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GHL6017 People Resourcing and Development - Gulf College


Learning outcomes:

- Examine the scope and objective of people resourcing strategies within the wider legal, ethical, procedural and competitive environment amid current debates on the nature of work and contemporary labour market trends.

- Analyse the role and effectiveness of HR strategies on attracting, selecting, developing, retaining and motivating people within the organisation.

- Evaluate contemporary developments in HRD activities, interventions and practice with regard to difference categories of employees and a range of different contexts.

Research is about - Occidental Oman

This assessment requires the student to choose ONE company in Oman and prepare a MO-word company case report on employment life cycle of an employee. Each student needs to investigate the people resourcing strategies in the employment life cycle using primary data through an interview with fIR specialist and secondary data from printed materials.


Executive summary
Occidental Oman Company people management planning strategy implication is necessary or development of business. Apart from this, there are many supportive roles in connecting for development research work. This company is a leading company in Oman as per reason their expansion rate is high. A different challenge has been considered based on marketing condition in a progressive manner. Apart from this, opportunities in these different issues in this company have been considered for understanding this business progress in a systematic approach.

1. Introduction

Background of the company

Occidental Oman Company is a leading company in Oman and due to this reason, their expansion rate is high. This company is established in the year 1920 and the headquarters of this company is Greeway Plaza Houston, Texas United States. Product of this company is natural gas, petroleum as well as a chemical substance. Chief operational activities of this company are concentrated in central Oman at a Mukhaizna field as well as in northern Oman, this company was.This Company belongs to the petroleum industry as well as the petrochemical industry. A total number of employees in this company is 11000 apart from this 7000 of which were in the United States (, 2019).

Total equity of this company is $21.330 billion, as well as total assets of this company, are $43.854 billion. On the other hand, the total revenue of this company is $17.824 billion, as well as net income, is $4.131 billion (, 2019).

People resourcing strategies of Occidental Oman Company are responsible for the overall growth and progress of business based on HR planning. This company is adopting different sustainable wellness program which balanced fitness, mental health and diet of employees.


2. The objective of the study
The objective of this study is to provide information about Occidental Oman company people resource management as well as development process in connections to the development of business.

3. Literature review
As per raising a number of business challenges regarding recruitment process petroleum industry requires highly professional. According to reducing the performance level of business and increasing the expense of operational work having proper support of people is necessary. In addition to this, paying close attention is highly appreciated towards generations of income. Application of advanced technology in the recruitment process is essential for making better operational work for progress on business. Alfes et al. (2013) commented that, rising different operational work in the petroleum industry it is effective to have positive support for making operational work supporting. As per the opinion of Bloom et al. (2012) major challenges faced by the company in order to establishment of the proper recruitment process.

Influence of competition on human resource planning
Growing rival in this industry is responsible for making the critical situation for the HR team to offering better supporting towards achieving the success of the business. In addition to this, paying attention to HR planning is necessary for recruiting the right person for right work these types of activities can be effective in relation to making overall planning and coordination in business. Buller and McEvoy (2012) mention that, employee contribution is most important in the petroleum industry for overcoming challenges as well as many scope raises in the market for the generation of higher income. Development of new scope, as well as opportunities in the market, can be effective in order to the management of operational planning.

Challenges of HR team
Challenges of HR team increases in context to the recruitment process of business as most of the employee prefer to work in an organization which offers better salary packages. Employee retention becomes one of the main challenges in the marketplace which were accountable for creating most important challenges in a highly competitive market. Farndale et al. (2010) stated that, poor retention of employees in the corporate sector is responsible for manufacture better strategic planning in relationship to the progress of the business. In relation to making improved strategic planning, it can be cooperative for the implementation of accurate planned preparation in connection o expansion of trade.

In addition to this, proper resource management planning adoption is important in industry for the improvement of the financial presentation of the company. Feldman and Worlin (2011) suggested that, new investment opportunity increases in business in relation to development of right support for the establishment of the business. Growing global business operations in this industry it is essential for having appropriate care and management planning implication is effective for the progress of the business. Keating et al. (2014) stated that, can be helpful for making enhanced strategic planning in order to enhance the development and progress of trade in an effective technique.

4. Issues and challenges in the employment life cycle in the company
Due to the presence of challenges in the marketplace it is compulsory for Occidental Oman Company for paying attention to their recruitment process. Gruman and Saks (2011) commented that paying concentration on these factors effective for construction the right preparation for overcoming various types of challenges. Growing rivalry in the market it can be essential for relation to controlling equipped work.

Impact of the employment life cycle
The employment life cycle is considered as different stages an employee's goes by during their time at an organization. However, Jackson et al. (2011) mention that, each state of a cycle has own challenges since it is necessary for HT to regularly update their process for each stage for achieving the success of their employees. The implication is effective for the intensification and progress of company. In order to support the proper growth of the company, HR Life cycle is necessary for understanding different issues as well as challenges which arise while establishing recruitment work.

Compliance with Laws and Regulation
Occidental Oman Company is facing difficulty in relation to the recruitment of employee as there are different compliance with laws and regulation. Application of this type of strategic scheduling is necessary for the development of business ready work.

Workforce Training and Development
In order to development of the working pattern of business and development of customer base in the market, it is essential for having hold up and care in relation to the progress of the trade. Keating et al. (2014) adoption of training and development of facilities increases the additional cost of business which was having a negative influence on business.

Adapting to Innovation
It is one of challenging task for employees for taking the innovative idea for the development of business and application of such thing in commerce. However, according to the viewpoint of Jackson et al. (2011) in current days, business requires huge attention and care in relation to making better operational performance higher quality. However, paying attention to the different barrier in management planning Occidental Oman Company can be able to generate a higher level of revenue as well as employees satisfaction. Due to the advancement of technology adopting such a thing is necessary for business which put additional financial pressure on the business.

This company is struggling towards offer best structure employee compensations in association to making a higher level of presentation of the production. In this matter for overcoming such issues corporation is paying concentration to the expansion of a system to offer reward employees.

Management Changes
Frequent changes in management planning towards human resource planning can be effective for manufacture better presentation of the commerce. Keating et al. (2014) suggested that, there are different challenges arises in order to the adoption of the proper employee life cycle in a scientific manner. Thus, it can be essential for having appropriate hold up and care towards the implication of appropriate management planning in a progressive way.
5. Roles of people resourcing strategic utilized by the company in the employment life cycle


5.1 Recruitment, selection and induction of new staff
In order to progress of business and implication of better tactical planning in connection to the development of business performance, it is essential for having positive support from employees. There is a positive role of people resourcing strategy planning application in company employment life cycle. These types of implication were important for the development of commerce in a progressive approach. Therefore, the development of this company performance level paying concentration to different strategic planning is effective for manufacture improved operational work in systematic approaches.

This corporation is paying high attention to the recruitment process in this approach different type so processes were applied. The interview process in this company generally start with telephone interview in this regarding different question were asked related to employment history in order to make better progress of business adoption of strategic planning it can be effective for generations of higher income (, 2019).

In categorize to raise the presentation of business in this industry people resourcing and development is most important towards progress of business. In addition to this, raising the demand for product and services of this company becomes one of the tough tasks for the recruitment of new staff. Therefore, in order to the recruitment of new staff it requires huge capital investment. Nickless (2016) figure out that, recruitment, selection as well as an induction of new staff in this company is one of challenging work. Employee retention in this sector indicates low for this reason most employees did not prefer to work for long time in same company.

Proper recruitment process offer basic human resource support for making overall development of company in a highly aggressive market. Apart from this, benefit of selection of appropriate candidates in commerce it can be effective for construction improved ready work in a methodical process. Growing right coordination and effective planning are necessary for overcoming critical challenges in a methodical process. Noe et al. (2017) stated that, growing higher level of rivalry in the market lead to an increase in critical issues related to changing the working environment. Comparing the performance of the HR team with other association in this company most of the management attention was provided in relation to making better presentation in an tremendously aggressive marketplace.

Induction of new staff
As per the requirement of the business implication of the induction process for new staff is essential for progress of operational occupation and performance altitude of people in a systematic manner. Feldman and Worlin) suggested that, increasing competition in this industry requires proper induction towards the arrangement of proper working condition and progress of a business. In order to make better strategic planning, it can be effective for the organization of employment in a progressive method in relation to making scientific manner (, 2019).

5.2 Monitoring the performance and rewarding of existing staff
Existing staff can be managed in connections to the expansion of trade in a progressive technique. Offering, positive support as well as better supporting activities as well as excellent rewards for better performance. Farndale et al. (2010) commented that, these types of motivation have straight authority on the performance of the employee. Understanding the importance of employee contribution towards customers' management is essential for generations of higher income in Occidental Oman Company business.
According to the operational work of this company, it is essential for the adoption of management approaches for improving its efficiency level in the market. In order to achieve business goal and objective proper monitoring of employee performance is necessary. Bloom et al. (2012) mention that, based on the quality of performance this company is offering different types of reward for construction better preparation in business in a progressive technique.

Adoption of advanced technology for communicating employees at a different level in business is effective for making enhanced presentation of employees. In current days it is essential for scrutinizing the existing process as well as eliminating the issues which were responsible for creating a negative impact on the performance of Occidental Oman Company (, 2019).

The profitability of the business is rising due to implementations of better strategy towards the development of business in a progressive technique. On the other hand, the application of appropriate management planning related to operational work in connections to the development of human resource in this company. Providing an excellent working environment to employee and flexible working hours is the most significant contribution towards the development of the presentation of the business (Buller and McEvoy 2012)

Changing environments of business due to global activities in the company can be effective in connections to reducing the operational barrier for management of the business. Increase in development of business can be effective for making superior presentation of the trade can be essential for Oils Company. Different strategic planning in connections to the progress of business in relation to products enlargement is essential in association to the expansion of trade. Keating et al. (2014) commented that, in relations to meeting organizational goals is essential for this company by offering the best working environment as well as a better incentive.

5.3 Retaining staff and managing their absence
Rising employee retentions in business can be supported towards the management of customer as well as a working environment. A higher level of staff motivation is essential in connections to generations of more income. According to the viewpoint of Feldman and Worlin (2011) retail sector is generally, depending on the contribution of the business as well as the employee in a highly competitive market. Marketing planning of business develops by taking the support of employee as they were responsible for handling customer in the market. Their support can be essential in relative to making the generally presentation of the business. The benefit of these types of planning can be effective in connections to reducing additional expense on the recruitment process.

In order to the management of absence in this company there is one of challenging task in front Management so it can be important to the development of business .therefore in connections to overcome these types of challenges in a progressive manner strictly application of rules and regulations is essential. Paying attention to this matter it is the most convenient way to get rid of such issues.

Encouragement of progress in this company adoption of an excellent process is important for Occidental Oman Company (, 2019). This corporation is facing serious challenges in order to progress of business within relation to making effective management system towards retaining their staff member in a progressive way.

5.4 Releasing staff through redundancy, retirement or dismissal

As per policy of this company, staffs were release through different modes such as redundancy, dismissal or retirement. According to the requirement of business, staffs were recruited and they were dismissal if work were not satisfactory. Therefore, rising competition in this sector necessary or having positive support and care towards the development of employees. Retirement of employees taking into consideration is to development of the business as per over of tenure of job. In this matter, the company pay some amount to their employees for the progress of work of retires people (, 2019).

Releasing staff by application of redundancy is not considered as better strategic planning in business. Therefore, employees based on the retirement process can be effective for the management of different perspective in relation to making better performance in a highly competitive way. It can be effective in order to the adoption of the retirement process for the expansion of work of this company in an optimistic manner.


5.5 Workplace equality, diversity and well-being
Occidental Oman Company is putting more consideration to the expansion of their working environment for protecting their employees from any types of accident. This company offering workplace equality and maintain diversity in context to the well-being of employees. These types of activities were effective in connection with the enlargement of commerce in a progressive approach. Jackson et al. (2011) stated that, understanding the different aspect of trade it can be supportive for having positive coordination as well as support in arrange to make better presentation in a extremely aggressive market. Offering proper support to the employee by providing a different safety measure for protecting employees' life from any kind of issues in a systematic manner is essential. The present of diversity, as well as well-being, can be effective for marking the progress of the business by controlling each factor in a better way.

Diversity and well-being
As per the operational activities of this company, there is diversity in their working environment. According to the viewpoint of Noe et al. (2017) due to this matter, the company is face serious challenges in the market in order to establishment of the business. Therefore, increasing competition in the global marketing process it is effective for the development of business in a efficient manner. An understanding different perspective of business can be efficient for creation better equipped work in a progressive approach. Raising positive well-being to employees in this organization can be effective for reducing different events which were responsible for the growth of the business. As per the opinion of Keating et al. (2014) in Oman, there is tough competition for the development of product quality as well as other activities. However, in order to development of people in this company, it is essential for the implementation of better considered arrangement which was effective for making enhanced presentation level in a extremely aggressive marketplace.

6. Conclusion and recommendation
According to tough competition in the market, employee retention has most significant in context to the development of the organization. Understanding such challenges which were responsible for increasing unsatisfactory situation in Occidental Oman Company is necessary for paying close attention to this matter. The benefit of these types of monitor process is essential to succeed in connections to employee retentions. However, the lack of management system towards an employee management system can be responsible for a higher level of challenges for retaining the employee in the organization. Lack of those types of management planning in business can lead to a decline in performance level in the retail sector. According to increasing day to day work of this company, it can be essential for having a constructive working atmosphere for the expansion of trade in a progressive manner. Paying, more concentration on different challenges in the marketplace it can be effective for the advance of work in towards achieving success in the market based on changing global marketing perception.


According to a changing the business environment, it is essential for making better equipped work may be successful in expansion of production in a progressive method. In circumstance to making business activities in a systematic behavior, it can be helpful for the acceptance of better operational arrangement Occidental Oman Company. The allegation of advanced technology hold up and management planning towards the development of their existing employee strength in the company can be one of the best options. Raising opportunities in the petroleum industry for achieving sustainable growth proper coordination of employee is necessary for Occidental Oman Company. Increasing different training process for improvement of professional skills of employees towards the management of work can be most supportive for this company.

Adoption of different motivational approaches is necessary for Occidental Oman Company for overcoming critical issues which employee face while working. Development of working environment of this company offers significant support for the development of overall planning and achievement of success in the market.


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