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Fences by August Wilson Assignment Help

Which conflict does Wilson use most to drive (bring forth, move forward) all the other elements of the story?

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Thesis statement

In the story, Fences written by August Wilson uses the conflict of Troy vs Family to drive the other conflicts along with the elements of the story as evidenced by the conflict between his wife Rose, their son Cory, his friend Bono and Troy's another son Lyons (from a prior relationship).

Fences, by August Wilson, is determined to be a story that depicts the conflicts surrounding among the African American family who stays in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1957. It is a portrayal of family life that discovers how infidelity can breakdown the family bond. Wilson was an American playwright who was born in the black slum of Pittsburgh in 1945. In his early life, he adopted his mother's name and erased connection with his father due to some unacceptable reasons (Mashaiekhy & Pishkar, 2018). Soon David Bedford became his stepfather. However, his relationship with his family was rocky. When they moved to the mostly white Hazelwood areas of Pittsburg, his family has to deal with racial taunts. Like of all Wilson's characters, Troy was a complex person, who strived hard to provide comfort to his family despite facing several conflicts.

The major aspects of the conflict seem to be Troy Maxson the chief of the family, and the main characters. Troy's conflict occurs with his wife Rose, their son Cory, his friend Bono and his other son Lyons (from a prior relationship) (Downing, 2019). In the story, each conflict that takes place determines the inner and outer conflicts that every character plays out and the structure of the Maxson family. Maxson was the victim of living in an era that possesses little opportunities for African Americans. Based on his experience, he developed a belief that African Americans always have to strive hard to live a better life (Basourakos, 2016). He also believed that as an African American, he has to stay practical and support his family throughout life. As a result, Maxson's conflict takes place as he imposes his beliefs and views into his family members and forced them to view life based on his perspectives.

The connection (relationship) among Troy and his son Lyons is stressed because of the differences in the perspectives that have been adopted by the two characters. Maxson is fulfilled with the beliefs from an era were the African Americans were poorly treated, whereas Lyons was growing up in a generation where he believes that there possess significant opportunities for the African Americans (Headley, 2016). According to Maxson, Lyons belief was inappropriate that created a difference and gap between father and son relationship. Maxson's attitude towards Lyons is out of prevention but come across as judgement and ridicule that restricts Lyons to connect with his father or understand his beliefs.

On the other hand, when Troy was released from jail, he encountered with Rose, who later became his wife. In the story, it has been observed that Rose was a character who has compassion and understanding for Troy and put all her faith, effort and time into her son and husband. Rose was shocked when Troy disclosed the fact that he is the father of a child Raynell by his secret lover Alberta (Nesmith, 2017). The relationship between Troy and Rose that went through a cycle of closeness immediately turns distant due to the emotional differences. Furthermore, there arises a conflict among Maxson and Rose when he asks his wife to look after Raynell as her son as his mother dies. The triangulation that occurred due to Troy's affair and the birth of Raynell resulted in an emotional cut-off between Troy and Rose. In the midst of the conflict Rose find her strength by developing a strong bond with Raynell.

In the story, the significant conflict that has been identified is the conflict between Cory and Troy. The child raising style of Troy was harsh, and Cory was inactive about this. Since the beginning, Troy tried to explain Cory the meaning of accountability, but his way of communication as well as the style of parenting was so cruel which served a wrong message into the mind of Cory. As Wilson & Davis, (2017), writes, Conflict arises when Cory wants to play football in hopes of earning a scholarship but is shut down by Troy who believes Cory should work and play football as just a hobby or not at all. The past experiences of Troy exploit his view that Cory could become an effective player in football. However, it can be said that Troy wanted to protect his son Cory from being offended in the same way he had been, which is regarded as a decent act. Throughout the story, it can be seen that Cory tries to build positive relationship with his father, despite such conflicts among them. But the increased conflicts between them pushed Cory away from his father, which created such situations where Cory was not even ready to attend his father funeral.

There arose another conflict among Troy and his friend Bono who is determined to be a non-biological related family member of Troy who is considered to be as kin. Troy and Bono met at the time of Troy's baseball days and when he was in jail. Even though Bono admired the leadership and sense of responsibility of Troy, he immediately began to alter his thoughts and became anxious with Maxson's marriage (Calhoun, 2017). Both Bono and Troy began to knock heads upon the issue of betrayal. It is believed that Bono's thoughts and morals regarding loyalty created a conflict among the relationship (friendship) between them.

Moreover, it can be said that the issue is neither the adult nor child, rather the issue is the outcome of a multigenerational structure where the members of the family are considered to be the actors and the reactors (Rutter, 2017). It is seen that most of the decisions made by Troy were unreasonable and wrong, that created several conflicts among his family members. Although Troy may not be the best husband, brother, father or friend in the world still he facilitated a tool in serving his family a better life.

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