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Establish and Maintain a Work Health and Safety System Assignment Help

For the purpose of this project you are required to select your workplace or a simulated operation with staff (colleagues) relevant to your training. You are required to develop a complete WHS system for the chosen organisation, addressing all criteria outlined below. For this purpose you will be required to consult with colleagues to identify existing work place processes, WHS processes and procedures in order to develop the actual WHS system. All evidence of consultation must be documented. All sources you access and use for the purpose of developing this WHS system, must be listed and referenced. 1-Provide an overview of the activities carried out by your organisation. Include a statement for the structure, characteristics and needs of the organisation. 2-Access the state legislation relevant to your state of training and the Safework website and identify the legislation that applies to the organisation. 3-Identify the relevant model Codes of Practice that apply for the organisation, for example Manual Handling; Managing the Work Environment and Facilities; Consultation etc. 4-Consult with your colleagues and identify: -Adequacy of facilities for employees -Issues with work environment -Existing arrangements for consulting -Issues with machinery, equipment or materials -Incidents or accidents reporting system -Known or identified issues with training -Provisions for security emergency procedures in place 5-Based on the information you have identified relevant to your organisation, develop a complete WHS system which includes all the required policies and procedures (examples can be found here: https://www.qha.org.au/whs-management-system.html) and relevant templates for all activities and legal requirements for the organisation including: (For templates visit: https://www.workplacesafety.com.au/diy-templates.html – this link also provides a WHS manual template)

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The Australian government cites the health and safety of the workers as one the pivotal important things. It is highly essential to make sure that the organisations are able to consider the various aspects that are required to implement appropriate health and safety regulations at the workplace. For an organisation as ADCO Constructions, it is of primal importance that the proper utilisation of health and safety measures have been initiated for the better operations of the employees.

1. Overview of the Organisation

ADCO Constructions of Australia have been considered as one of the oldest construction companies in the country. Their business operations are spread across some of the major cities in the country, however, this discussion would primarily focus on the essentials of NSW. Being one of the prominent construction companies, it is their major responsibility to make sure that theworkers are in a safe position and are able to articulate an appropriate workplace situation and establish a safe haven (Our Work - ADCO | Construction &amp; Building Australia, 2019). As a part of the construction industry, ensuring the safety of the construction workers is necessary, thus, the use of an appropriate WHS system would highlight the significance of making work at construction sites safer.

2. Relevant State Legislation

As a part of the designated training hours at New South Wales, it is of primal importance that sufficient amount of knowledge on the safe workplace practices and the legislations that applies for the better understanding of care and indulgence in safe practices and working activities. For a construction organisation to operate in NSW, it is necessary that they have managed to establish a compliance with the majority of the policies and fundamentals forwarded. Here, special attention would be provided for infrastructure construction. It is essential to follow the laws by the designer to make sure that an appropriate safety report has been commissioned. Here, the compliance is extremely necessary with the Work and Safety Regulation of 2017. Also, the consideration of NSW Work Health Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Act 2011 is highly essential (Legislation, 2019).

3. Relevant Codes of Practic

According to List of codes of practice (2019), an appropriate code of practice comprises of the detailed information on how an organisation and their key officials can achieve the remarks of and standards that are vital under the laws of WHS. The issuing of codes of practice allows in the better understanding of the usage of prohibition or improvement notice. For the organisation, there is a requirement to comply with the Regulation 291, shared duties, multiple duties, valuing construction work and a strict compliance with the section 46 of the WHS regulations. Some other codes that must be considered by the organisation comprises of safe work method statement content, keeping the safe work method statement and making it available. Also a necessary compliance with the Regulation 309 is necessary.

4. Identify the Following:

4.1 Adequacy of facilities for employees

From a continuous discussion it has been identified that there is a requirement for making sure that the safety outlines have been read out to them properly and it has been made sure that they are able to understand each of the occurrences appropriately. There are enough facilities for the employees in the organisation. However, it requires some frequent changes and amendments.

4.2 Issues with work environment

The work environment is average but there is an issue with the surveillance strategy of the organisation, it being not adequate enough. The manager at times is careless with the safety measures. There is a certain amount of negligence from the side of the manager to monitor the activities of the construction workers often leading to conflicts among the senior officials and the individuals.

4.3 Existing arrangements for consulting

Consultation is one of the essential legal requirements in a construction organisation. The existing arrangements are not enough to make sure that the people are able to communicate among one another, rather it has been depicted as a challenge that the officials work together to identify and resolve the issues properly.

4.4 Issues with machinery, equipment or materials

Some of the prominent issues that have been incurred in terms of equipment comprise of improper testing, lack of fire equipment and many others.

4.5 Incidents or accidents reporting system

All of the individuals are supposed to report every incident to the manager, however, the first priority still remains to provide medical support to the one affected.

4.6 Known or identified issues with training

In ADCO construction company, substantial amount of attention is being paid on the training and development of the construction workers. The freshers always pay attention, however, the experienced ones at times avoid the exemplary measures and make major kinds of mistakes in their work and risk the safety of other individuals as well. This often leads to conflicts among senior officials and the workers at the same time.

4.7 Provisions for security emergency procedures in place

Some of the key provisions that have been considered by the organisation comprises of availability of security all the time and calling emergency helpline in the time of need.

5. WHS System

5.0 Actions that must be taken for legal compliance; WHS policy

Objective: ADCO Constructions is able to comply with all of the legit standards and requirements for ensuring the safety and proper health of the employees

1.1 Health and Safety Policy

The company has implemented a structured health and safety policy that meets the legislative requirements.

1.2 Policy Authorised by the Senior Management

The Managing Director of ADCO would be responsible for reviewing and authorisation.

1.3 Policy Incorporates Management Commitment to Comply with Relevant Legislation

Compliance with the following legislations have been initiated:

• Section 274 of WHS Act

• Work Health and Safety Regulations

• Building Code of Australia

1.4 Policy Includes Management Responsibilities

The responsibilities have been delegated among the senior level management and the workers of the organisation as well.
General Responsibilities:

These are the responsibilities of the senior officials such as MD and supervisors are:

• Approve the policies
• Approve the procedures
• Review the performance and serious accidents
• Implement the policy and other legislative requirements
• Investigate the accidents

Duties of Worker's and other persons at the workplace:

• Adhere to the safety measures and participate in training
• Try to take care of themselves as much as possible

1.5 Consultation with Worker Representative

There is enough cooperation and coordination among the workers and the senior official for a better implementation and compliance with the policies.

1.6 Reporting and Recording of Workplace Incidents and Injuries

There is a strict procedure of reporting and recording of such events.

1.7 Continuous Improvement in Health and Safety

There are chances of continuous improvement due to the changes in legislative amendments and due to monitoring and reviewing from the side of the senior officials.

1.8 Manager's Understand Health and Safety Management

The management team of ADCO would be responsible for undertaking all of the major work here to make sure that every instance has been effectively communicated to the workers with the help of seminars, briefings, conferences and other training sessions.

1.9 Management Support Early RTW of Injured Worker

Early Return to Work (RTW) is only applicable when a medical physician approves that the worker will be able to return back to work.

5.1 Accident and incidents reporting requirements and provisions


This procedure describes how the workers must undertake the initiative of fulfilling the requirements of viable reporting and make sure that accurate information has been provided to the senior officials.


Accidents- It has a significant amount of potential to cause injury or damage to an individual


ADCO would make sure that a hazard report form is available in the workplace and that it is being filled and submitted to the manager. These Hazard Reports needs to be kept in a specific file and proper maintenance is required at the same time to keep track of all the reviewing.

5.2 Employer responsibilities to provide a safe workplace


To set out varied range of arrangements that would eventually make sure that the employees are able to work profoundly and in a safe environment at the same time.


The following methods would be initiated as a part of the initiative of the employer:
• Initiate an induction programme for the newcomers
• Provide all kinds of relevant information associated with the job
• Explain safety signs and symbols
• Make sure to provide knowledge on the use of safety equipment
• Provide information on reporting injury or any kind of hazard

5.3 Employee responsibilities and duty of care


The employees must be provided with a key handout that highlights all of their key responsibilities to make sure that the target has been considerably achieved.


• It would be made sure that the requirements and the compliance has been properly communicated with the help of post training questionnaire

• Verbal Communication and Practical demonstration would be two of the biggest components that would highlight the employee responsibilities

5.4 Requirement to consult, designated times for consultation and acceptable consultation mechanisms


It is to make sure that certain timings are being specified for consultation and the discussion of the key features.

Requirement to Consult

In the initial induction the following things would be highlighted:

• Necessary to provide recommendations on the organisational health and safety aspects
• Make sure that the ideas are being communicated in the designated hours
• To avoid any kind of future problems

Designated Times for Consultation

The designated time for consultation would be available on every Friday, for one hour after work.

Consultation Mechanisms

The proper consultation mechanism comprises of sharing of adequate amount of information on the ongoing situation of the organisation and the possible risks pertaining.

5.5 Requirements for the use of work health and safety representatives and committees, and their roles and responsibilities


This committee would be highly entitled to make sure that every operation of implementation and proper allotment has been carried out successfully.

WHS Representatives and Committees

The management team would be completely responsible for all kinds of WHS works and regulations. The Managing Director would be responsible for annual reviewing and it would be made sure that the supervisor is able to achieve the remarks.

5.6 Training requirements for each policy and procedure you have developed and detail how you will ensure training can be effectively facilitated - this needs to include a training plan outline.


For each of the policy and procedure developed, the designated considerations comprise of proper reporting skills and minor first aid skills for decreasing the gravity of the situation. The following attributes are considered:


The training would go on for 3 days and each day various modules would be incorporated for better learning.


Module 1: Communication among the various levels of workplace
Module 2: Minor First Aid Knowledge
Module 3: Hazard Reporting Skills

Tentative Schedule

Day 1: The importance of communication and consultation would be provided
Day 2: Minor First Aid training would be provided along with practical application
Day 3: Filling up of Hazard Reporting Form would be initiated

5.7 Hazard identification and risk assessment provisions


For hazard identification and risk assessment, it is necessary for the workers and the employers alike to rendition the importance of it.


Hazard implies any kind of fatal injury or accident and risk the probability of the occurrence of a fatality.


The use of hazard reporting form would be initiated. In case of immediate situations, the use of first aid knowledge of the workers would be initiated. Action would be taken according to the details prescribed in the hazard section.

5.8 Designated times for hazard identification and categories of hazards that must be identified


It is necessary to make sure that enough knowledge has been acquired on the kinds of hazards available and the timeframes that must be used for the better applicability range of the policies

Designated times

The following are the prescribed duration of hazard identification
• During the work hours
• During the monitoring and reviewing

Hazard Categories

• Biological
• Chemical
• Ergonomic
• In case of biological hazard, the individual would be rushed to the nearest hospital
• In case of a chemical situation,

5.9 Requirements for record keeping and acceptable record keeping mechanisms


Here, it is mandatory to make sure that every event has been properly recorded and that the people employees are taking the initiative to report each incident deliberately.


Record- Keeping a track of all the vital information for proper reviewing later.


• ADCO makes sure that a proper surveillance has been maintained to monitor their activities
• The company makes sure that the people are able to fill out hazard identification forms in case of any situation like that
• The employees make sure that every form has been properly filed out and submitted to the management

6. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Given below is an example of a hazard and risk assessment template that would be considered highly effective for workers and the senior management team belonging to the construction industry.

Untitled picture.png

7. Health and Safety Responsibilities for each 3 Job Roles

Job Description of Manager

• Should have enough personal and professional skills to fulfil the objectives of the organisation
• Make sure to have enough empathy to work properly
• The health and safety responsibilities comprise of managing and monitoring the construction sites and keeping a track record of all the incidents

Job Description of Supervisor

• Enough skills to guide the freshers
• Providing proper training and development to the fresher
• Implementation of the health and safety policies at the workplace

Job Description of HR Manager

• Must be able to assess the skills and experience of the applicants
• Make an appropriate demonstration to the applicants on the importance of health and safety

8. Action Plan and Effectiveness of the WHS System

Action Plan

Untitled picture.png

The action plan highlights the key consideration that ADCO would be able to gain adequate amount of prominence in this sector by asserting to a certain level of compliance with the factors mentioned by the industry officials. The given checklist provides a better overview:

Untitled picture.png

The consultation and the feedback mechanisms would eventually make sure that both sides are able to gain adequate amount of knowledge on the ongoing situations and is able to adhere to that situation significantly. Also, the use of appropriate feedback mechanisms would make sure that adequate amount of information has been acquired during the consultation hours and the use of feedback forms have been put to use. The use of the WHS system would be highly effective as it would ensure the protection and life protecting option for the construction workers at ADCO. During the time of major incidents, the use of these amendments would not just ensure their safety but protect their rights as well.


The discussion presented above provided with substantial amount of knowledge on the WHS system that is mandatory for every workplace to follow. The discussion emphasized on the importance of using such system and made sure that relevant amount of consideration has been taken to understand the laws and regulations and file out the forms to help the management work on the situation and cause desired changes.

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