the only welfare of Islam and that can be strictly followed by the Islamic rule. In the Middle East it can be treated as the worthy struggle or effort but it can vary from person to person as few of them says that it is a holy war to protect their religious from enemy. According to Tiliouine and Estes (2016), Jihad is a holy war to protect against the wrong activities happen around them and not only for wrong activities but also for the human struggle to promote what is right. Jihads can be carried out by four primary ways that is by the heart, by the hand, by the sword and by the tongue.

Relation between Jihad and Sharia law

Both Jihad and Sharia is related to the Islamic laws, which indicate that a person from Islamic community has to follow the rules of the Quran and consistently follow for the sake of lords with money and selves. An Islamic person never starts fight they must have to wait for the opponent to attack. In the past era jihad has been strictly followed by the militias of Islamic religions to benefit Islam. There are few pillars, which a person has to follow to respect jihads as well as to respect the laws of Sharia. For example, learning the Quran by heart, overcoming the anger, eager, greed, giving up smoking, take part in social activities and forgiving those who hurt them. All of the pillars are mentioned in the Quran as well as in Jihads. In Islamic religions if an Islamic person, breaks the laws of Sharia that person can be treated as an enemy. Because Islamic peoples believes that if a person follow the rules then only he is in the right way to follow the Allah pathway. In the past era of Jihads rules strictly followed by the militias as they believe that militias always strict in their disciplines never breaks the rule of Allah as because they are not controlled by any political aspects or nor by any other people in their community.

Date the Golden age of Islam and its contributions and achievement

The Golden age of Islam was traditionally followed from 8th century to 14th century at which Muslim rulers established. Golden age of Islam era mainly depicts in the periods of culture, scientific flourishing culture and economy. Traders contributed in agriculture, sociology, technology, art of living, economics, law, industries, both by preserving earlier traditions and by adding the innovation and technologies. Not only in the economic development had they also contributed in the education system and medicines also. The major invention of this golden age is paper and they established their trade center in Arabia. When they established their trading center, they start exploring to gain new inventions. Aside from traders, Sufi missionaries also played a major role to expend Islamic religious in different parts of the country (Siebert, Von Winterfeldt and John, 2015).

The achievement in golden age of Islam is in medical filed as in the holy book of Islam. It is mentioned that Allah has a cure for medicinal problems not only the medicinal aspects, so they start built hospitals and calligraphy also plays an important role in that era as delightful writer could be found to rewrite Quran as because this provides jobs to peoples. The birth of algebra that is a part of advance mathematics is emerging in the golden age of Islam. Not only on algebra but also on research has been started in physics, chemistry and in scientific experiments. In this era development of delightful invention of automatic drinking fountain and a steam powered flute.

Selection of two contributions

The major contributions in the golden age of Islam are medicinal aspects and calligraphy. Medicinal activities are important because Allah has a cure for all medical problems and it is mentioned in the holy book. Calligraphy plays an important role in the Islamic religion as because due to this the GDP of a specific country increased and it creates a new job opportunity for the people who can delight rewrite the Quran. It is highly preferred that these two achievements as calligraphy increase the wealth of a specific country and medicine improves the health of country people (Lewis, 2017).

Introduction of the contributions to the world

All the contributions of Islam are introduced to the world through Quran, which is the only holy book of Islam. Islamic religion is very much depicted to Quran and Islamic people believe that those who follow the Quran they are in the right way to reach Allah. On the other hand, in Christianity, the Christians follow Bible, which has approach that is more liberal rather than Quran. This is because; this is totally against the law of Christianity.

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