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Health and Socio-Political Issues In Aged Care Assignment Help

Aim of assessment The purpose of this essay is to enable students to gain insight into health and socio-political issues in aged care as well as evaluate and critique health service delivery for older people. 

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With the ramified changes, Health care concern arising in the world, for which many organizations are working together. Specifically, health and remedies for the old people are now the highlights where the concern of not only keeping old age people healthy but also make them feel. In this essay, research has been made to get an insight into health and socio-political issues in aged care as well as evaluate and critique health service delivery for older people. In this essay, critique representations of older people in policy, laws and legislation, and health/social service deliverhas been made. In addition to this, rationales for resource allocation, service provision and coordination of services for older people using a social capital approach has also been made. It is found that with the help of the Primary Health Care or the PHC policy by the WHO now the old age issues are been controlled over the globe quite wisely.

Critique representations of older people in policy, laws and legislation, and health/social service delivery

The Primary Health Care Solutions of Older People

Research data from the WHO shows that presently around six hundred million out of the population of the world are older people aging above the age of 60 years. It can be predicted that within coming few years it would be doubled and more years approximately around 2050 it would rise up to two billion in number. The only reason of that is based on strengthen health care systems and proper support system. With many organizations who are working on the civil level have formed many local homes around the globe for these old people where all the facilities are given to them (Shi, Tsai, & Kao, 2009). The older people policies, law and legislation should be designed to strengthen for the health car department of the old age people.

It is believed that the countries all around the world is now slowly getting the grip of handling this issue in a much better way. With the support of the WHO giving the recognition of the PHC pointer as the main solution so more such community centers or the primary health care centers are being built with all facilities for these elder people to live their lives in peace and good health. These centers are making differences in many lives of old people who are either been disowned by their own family or do not have any family to fall back on (Fredriksen-et al. 2014).

It is also believed that these centers are the driving vehicle for delivering the best health care services in the local level to the elder citizens around the world. In addition to this, recent studies say that the WHO collaborating with the Ministries of Health as partners from all the developed and the upcoming developing countries, are on the verge of producing the elder age friendly program making the PHC as a simple tool for the safety and good health of senior citizens. This program would also give training to the community centers with the primary health care facilities for taking care of the older people there. Government has also initiated green paper on care and support program for the old age people on international level (Fredriksen-Goldsen, et al. 2014)

Evaluation of the various resources allocated for the services provided using the PHC

The evaluation of other resources allocation for the services provided using PHC is based on the developments and amendments which have been made in the health care system for the betterment of health care program on international level based on the social capital approach. This approach divulges that the allocation of the resources should be based on the nexus between the public health care department and stakeholder (Old age people) development. While the question of evaluating the different resources which are allocated for the services of the older people though the PHC tool kit need to be used in social capital approach. The resources related to capital, primary health machines and appointment of doctors and nurses is allocated geographically to lower down the health care inequalities and strengthen through developed provision of the appropriate mix of the different set level of health care program as per the social capital approach (Youfeng, Chunmei, & Xuemei, 2008).

As it helps the government and the WHO to understand how much services have been actually provided to these senior people staying in the community centers around the globe. It has been proved that these evaluating measures of performance of the community centers and the organizations working in the favour of the PHC tool has brought much better changes in the services for years. The stakeholders or the investors around the globe believe that these evaluations helps in the increasing performances in the healthcare system with the growing number of old people and the service providing homes or centers. These form of evaluations has brought about many reforms basing on the evidences, clearing the path of success and the progressive care given to the old people around the globe for now and also a strong future to be built on the present scenario (Baldock, Mitton, & Vickerstaff, 2011). The social capital approach could be used by government to set up policies and rules which will align the interest of the old age people and care with the development of the health care department. This will be helpful to strengthen the quality of the health care program and policies set for the old age people.

It has been evaluated that private medical sub-sector focuses on exerts economic, political influence and social ideological to strengthen the resources allocation in possible health care departments in PHC by using the social capital approach. It is considered that success of the developed PHC policies requires government to adopt holistic approach to health sector and allocate the resources based on the success of a PHC policy requires that governments adopt a holistic approach or social capital approach to the health sector based on the need and equity, as opposed to demand, is a political decision (Preston-Shoot, 2016).

The Critical discussion of Primary Health Care services

It is critically evaluated that Primary Health Care services provided to the old people have shown many community centers with the PHC formula. It has enhanced and gradually upgraded for the better living and covering the possible health factor of old age people residing in the homes. With the regular evaluations and enhanced services for the old now there are many different comfort extravaganzas given to the elder people in the centers and homes (Shi, Tsai,& Kao, 2009). The primary health care service and program will be useful for setting up PHC formula for caring of old age care people.

First and foremost the travel services like many transport services have been started making it easy for them to go around. With new buses and even cab services for the old, with very low cost of tickets and rides. Especially the WHO emphasises on the rides when these old people are out (Berger, & Ai, 2010).Secondly the health and clinical facilities are also provided with the best doctors and medications systems nearby. Even the community centers for the old people have in-house doctors who are available 24/7 on call. The best medicines and the best hospitals are now been connected with these centers for the elderly to have a comfortable life on their own living rights and not depending (Hothersall, Maas-Lowit, & Golightley, 2018).Finally the environment around these people are now made more eco-friendly and healthy so that their last time of life goes through in a mentally healthy way. It is said that the environment really affects the health of the aged and also any living being. So good recreational and meditation centers are even built around the old people for their peace and happiness (Bloom, 2011).

Conclusion/ Summary

So it can be simply summarized that the World Health Organisations PHC tool kit is a blessing in disguise for all the elderly people around the globe. However, WHO has also deigned policies and law for training to the community centers with the primary health care facilities for taking care of the older people there. Many countries who have been neglecting this issue for a long time are slowly getting into contact of these services and trudging to rebuild a better life for the old people in their respective countries in a simple and smaller sway. The possible changes in the health care policies and program for old age people will also help old age people for their living. These Changes are surely going to bring much better future for the old and the issue of old age would not affect the demographic system of the world in the coming future as well. The crux of this essay is that if proper health care policies and program has been set up as per the social capital approach then it will be helpful for the health care services program for the old age health care people.

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