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Evidence-Based Practice Assignment Help

Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice Choose one evidence-based practice that you see yourself using as a provider in your clinical practice and discuss how it meets the listed benefits. Why should we, as healthcare providers, use evidence-based practice?



Executing an evidence-based project as a part of healthcare company need a team-based approach as well as collaborating with so many disciplines. When clinical practice changes, it may impact other subjects or other form of procedure also. It is significant to address that interaction between clinical leadership and any other key shareholders will address as a part of success of the project (Murad et al., 2016). 

Evidence based Practice in clinical practice

Infection control

Evidence based practices are considered to provide the effective health care and is considered important for the interventions with indirect evidences to support them and practice with the overwhelming evidences in their favour. Clinical practitioners play an important role in assisting to save illness right before it exists by following to evidence based in case of infection control practices (Heneghan et al., 2017). This consist of taking care of healthcare culture super clean and also wearing own cloths as well as utilising restriction precautions and learning right kind of handwashing. At the same time, clinical practitioners like nurses are very busy with so many accountabilities. Also, the moment it takes to supervise infection are right as per the effort. 

Discuss how it meets the listed benefits

• Decrease the cost of health care: as per the research EBD not just improves the overall quality of care however it also decreases the costs and make it highly predictable. 

• Decreases geographic variations in the care offering: the important question to ask here is that is scientific proofs or evidence are clearly available (Kelly et al., 2015). It covers different studies on which evidence is based and usually peer reviewed journal is preferred. 

• Empower healthcare provider and enhance role satisfaction: The important question is why is ideal for so many people.  The important thing to note here that one cannot grow progressive practice without actually trying for ideal things. Most of times, people must understand the methods to improve and also how does any practice get EBD without being first who is actually subjected to the overall collection of proofs.

• Reduces turnover rate of the healthcare provider: EBP actually helps in improving the overall quality of healthcare, reduces expenses as well as the most important thing is which it helps in is empowering the staff like nurses. There is insufficient level of intervention where studies are designed to evaluate the models on how to increase the overall usage of EBP.

• EBD also helps in increasing the overall reimbursement specifically from third party payers:

• Reduces complications and payment denials: the main motive of EMD is to make the process easier and comfortable. The main area it covers is the decreasing the complications as well as any kind of payment denials. 

• Meeting the expectation of people that are more informed: practices can be comfortably replicated by a direct set of supervision and steps. More researchers have found the evidences as highly conclusive and it assist the informed public to take the right decisions (Anthes, 2015). 

Why to use Evidence Based Practice?

Following are the detailed discussion on why EBD is important to use as healthcare practitioners: -

Assist clinician to stay current on standard with EBD protocols: there is a complete explosion of so many kinds of scientific information which is being published and make it very challenging for clinicians to actually stay current on the best practices in medicine. Also, for any kind of primary care physician in order to stay updated, they will require to research and read news all the time which is difficult to implement (Ioannidis, 2016). 

The staff working in healthcare now has higher access to data or information since the technology is improving. For instance, there is EMR also called as electronic medical records, decision support structure, protocols which are built-in, data warehouses along with many sophisticated research or analysis. 


Evidence-based medicines is not only based on usage of different evidence in order to design different kind of treatment plans. It always motivates a communication between patients as well as providers. Therefore, patients must share decision making and make values as well as various preferences known. Collectively, patients and practitioners can decide the right steps to execute or no action at all if that what everyone decides (Straus et al., 2018). The main advantages of this approach are that different providers actually listen to the issues of patients issues and also take them into consideration to decide the right plan of treatment.


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