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Group Communication Norms


Discussion: Group Communication Norms - Conflict Management - Group Assignment

1. Group communication Norms.

Answer: At the outset, a group is said to be a team of two or more people who collectively will work for a common purpose. During the course of functioning for a common goal, it is very much required to have an effective communication and interaction between them. In this regard, few set of norms are needed to be followed and before developing the norms, the rationale behind that should be clearly understood(Levi,2015). The underlying rationale includes the following, recognition of the fact that diverse personalities exist in the group. People are with different personalities and the different viewpoints present in the group. Also it is very much required to understand the fact that communication need to facilitate open and clear discussion between the participants. To encourage the group communication, it is very much required to develop, attractiveness with the group goals, group membership need to be voluntary, no need for any type of enforcement, also freedom for sharing opinions is very much needed. Developing such scenario is very much needed for enforcing group communication in the organizations. Whenever there is need for group communication, it is very much needed to facilitate freedom of thought and freedom of expression, all the group members need to be promoted with equal opportunity for sharing their feelings and beliefs. Mutual respect and honor to each other's opinions is very much needed (Hogg, 2006).

2. Conflict Management.

Answer: Conflicts do arise very commonly in the organizations and there is need for resolution of the conflicts in the organizations at the outset. The first step in the resolution of the conflict is the identification of the source of the conflict. It is very much required to find the source of the conflict. The source of the conflict need to be isolated and mitigated. It can be a minor issue too. The causes of the conflict will be identified more commonly when there is an open hearted discussion between the parties present in the group. Further the parties involved in the conflict can be requested to offer the solutions and a mutually agreeable solution can be drafted. Here the facilitator of the agreement between the two parties can recommend mutually agreeable solution and this can be proposed after consultation with both the parties in the discussion. Lastly necessary measures need to be taken to let the participants agree over the solution and enable the implementation of the same. This is one of the most commonly employed effective conflict resolution procedures (Rahim, 2017).

3. Managing Group Assignment:

Answer: It is more difficult to lead and manage a group assignment than an individual assignment. It is very much required to have clear vision over the goals of the assignment before starting the assignment itself. These goals need to be informed to all the people of the organization with clarity and there should not be any type of confusion over the group goals and other related objectives. At the same time, it should be clear about which member of the group need to do what function and in what due time etc. Also Group assignment can be performed only when there is allocation of all the required resources and skills necessary for conducting the group assignment. Finally it is essential that there is need for a leader who can enable the group co-ordination and will work for group assignment objective accomplishment. Hence facilitation of all these resources and procedures is the first step in working out the management of the group assignment (Scott & Heller, 1991).


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